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Solo Traveller

Solo traveler

Traveling is indeed, a wonderful teacher and the best entertainer. It makes me an improved person and enhances my horizon of thinking. It enables me to handle unforeseen challenges, makes me flexible, adaptive and follows the flow. It makes me a dreamer and gives me the vigor to take the road less traveled.

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Traveling is living, loving, learning and changing. It’s my life. I breath when I move. It makes me feel alive and rejuvenated. I truly feel my existence when I am on a journey. Traveling is my only dream and I can do anything to live this dream each second, every day, throughout my life.

“The more you wander, the more you wonder” unknown

Well said, I could not agree more on this.

Source: The Soaring Spirit: Confessions of a Traveler

By traveling alone, you can celebrate your independence and flexibility.  It is your opportunity to decide for your own. There will be no conflicts, nor complications. Make this experience something to remember for a lifetime.”

Some people are afraid to travel, especially first-timers; however, this is an opportunity in life that everybody should try even once in their lifetime.  You  may feel hesitant and afraid at the start, but with the proper planning and preparation, you will realize that there is no reason not to continue.  Below are some survival guides that may help you on your first solo travel.

Feel good about yourself.

Your attitude has a major impact on everything that you do.  Before leaving, invite a positive energy. Think that the best will come and happen. Smile at strangers, be positive, build a new friendship, meditate, pray, go around, explore and seize each moment.

Learn to make friends.

This is an opportunity to be independent and make self-reflections; however, you should also learn to connect with other people if you really do not want to be alone during your entire trip.  It could be with the locals, your roommate or other travelers.  There is nothing wrong being with strangers; however, you should know your limitations and how to protect yourself.

Refrain from over spending.

Since you are alone, you need to stick to your budget.  If you run out of money, there is no one that you can get help with.

Stay safe and alert.  

Safety and security will always be the most necessary.  Know safety precautions, especially if you are a woman.  Be safe when taking a cab or bus, when you go to bars or whenever you go to public spots. Refrain from going to dark and unguarded places.  Do not give personal information to strangers.

Celebrate life.

By traveling alone, you can celebrate your independence and flexibility.  It is your opportunity to decide for your own. There will be no conflicts, nor complications. Make this experience something to remember for a lifetime.

SourceSurvival guide of the solo traveler.

I agree that one must “Celebrate life.

These are some of the views expressed on Solo traveling by fellow bloggers.

Voyaging on your own is without a doubt a radiant ordeal. It offers you amazing chances to meet individuals, comprehend diverse societies, a bit of “personal time”.  Nonetheless, to appreciate the delights of voyaging on your own as a woman, you should take measures to secure yourself and your things.


Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t indiscriminately trust outsiders even though she is a woman.
  • Try not to acknowledge drinks from outsiders or other inn visitors.
  • As a solo traveler, it is imperative that you stay in contact with your family, relatives and close companions, so they are in know you are protected.
  • Leave a copy of your personal details with your close individuals (family). Send them messages all through your travel telling them where you are presently and where you will be.
  • It is better to have a ‘cell phone power pack’ in case your cell battery runs out in the event of any crisis.
  • Be that as it may, don’t utilize the phone while strolling or driving, as you ought to depend on and be attentive to your environment.
Solo traveler

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We, as women, often contemplate before we go on a voyage on our own whether the place is safe to visit before going there. Ladakh is one such safe place for a woman who wants to voyage on her own.  Ladakh is a dream destination for someone who loves traveling. It has remarkable geographical features.

Nubra valley (Image source-flickr.com), Solo traveller
Nubra valley
(Image source flickr.com)

Delightful Gompas, framed by fluttering prayer flags, friendly locals and the mesmerizing Pangong Tso Lake. Some of the most well-known spots to visit in Ladakh are Shanti Stupa, Leh Palace, and Nubra Valley.

