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Supermoon lunar eclipse 2015

Stargazers were treated to a rare astronomical phenomenon when a total lunar eclipse combined with a so-called ‘supermoon’ early on Monday morning. Watch the rare blood-red supermoon rise in the UK and travel across the world’s night sky The return from a total lunar eclipse to a moon is seen in the dark sky in Essen, Germany (Photo: PATRIK STOLLARZ/AFP/Getty Images) The total lunar eclipse of the supermoon was captured rising towards Beach Head in Worthing, as well as in Lisbon, Paris, Athens and Boston, USA. The rare event, also called ‘Blood Moon’, began at 02:47 GMT and lasted...

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World’s longest non-stop flight

Air India has quite recently declared that it plans to connect the IT centers of Bengaluru and San Francisco, in what could be the world’s longest non-stop commercial flight. As per a report in The Economic Times, the flight would take around 18 hours to cover an expected 14,000km, making AI the longest non-stop commercial carrier on the planet. “We are planning to have a non-stop from either Delhi or Bengaluru to San Francisco on our Boeing 777-200 long-range aircraft. And in addition, we are planning a direct service between Ahmedabad and London due to the huge demand for travel...

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Last week, I am honoured to be nominated by inspiring Max from for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you, inspiring Max. This award recognizes blogs that share positivity in the blogging community. I would like to encourage you to stop by her blog which covers many topics as you will surely find something that you can connect with and thank her for her consideration. I love looking on the bright side and look forward to sharing this award with other deserving blogs. The Rules: Thank the person/people who nominated you Nominate eleven other bloggers  Here are my eleven...

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4 Awesome hill stations

Mussoorie hill station Mussoorie, a renowned travel destination in India, is situated at around 34 kilometers from Dehradun. Mussoorie is found at an altitude of around 2000 meters above sea level. In 1820, Captain Young from British Army found the place to his fondness and designed his residence. The name, Mussoorie comes from the plant of identical name that are found in abundance over there. Bhatta Fall is located on the Mussoorie- Dehradun Road and is an ideal spot for bathing and picnicking. Almora Hill station Almora is among the prime tourist destinations of the state of Uttaranchal. Almora is...

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A grid is a network of lines that cross each other to form a series of squares or rectangles. Usually, we avoid having them in our photograph but have captured these subjects in the frame. This week I get to showcase them below. Looking at the above photos, I feel as I am behind a cage. Maybe, they think the same. Pristine water body captured from behind a fence. Children enjoying a joyride from behind a railing. [bctt tweet=”Grid #weeklyphotochallenge”] */This post is inspired by WPC Grid, make a grid the centerpiece of your photo./* Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in...

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