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10 Rooftop bars in Bangkok

Bangkok is famous for its rich history, breathtaking temples, colorful nightlife, and unique markets. Along with these Bangkok boasts the fascinating rooftop bars in Bangkok, offering unique cocktails and breathtaking views.

Listed below are the 10 best rooftop bars to visit in Bangkok:

1. Vertigo

2. Octave Rooftop Bar

3. Hi-So Rooftop Bar

4. Sky Bar

5. CRU Rooftop Champagne Bar

6. Three Sixty

7. Above Eleven

8. Red Sky

9. 342 Bar

10. Cielo Rooftop Sky Bar

1. Vertigo

Vertigo Rooftop Restaurant is located at the Banyan Tree Bangkok. The amazing restaurant is settled 61st floor of the luxurious hotel on South Sathorn Road. From the sky-high location, you can witness the bird’s-eye view of the city.

The hotel opens at 6 pm, the scenery from the Vertigo will blow your mind along with its luscious food. The top cocktails served here are Vertigo Sunset, Moon Romance. Talking about the food here, from starters to desserts each category has the best to treat your taste buds.

Vertigo is one of the best places to make your night more memorable.

2. Octave Rooftop Bar

Octave Rooftop Bar is located on the 45th floor of the Marriott Hotel, Sukhumvit Road. It is one of the first rooftop bars here. It is the only bar in the city to have a 360-degree view. The bar has three floors of space where you can chill, lounge, or party and includes the highest spots in the city to have a party on. The menu offered here includes food and drinks, popular cocktails are Bangkok 57 and Bloom over the Roof. The food served here is mostly snacks and light meals such as chicken wings, peppered calamari, and foie gras terrine on toast.

3. Hi-So Rooftop Bar

Hi-So Rooftop Bar found on the 29th and 30th floor of SO Sofitel Bangkok, near Lumpini Park. The breathtaking views from Hi-So make it one of the most popular bars in the town. The recommended cocktails at the bar include butterfly bellini, gin blossom, and frozen coconut mojito. The bar also serves a variety of snacks and order mains like Black Angus burgers, steaks, fish with chips, and non-alcoholic drinks as well.

4. Sky Bar

Sky Bar is located at Lebua Bangkok in Silom. It sits almost 250 meters above sea level and offers breathtaking views of Bangkok. The sky got more popular after it was featured in the Hollywood movie, The Hangover Part II.

The recommended cocktail to try here is Sky bar’s Hangovertini. The bar remains crowded especially on weekends so make sure to be prepared to face the crowd.

5. CRU Rooftop Champagne Bar

CRU Champagne Bar is located above the Centara Grand at Central World. It is one of the highest and expensive restaurants in Bangkok. It boasts a 360-degree view of the city which can be enjoyed with the amazing appetizing food served here. The ambiance of the bar is private and sophisticated. The huge circular bar in the center and a huge arch with changeable lights possess perfect opportunities for photos.

The place has a diversity of champagnes served which are the best in Bangkok.

6. Three Sixty Bar

The Three Sixty Bar is situated on the top of the Millennium Hilton Bangkok Hotel. The bar has 2 distinctive areas, a large rectangular and open air space. The Cupola here has a different atmosphere with dark tones, dim lighting, and elegant carpets. The bar boasts a breathtaking view of the Chao Phraya River. The food here is delicious and could be accompanied by wine or cocktails.

7. Above Eleven

Above Eleven is a rooftop bar at Fraser Suites Hotel, Sukhumvit.  It is a three-storey bar that offers a 180-degrees view of Bangkok. The Bar serves Peruvian cuisine, a modern party vibe along with music, and excellent deal cocktails. Each day of the week has different genres of music to groove on like, on Wednesday it is Salsa nights, Thursdays have 3-piece jazz performances and weekends are for DJs to play funky house. Above Eleven has a funky vibe to it and would be a great option for music lovers.

8. Red Sky

Red Sky Rooftop Bar is situated in the Centara Grand at Central World, Bangkok. It is a fancy bar that offers incredible views from its 56th floor. It has a relaxed jazz ambiance with an affectionate staff. Signature cocktails to have here are the Imperial Mojito and Martini-infused cocktails. The Red Sky Rooftop Bar is one of the best places in the town for dinner and drinks.

9. 342 Bar

342 Bar is situated on the 5th floor of the Bann Wanglang Hotel in Siriraj Bankoknoi. The bar boasts spectacular views of the Chao Phraya River. On the opposite side, you can witness the Grand Palace, fully lighted at night. The signature cocktails of the 342 bar include ‘342 of Paradise’ and, ‘342 upside down’. The food offered here is mainly snacks like burgers, french fries, onion rings, and platters.