Shanti Stupa,Leh,Ladakh, Solo traveller
Shanti Stupa,Leh,Ladakh

In the event that Ladakh intrigues you, then, here is the way you can chalk out your travel trip-transportation, accommodation, nourishment, and water.

Transportation – You arrive at Delhi. At that point, you have numerous buses that will take you to Manali. Pick a bus that will reach Manali early morning. While in Manali you can freshen up and have a reasonably priced meal. You can buy snacks and water bottle for the onward journey. From Manali, you can take a bus to Leh. There is a stopover at Keylong. At Keylong, you can have Momo for dinner. For commuting in Ladakh, the only option you have is to hire a shared taxi/van. You will get more information about booking at New Bus Stand in Leh. People of Ladakh are hospitable and will be glad to help you out.

Accommodation– Homestays have started in villages in some of the trekking areas, generating income for the villagers and also reducing the strain on the ecosystem caused by camping. Trekkers on trekking routes in Hemis National Park can use homestays as they trek from village to village. Trekkers could meet local people and experience Ladakhi culture and lifestyle. Three meals a day, bedding and safe drinking water are provided.

Local people basically tend to their own particular personal concerns and don’t trouble travelers.Undoubtedly, it is a prevalent visitor destination for women voyaging alone. Given the high altitude, travel light and practice general caution as you would at any other destination.

Do share your comments and feedbacks about traveling solo. 🙂

6 Essential Gadgets for Backpackers

Essentials for backpackers

Travelling from one place to another is never complete if you do not have the right things in your backpack. Backpackers generally prefer to travel light. This does not necessarily mean that one has to carry nothing except the travel documents. Travelling light basically means to carry all the essentials and leaving behind the things that take up much space.

Essentials for backpackers

Apart from the travel documents, which are definitely a must, there are a few other essential items that need to be packed into the bag when you decide to travel either alone or along with the family. There are some electronic gadgets and add-ons that need to be necessarily  carried during the travel in order to stay in touch with technology. This does not mean that one has to dump all the gadgets into their bags. Only the essentials like the power bank need to be carried, leaving the rest behind.

Here is a list of electronic essentials backpackers must never forget to pack when they travel.

  1. Power bank:
Essential gadgets needed for backpackers- powerbank
Power bank

This particular gadget is really important if you plan to carry your laptop or smartphone. Mobile phones can be charged using regular chargers when you stop for rest or after you have checked into the hotel. Until then, if you are on the move and need to charge immediately, plug the gadget to the power bank for charging. Make sure to carry a multi-port charger if you plan to carry more than one device; say a tablet or the laptop.

  1. Power cables:

Carrying extra power cables would come handy since if one goes bad, the other can be used. The spare one can replace the malfunctioning cable instead of running everywhere looking for an alternate cable. These power cables can also be used to connect the mobile phone to the laptop or for using as an extension cable in case the charger socket is at a distance or height.

  1. 3G or 4G hotspot:

3G or 4G hotspot is required if you plan to work while you are travelling. This can be connected to the mobile phone as well as the laptop. This helps to look up hotels and restaurants where one can rest or stop to eat. Travel bloggers find this handy when they need to update their blog every day while on their adventure.

  1. GPS navigation system:

The GPS device helps in tracking places. If you are travelling to a new destination and are not sure about the route then this is the perfect gadget for you.

  1. Headphones:
essential gadgets for backpackers- headphones
Girl, Music, Headphones, Hipster, Scene, Young, Happy

For all the music lovers out there, headphones are one of the most important things that one must carry. The headphones that are now available connect with the tablet, laptop, phone and also the mp3 players.

  1. Small USB cables:

These can be used if you need to transfer pictures from the phone or camera to the laptop. This also saves the time that is spent on separating the long cables from each other. Purchase the USB cables that are compatible with the device that you plan to carry.

These essentials can prevent you from hassles that can result while travelling. Carrying these would invariably reduce the inconveniences in travelling and also makes sure that you do not get lost on the way!

Be  Happy Backpackers!

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