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Continuing from the earlier post ‘Basmati Rice-The Hero Rice‘. … the following is a Kashmiri Dry Fruit and Vegetable Biryani recipe. You can prepare in 3 different ways.

Basmati rice from Kolkata
Basmati rice Kolkata
Image credit- Biswarup Ganguly
Ingredients for Kashmiri Dry Fruit and Veg. Biryani
Method 1 for Kashmiri Dry Fruit and Veg. Biryani
2nd method for Kashmiri Dry fruit and veg biryani
Method 3- Final method for Kashmiri Dry fruit and veg biryani
Vegetable Dum Biryani

I discovered this cake when Joe and I first moved in together and got access to his cookbooks. He also made an amazing seared Ahi dish for me on our third date from this same cookbook, so I was very curious to try more recipes from it. Well, I have been waiting 8 years to make this cake for any special occasion but never got the chance or was always picking the wrong season to try to find Quince (which is what the original recipe calls for). Well, I finally got the chance this September just before our 8-year anniversary to make this cake and truly enjoyed and cherished every moment of it.


Guava and Goat Cheese cake recipe
Guava and Goat Cheesecake

Guava and Goat Cheese Layer Cake

Adapted from “The Basque Kitchen” By Gerald Hirigoyen


Ingredients for guava and goat cheese layer cake

Method for Guava and goat cheese layer cake-recipe 1

Method for Guava and goat cheese layer cake-recipe

guava and goat cheese layer cake method to make
guava and goat cheese layer cake
*/Dilnaz Todiwala is my cousin who stays in California, USA with her husband Joe. She is found of cooking and travelling. /*

An Exemplary Cold Noodle Dish Is Perfect Option for Summers

Cold noodle dish in the summer time

During summer time, you usually are craving something cool and refreshing to beat the heat. Apart from a tall refreshing glass of lemonade, a great dish to satisfy your hunger on hot summer days is a cold noodle dish!

Cold noodle soup
Image credit- https://www.facebook.com/ashadrynoodles

Here is how you can prepare a mouth-watering and appetizing Cold noodle dish.

Ingredients –

 Noodle Dressing: -6 Tbsp. soy sauce

-4 Tbsp. sugar

-3 Tbsp. rice vinegar

-2 Tbsp. sesame oil

-2 Tbsp. water

-1 Tbsp. roasted white sesame seeds

-¼ tsp. grated ginger

-½ – 1 tsp. La-yu (is Japanese chili oil. It is used in Japanese-style Chinese food or commonly used as a condiment for gyoza or ramen. Homemade.)

For Shredded Egg Crepe

-2 eggs, beaten

-2 tsp. sugar

-¼ tsp. salt


For toppings

-6 shrimps + 1 Tbsp. sake

-1 cucumber (1/3 English cucumber), Julienne

-1 iceberg lettuce, shredded

-½ tomato cut into wedges

-3-4 slices hams

-4-6 imitation crab sticks (or crab meat), shredded

-Kaiware radish sprouts (Kaiware are sprouted daikon radish seeds)


-3 6-oz Asha noodles

Cooking instructions

  1. To prepare this cold noodle dish, first of all, you need, to begin with, the noodle dressing. Mix together the following ingredients: sugar, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, grated ginger, white sesame seeds (roasted), La-yu, and water in a large bowl.
  2. Blend together the ingredients effectively and then place in the fridge.
  3. The next step is to prepare the thin egg crepe. Beat eggs and mix sugar and salt and then pour into it a heated pan with oil.
  4. Cook the egg crepe on both sides over medium flame. Once cooked let it cool down and then cut into thin strips.
  5. After that, boil water in a pot and add the shrimp and 1 tablespoon of sake in it and allow it cook. Once the color of the shrimp begins to change pink turn off the flame.
  6. Remove the shrimp from the water and allow them to cool after adding them to a plate.
  7. Next, shred lettuce, cucumber, and crab and cut the tomato into wedges.
  8. Once you are done cutting the toppings, prepare a new pot with water and bring to a boil.
  9. Add noodles in the pan and let them cook. Once they are cooked drain the water and rinse in ice-cold water.
  10. Lastly, combine all ingredients and top with dressing.

During the summers you can serve this dish at any time of the day! This dish can be easily and quickly prepared on any budget.

In short, it is truly an easy-to-cook dish, that tastes delicious.

*/This recipe has been shared by Maria Simpson. /*

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