Enjoy Christmas Delight

Enjoy great treats for all good deeds with these Christmas special delicacies like Roast Chicken with Mustard and Mushroom Jus, Turkey Roast, Prawn Cocktail, Crab […]

Christmas spirit!

Christmas is undeniably a glorious season, a busy time for most, caught up in the pressures of the season and that special day. But as […]

How to spend Christmas?

If you are wondering how to spend your Christmas, read on for a few ideas to get you started Deck your hall with these DIY […]

Enjoy X’ Mas Special Brunch

Christmas is the time to celebrate and be merry and The Resort is going to be the perfect venue for your special Christmas celebration. The […]

Joy to your home

Your checklist for a party-ready home starts here… Every year party décor gets creative and a lot personalized. With retro revival being the buzz all […]

Exotic gifts for Christmas

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, Just like the ones I used to know, Where the tree tops glisten And children listen To hear sleigh […]

Top 5 Christmas Traditions in Australia

When we think of Christmas, the first things that come to mind are snow-filled Christmas trees with shiny ornaments, warm fireplace, and gifts brought by […]

Christmas celebrations

Christmas spirit has set in around the world.  Christmas or Christmas Day is an annual festival celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed on December […]