The calculations are tedious and most of us think that is all that frequent flyer programs are all about. We have heard of how people have made their travel dreams come true through collecting air miles and redeeming them. However, for an average traveler, it isn’t as simple as it appears. Calculating and redeeming miles can sometimes be a great challenge, especially due to the tough airline policies.

It is fun to use airlines miles. Find out how?

But that shouldn’t stop you from having fun and playing around with your frequent flyer miles. There are many creative ways you can use your air miles.

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Tick Some Thrills Off Your Bucket List


Collecting frequent flyer miles are less attractive if you think of award calculations and redemption policies of airlines. There needs to be a shift in thinking. The next time you begin collecting air miles, think of it as a travel goal towards an adventure you’ve been longing to tick off from your bucket list. Whether it is a skydiving adventure or scuba diving, it will be much more exciting to collect air miles once you have your goals set in front of you. Have travel dreams? Use your air miles to fulfill them!

  1. Use Air Miles to Become ‘Magaholic’!

You’ll have times when despite having a decent amount of air miles there are no good uses you can find for them in the near future. Miles are short-lived so, unfortunately, you can’t keep them in your account for longer. Some activity is required. If you’re fed up of your conventional ways and are a ‘magaholic’, use your miles for getting subscriptions to all your favorite magazines.  By getting a monthly subscription, you would have something to look forward to at the beginning of every month.

  1. Fly in Luxury

Even with the limited upgradable seats available in times like these, you still stand a chance. Once you started understanding how it works, you’ll understand how rewarding it is to earn and redeem miles for upgrades. Find economy seats torturous? Use your miles to upgrade to first or business class. It’s delightful to travel through the world’s finest airline lounges to the most comfortable seating. From delightful cuisine to a world of entertainment, it is one of the best ways to spoil yourself.

  1. Stay at the World’s Finest Hotel Rooms

Surprisingly, a lot of people aren’t even aware that they can use air miles to fly around the world. To fund your next vacation, you can use the frequent flyer miles to get yourself a luxurious hotel room that you wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise. Research about the program’s affiliation with hotel chains and redeem your air miles to make the possibility of a dream holiday come true. Luxury holiday with a budget tag? Absolutely possible!

If you find out that your mileage account is just short of a few miles to that upgradable seat, buy your miles and make your travel dreams come true!


fun to use airline miles

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