Why You Should Plan your Next Birthday Party on a Yacht

Dhow Cruise Dubai, birthday party on yacht

Birthdays are special, but they are often celebrated in a not-so-special ordinary way. Reason being the lack of options and limitations of ideas and access even in a city like Dubai, where amusement and opportunity seem to have no bind.

We all wish to celebrate in our own way, but we also want to keep the boundaries of budget safe and sound. However, personalization and wanting to do something different is not as costly and difficult as you think it would be. If you’re in Dubai or you’re planning to take a birthday trip to Dubai, we suggest you take our advice and instead of going for a usual old club party scene, plan a once in a lifetime Dhow Cruise Dubai yachting experience for your friends and yourself. Now, before you ask, yes, it’s under budget and you don’t have to be a millionaire Kardashian family member to afford one.

But to get you completely sold out on the idea of investing in a yacht party for your own birthday event, here are some of the other main reasons to convince you to have a literal splash on your born day.

Away from the City

Your everyday mundane city life is tiring and demands a complete getaway treatment. Yacht party is the easiest way to feel relaxed. It will provide you with a peaceful sea vibe and will also get you a chance to feel dejected from the city without actually being away from it or without having you bear the cost of an actual plane ride.

Dhow Cruise Dubai, birthday party on yacht
Dhow Cruise Dubai, birthday party on yacht

Dubai Skyline View from the Waters

If you have yet to see the glamour of Dubai city, don’t just do it from the heights. Sure, Burj Khalifa has some amazing view angles, but there is nothing like seeing the skylines of Dubai from the purity of waters on a yacht. Which is why some of the best dhow cruise Dubai packages encourages you to go and explore, just for the sake of good times and sights.

Your Boat Your Rules

Unlike a hotel hall or a restricted restaurant area, booking a whole yacht for the event gives you the liberty to customize the complete scene according to your mood and need. You can either plan a thrilling on-boat pool party or could even go for a delicious barbeque grill. All this with no restrictions and no hotel staff constantly coming up to you to, “slow it down a little”.

Explore all the Landmarks in one single trip

Imagine visiting all the cool landmarks to celebrate your special day, that too with an amazing view. You don’t have to choose between going to one spot or another, you can plan a trip likewise to cover as many locations as you want. It will be a thrilling, amazing, and extremely memorable experience.

Believe it or Not, But it’s Budget Friendly!

When we talk about booking a yacht for a party, all we can hear is the excessiveness of the overflowing budget going out of our hands. But is it really that costly?

Well, to be fair, if you’re looking for something big and majestic it will surely cost you a fortune. But if we’re talking about something as mediocre as AED 300 to AED 5000, a luxurious brunch at a high-class hotel would be much more expensive in comparison to that.

Or you can always look for some affordable dhow cruise Dubai prices on authentic rental service sites like mala.ae, which offers amazing deals, comfortable packages, and exceptional discounts. This will also help you to save a lot in your bank account and you won’t be worried about spending all of your hard-earned money in one go, leaving you to focus on the amusement of your trip only.

Double the fun with the Brunch

Birthday brunches are as common as birthday cakes and we’ve all done it at least once in our lifetime. But, having a lavish birthday brunch on a comfy yacht trip, accompanied by your friends and family is in itself a new refreshing exposure. You will get the chance to catch up with your loved ones while appreciating the fresh cold breeze of sea-wind and enjoying the delicious seafood.

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