10. Cielo Rooftop Sky Bar

Cielo Sky Bar is located on the 46th floor of the Sku=y Walk Condominium in Sukhumvit. With great vista, budget-friendly prices, and enough seats for witnessing the Sukhumvit sunsets, Cielo is a complete package. It has rare glass walkways that provide you the view to look through 46 floors. Cielo bar sticks to the classic cocktails like pina colada, mojito and mai tai. The menu of the bar has a range of international dishes to serve. Overall it is a great affordable place to spend your evening at.

Make your trip to Bangkok more euphoric and unforgettable. Whether it is your solo trip, family trip, honeymoon, or even bestiemoon. Every moment will be splendid and joyful with amazing Buddha temples, colorful markets, insane nightlife, floating markets, and much more to discover. Moreover, check Bangkok Packages as a helping hand in planning out your trip to the glittery capital of Thailand.

8 Unique Gifting Ideas for the Yoga Enthusiasts (other than yoga mats and yoga pants)

It is common to have few yoga lovers in our families, friend circle, or workplace. It can be a great idea for the yoga lovers around you with a unique yet useful gift for their birthday. You can also gift them without any occasion. Yoga mats and fancy yoga pants have become clichéd gifting items for yoga lovers and you must think out of the box to amaze them.

Let’s have a look at some amazing gifting ideas for yoga enthusiasts in your life:

  • Yoga Books

You can never go wrong with a yoga book if you want to make a yogic happy. Along with exploring the physical aspects of yoga, delving deep into yoga philosophy and history is always fascinating for yogis. Some great books on yoga are ‘Light on Yoga’ by B.K.S. Iyengar, ‘Yoga Mala’ by K. Pattabhi Jois, and ‘The Heart of Yoga’ by T.K.V Desikachar to name a few. You can also gift them the kindle version or e-book to save paper and avoid shipping charges.

  • Yoga Classes Package

You need not gift them something tangible; you can also gift them an incredible experience in the form of a yoga class package. Most of the yoga courses these days have the option of gifting a package for 3, 5, or 10 sessions. You just need to enquire with your local studio. Apart from that, there are several online yoga communities and you can give the yoga lover a gift subscription to one of the yoga communities that offer online classes and guidance. The packages may start approximately 14 dollars a month.

  • Donate for a Cause

Yoga believes in non-violence and compassion towards all living beings. You can contribute to the cause in the name of the Yoga Lover. You can plant trees or donate for other benevolent initiatives for animal shelter. You can search online to explore more about these as well as similar initiatives.

  • Gift a Ticket for Yoga Conference/ Festival
gifting for yoga enthusiasts

Yoga lovers never wish to miss a chance to get an insight on yoga and meet other like-minded people. Yoga festivals and conferences are no less than buffet for yogis as they have ample opportunities to learn from renowned tutors. They can participate in workshops and engage with the yoga community across the globe. The ticket for the event can cost you approximately 100 dollars or above. Such events/ festivals are held across the globe and you can find more information online.

  • Yoga Retreat

The yoga retreats are a gift for anyone let alone talk about yoga enthusiasts! The retreats offer a much needed break from monotonous life and gives a chance to immerse in the goodness of yoga amidst beautiful natural surroundings. These retreats need not be expensive or in a distant country. You can find many retreats near you where the focus is on practicing yoga and engaging in self-care. The yoga retreats can be booked online and you can also inquire with local yoga schools to know if they are coming up with any retreats.

  • Yoga Space at Home

If the yoga lover in your life is a family member, creating a dedicated space for them to daily practice yoga is also a unique gift. They will love the gesture and appreciate your thoughtfulness. You don’t need anything fancy or big; just an underutilized space in the home. Make sure it is a flat space that can occupy the yoga mat. It must have good natural lighting and sufficient ventilation. It will give them a place for imbibing yoga practice routine without getting disturbed.

  • A journal

There is a concept in yoga known as ‘Santosha’ which means contentment. It is about learning to accept and be at peace with what you have. For a yogi, maintaining a contentment journal can have positive effects and benefits such as lower stress levels and better sleep. Any journal can do as they simply need to pen down their thoughts of content and fulfillment.

  • Yoga Mat Cleaner

While most people think of gifting a yoga mat, why not gift the yoga lover a mat cleaner? You can go a step ahead and look for DIY natural mat cleaner recipes. When you personally make yoga cleaner for disinfecting your yoga lover’s mat, it offers personal touch. Just keep in mind their allergies and aversions while making the cleaner.

