Joy to your home

Joy to your home- Christmas party checklist

Your checklist for a party-ready home starts here…

Every year party décor gets creative and a lot personalized. With retro revival being the buzz all things fashionable, it was only a matter of time before home décor too went down this route. Sophisticated metallic is the theme for party décor this season.

Christmas table setting at home
Christmas table setting at home
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Be a party starter

Stick to one color theme– gold, silver or green. Even for the Christmas tree, use small ‘interesting’ (handmade, if possible) decorations. Here are a few pointers that will get your décor and party skills up to speed:

Color code Think delicate Champagne colors and beautifully bordered linens in velvet. Party décor is more about feeling good and mood elevation. Go for deep bold-colors, textured tablecloths and layered textures.

Think green– Go for more natural decorations. Use earthy colors mixed with gold for your tree. Get the green from outside and put it inside for a pollution-free party. Use solar-lights.

Floral fun– Over the top-floral accents continue to have a moment. But stick to only one flower. Be it roses, chrysanthemums, white tulips or orchids. Don’t forget to decorate every nook and cranny. Poinsettias in white ceramic pots also work.

Food in a Christmas home
Food in a Christmas home
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Party basics – Entertaining is all about quality over-quantity with some personal touches. From the food and drinks to the décor, everything will be carefully crafted and thoroughly curated. Minimalism and mindfulness are the new high points in 2017.

Food facts Go for easy nibbles, not big meals. That’s why the cutlery is also smaller and elegant. Food shouldn’t get in the way of mingling. Create truly centerpieces with fruits like plums and pomegranates on a gold plate.

Joy to your home #Christmas party checklist”

Try these out for a great party

Use glitter-dusted candles sprinkled with Epsom salt to clear negative energies.

Put highlights of the evening and menu on an elegant chalk-board placard.

Place some floating candles with oranges and apples for a seasonal party decoration.  Use scented candles and lanterns.

Place some ribbon and flowers around the mirrors with fairy lights.

Use leftover gift paper to make glamorous streamers.

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