Are you looking for web design inspirations for a travel website to help you increase engagement and conversion?

Well, we have compiled a list of few amazingly designed and intelligently optimized travel websites that will certainly help you get inspired.

Our world is an amazing place filled with intriguing landscape and breathtaking wonders. While most of us neither have the audacity to leave our jobs nor the resources required to travel the world, still tourism is one of the largest global industries worth billions of dollars annually. And that’s one reason why so many businesses are looking to grab their market shares in the industry and aesthetically pleasing and mind-numbing web design is certainly one of the first tasks to achieve.

Now, before we move on to look at our inspiring travel website designs, let’s just give you some quick pro tips for best travel web design:

Best Travel Web Designs Tips:

  • Stay focused on core information
  • Never, I repeat never forget to use life-size exquisite and enchanting natural imagery for background
  • Gives as much travel and hotel information as possible
  • Mark special information like open and close seasons boldly and clearly
  • Mobile responsive
  • Minimize the fuss to navigate the site
  • Be authentic and relevant in our information

Ok, now that you have some pro-tips for best travel web design, let’s just jump directly to our inspiring travel designs:

1. Airbnb

Airbnb, website design

Yeah, there’re solid reasons why Airbnb is one of the most recognized and most respected travel company and it’s more than its business model which revolved in helping travelers connect with the local community for short-term lodging. By checking out the local community over Airbnb, you get a unique chance to experience the real world, meet the local people, taste the local cuisine and experience the authentic culture anywhere in the world.

As per the official figures, the website hosts millions of unique local lodging places spread out across 65,000 cities around the world. Well, that’s pretty much sums why the company is also called the “eBay of travellers”.

UI Design: The entire UI of the website is all about showcasing exquisite and exciting images from around the world. The images are mindfully chosen to represent the authentic culture and unique nature of different places. It also lets people upload interior design photos of rental spaces, which help users in choosing the best lodging option anywhere around the world.

UX Design: It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Airbnb hosts one of the most detailed and complete booking information, whereas, the Call to Actions (CTAs) are strategically spread across the website. By enabling comment for each item, the company has simply marveled in creating an authentic appeal to the users.

2. Another escape

another escape-website design

Another escape is another incredible travel website that’s dedicated to outdoor lifestyle and sustainable living. Over the years, it has grown in credibility to become one of the best dedicated outdoor lifestyle websites for travel and outdoor enthusiasts.

UI Design: Just as you can expect, the entire user interface is designed to encourage and glorify the outdoor life with colossal mountains, stunning valleys and intriguing landscape making up the background.

UX Design: The website is exceptionally designed for the user experience with functional and visible navigation bar and clear information about anything you want to know.


Web design is a unique combination of art and science and when you are able to create the perfect balance, you can be sure to get great returns on your invested time, money and energies.

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