These are some unique gifting ideas for people with various budgets that will definitely make the yoga lover happy.

Author – BIO

Katherine Austin is a professional yoga teacher trainer with 10 years of experience in Yoga. She is a certified yoga teacher trainer. She practiced in Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Surya Namaskar. Katherine has worked with Chinmay Yoga School for 6 years. She is one of the favourite teachers of the students. Katherine loves to travel, read books, and spend quality time with new people.

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Zen Reborn babies can make your kids eat better food!

There is a high chance you would have problems with your kids about their food attitude. This happens to all parents and can give you a headache when you finally need to show them the right way.

Food habits are so hard to be obtained, especially healthy ones. All children love to eat junk food and would show their disguise to all foods that are looking less attractive like vegetables and fruits.

However, a zen reborn baby could become the solution to all your existing problems. These dolls are giving your children a good example as they are the ones who are only fed with natural substances.

Zen reborn babies dolls
22” Silicone reborn dolls wholesale lifelike baby boys newborn fashion doll
Image courtesy-

These zen reborn babies are coming with a special DVD that shows their adventures. It is not difficult to upload it on your computer and start showing it to your kids. They are just going to love the way these smart babies interact with the environment.

Most of them will be ready to accept the superiority of healthy food patterns compared to junk food ones. However, you are responsible to lead the way since kids are taking their paradigm from their parents.

Have you ever thought about the great damage the wrong type of food is doing to your children? How do you think all this stressful situation could be reversed by your initiatives using the zen reborn babies? Do you know any better attitude that would instantly make your children more willing to alter to a natural way of feeding themselves?

All these are questions that parents have frequently been asking to the zen reborn website. This short review is giving you the right information about this type of nourishment that is going to be beneficial for your kids’ health whatsoever.

Food that your children should be able to consume daily

There is plenty of food that zen reborn babies recommend and should be included in the daily diet of your children. First, you need to know what is the current situation and make all changes gradually so that your kids will not be overwhelmed by the difference.

The most important part of the change included the veggies. These are food that has many nutritional vitamins and minerals that are so useful for the developing bodies of your kids. The zen reborn babies are constantly competing for carrots and cucumbers that can be your kids’ favourite food. However, you need to know that this type of food should be always given to your kids with the right decoration so that lunchtime would more look like fun rather than a necessity.

Additionally, there is another type of food that children should be able to eat. The eggs are among the best type of proteins that is out there and keeps on coming from the biological type of poultry developments. Scientists have proved that egg cholesterol is not affecting the blood cholesterol levels of your kids as long as the consumption does not exceed the 2 eggs per day.

Another great substance that all kids should be able to consume is fruits. These fruits are supposed to be fresh and not frozen. When consumed they will have all the nutrients and vitamins delivered to your kids’ organism and make them look and feel a lot better.

This is the lifestyle that zen reborn babies are promoting to the world. In western countries, this has been the trend for several years now. Kids are always asking for sweets and other harmful food. However, when they are viewing the paradigm of zen reborn babies, healthy food consumption becomes a natural way of living.

Zen reborn babies thrive in the world market

Zen reborn babies are the latest trend for the toy’s technology. They are made from recyclable materials that have a greater life expectancy. Their paints are also ecologically giving your children the time to think about the environment and the consequences of human activity on it.

22" Chubby-faced Realistic Reborn Baby Girl
22″ Chubby-faced Realistic Reborn Baby Girl

People have been opting for these dolls since they are customized and they resemble the actual babies. Their clothes and accessories are customized to the fullest extent and can be ordered separately from the initial dolls. That is why children are always like to be in charge of their toys, which are giving them the best quality time they could have.

These babies can offer you the satisfaction and approval you need by your kids. When offering them to your kids during the Christmas festivity season you will see the joy in their eyes. You may even spend some quality time with them on the producer’s website. Recently there has been launched an application that can be run through your smartphone. This is the way to order the most beautiful zen reborn babies that will stay with your kids for a long time.

Not to mention, that your kids are never going to feel lonely again. They zen reborn babies are great in providing psychological stability to your kids no matter what is the size of affection they are getting from their parents. Kids that are grown up without the company of siblings are usually more likely to find joy and happiness within the zen reborn babies that are quite awesome for their price.

These dolls are getting constantly evaluated since they are underpriced for their extreme quality. Soon enough you will discover that these dolls are giving you the chance to increase your wealth since they are the ones that are unique and can bid to any type of auctions.


When we are looking at changing our kids’ food patterns we still need help from experts. These experts are the manufacturers of zen reborn babies that are coming to our premises with a special DVD that shows their adventures.

Daily healthy food consumption is advertised heavily in their videos so that the concept can be easily passed to your kids. You will see that the social responsibility of the company is at its highest rates and can offer you unique satisfaction and protection.

Bobbleheads: The affordable presents

Lately, there have been many complaints from parents about the budget reductions in the present donation. This happens because the cost of living has been gradually rising every time governments have been changing.

Ordering cheap bobbleheads has been the wise choice for many people that live on a certain budget and don’t have much time to think about their kids’ presents. Children do need to have some variety in the gifts they want to have, however, the selection process keeps on being a challenging issue for many families.

America has been living in a bobblehead frenzy during the last decade. People from across the country are opting for these miraculous dolls that have a hilarious side that is their trademark. You should be advised that these dolls are among the most fashionable and desired artifacts of all time, offering you the most adequate solution for demanding kids.

Bobbleheads have become the most affordable presents for your kids!
Bobbleheads have become the most affordable presents for your kids!

Have you ever thought about how your life could be if you didn’t have the bobblehead solution? What is the best benefit that bobbleheads are offering to your family? Are you aware that most economists are suggesting you bought these dolls for your kids if you want to maintain a balanced budget for your family?

This is the review that is going to give you the most important answers to all these questions. Inquiries are always born when you are thinking about these bobblehead dolls. Although these are innovative you may have some people that don’t see their usefulness.

How bobbleheads have become affordable?

Initially, there has been a great price variation among the various bobblehead gifts. This has been due to the great uncertainty about the raw materials that manufacturers have been using to create these dolls.

It has been shown, that quality rubber material, as well as wooden parts, are among the most competitive parts of the bobblehead dolls that create a difference in the toy market.

Using the improvement in technology, creators of bobbleheads have significantly removed the extra costs from their balance sheet. New and innovative ways to produce these dolls have been implemented in such a way that people are now accustomed to lower prices.

Stockholders have finally decided to pass the cost reduction to the sales price that has been proven to be one of the most successful movements they have ever made. The sales have started to skyrocket in raw numbers and this has been the trademark for them to start expanding outside of North America.

Holiday budget for bobbleheads

Bobbleheads have been the doll of the middle class that has shown a significant resistance in competition. Cheap prices are never offered to sacrifice the quality and that is why people are always opting for these dolls to treat their friends and family especially during the festivity season.

Customization of bobblehead dolls

We all know that bobbleheads keep on being the highers customized dolls of all times. This means you can enter the company’s website and find the right tools to build your doll at once. This has been improved dramatically simply by the introduction of the new application that can be downloaded for free on your iPhone and Android phones.

This application takes minimal space in your memory stick and can give you the best customization in your bobblehead dolls. You can easily upload the picture you would like to show to the craftsmen so that they make the right molds for your dolls. The molds are usually made using a 3D printer that has been used lately to produce one of a kind doll appearances.

Lately, there have been many accessories and clothes that can be worn on your bobblehead doll and help to further specialization and customization of your order. Your kids would be more than happy to participate in your ordering process, that is going to get you a lot closer and reinforce your relationships.

People that like to please their beloved ones are always opting for the highest customized bobblehead dolls. These are artifacts that are becoming collectible items that can give you the best profit in case you are selling them in future auctions. This is a reality that is valid for most of the people that are buying the new and improved bobbleheads that are now available through the internet.

Manufacturers have also added many new shoes and clothes to the current customized bobbleheads so that people can have further choices during the ordering process. This poses them to a higher ranking among the best internet-ordered presents that could easily reach you, way before the festivity season.

Affordable presents are always life-saving

More and more the cost of living is dictating a tougher way of life. This will make people in western developed countries to look for affordable choices that can be fashionable and durable at the same time.

Internet technology has been creating a very positive environment for cost reduction in the ordering procedures as well as the manufacturing ones. You are the one to decide which present you are going to buy, but there is no reason to get in debt to purchase a gift that is not going to amaze your beloved ones.

On the contrary, bobblehead dolls are the only artifacts that come to you at an affordable price and can be more durable than any other presents that you can give to your kids. They will love their style and retain them for years to come.


Bobbleheads are the dolls that make you laugh and get appraised a lot during the passing years. There is a great tradition for Americans to order their bobblehead dolls right before the Christmas festivity time. You will find yourself entrapped in a great tradition that will last for many generations.

These dolls have become a lot more affordable in the latest years and can take the place of other toys that are usually disregarded by kids. You are the one to make the final choice, however, you need to know that bobblehead dolls thrive among the young population.

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