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How to pick the right custom outfit when traveling

The world of fashion and design in the clothing industry has given attention to designer outfits made by various renowned companies in the world. For you to be considered well dressed and in style, you must have their products in your wardrobe. These designers usually come up with their designs and sell them to customers without necessarily taking their thoughts into account.

However, nowadays, most buyers are keen on buying outfits that feature their personal likes irrespective of whether the clothing is a trending fashion or not. Similarly, a piece of cloth made with a personal touch is a better custom gift for a special person than one pulled directly from the shelves. Why? It will be unique and stands out from the rest.

T-shirt as an outfit for travelling

Why customized travel outfit?

The customized outfit has plenty of great benefits. They allow you to exhibit your awesome creativity by telling the designer what you want to be featured on the clothes. It could be a hilarious message, a wonderful message or quote, artistically printed on them. You may also feature the images of your loved ones, pets, or your favourite superstar. this kind of design makes everyone keep asking. “where did you get that?”

friends t-shirt for travelling

How to customize a travel outfit

When travelling, your luggage is usually limited by space and weight, depending on your means of transport. In short, you don’t have the luxury of carrying an entire wardrobe. Therefore, when choosing how to customize your clothes, ensure you choose a multipurpose outfit. Your clothes should not limit you to places you can go to and the time of day you wear them. Choose a comfortable and modest design. You can be free to wear in a foreign country or town.

Though we are living in a free world, it is wise to consider the culture, religion, and values of travel destinations. The images and writings you choose should be sensitive to the locals so that you don’t find yourself offending others with displays that are considered to demean their values. If the destination, for instance, is sensitive to sexual matters, avoid explicit graphics and designs. Therefore, it’s wise to study and understand your destination and come up with appropriate custom designs. You may also consider promoting their cultural values and heritage in your own unique way.

Another important aspect to consider is the quality of the outfit and custom prints. As noted, you are already limited to the pieces of clothes you want to carry. Hence, the quality of the material used should be durable to see you through your trip. It should also be easy to wash, dry, and does not crease easily after washing to deserve hot iron. You are on holiday to have fun and not to have stress with the laundry. Additionally, your prints should be of high quality and do not fade or wash away on day one. Hence, select a custom outfit designer with positive reviews and proven record.

Travelling with limited clothes calls for maximizing your travel wardrobe. Choose your custom outfit carefully to mix and match with two or more pairs. Test the combinations before you start off your journey to avoid disappointments and prevent overpacking. You may, for instance, blend your custom upper outfit with a few pants to afford you a variety of choices. Also consider customizing your outfits to match other wears like socks, scarves, and jackets.

Finally, don’t overdo a custom design. Have a variety of designs to break the boredom. If travelling with a partner, allow the designs to complement each other. Too much of a graphic on both of you may seem not well thought of. Let every design and combination you wear align with the place you are visiting on that day. Something loose and bright is good for a beach walk, for example.

Final thoughts

A holiday trip is something you have invested in for a long time, and you would want to make the experience memorable. Don’t go on a trip with your old wardrobe. Spare some amount to spice up your wardrobe with customized outfits to brighten your journey. They will give you the freedom to break from your daily formal office wear. Even if you do not wear them often after the trip, you will love them during your stay. By the way, travelling fun and relaxation comes once in a while. Hence, make your travel the best you can ever have each time you get the opportunity.

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Guidelines for Creating a Successful Online Marketing Plan

Road map and directness towards path leads us to the destination sooner than expected. This analogy is implied everywhere, in normal life as well as the business world. With guidelines to any online branding, anyone can prosper. Owners tend to make fewer mistakes and correct them way before they occur.

Likewise, for any online business, planning and working on strategies really matter. If you are thinking about why it is imperial, then you should know that it is all about focusing on the mission, vision, business objectives, promotional efforts, etc. An online marketing plan is not being on the internet but the utilization of tools that are readily available online. Yes, the tools which are the main essence of elevating the structure of a business. These tools are important for not one but many purposes.

Therefore, if you are baffled as to how to make a marketing plan for a digital marketing agency, then the guidelines mentioned below could be worth understanding.

Determining Market and Associated Competition

The first thing that you must do in order to achieve maximum profit and milestone, is to understand the targeted audience. It means that you should know about the prospected clients as well as areas you want to cater to the service or product. Always remember that knowing competitors help in getting better opportunities. However, getting aware of competitions in the market requires thorough and intense research. Alongside, determining strengths and weaknesses pave the way to successful planning. In short, you must concentrate on all the possible elements that make competitors unique so that you can inculcate certain features that are not addressed. That will make your game solid and inclination towards marketing will become versatile.

Goals and Objectives

Aims and objectives along with goals determine the success of a brand or company. However, you should be sure about the elements of fixating goals. They should always be such on which you can work consistently. Since these goals and objectives are the foundation and pillar of the online marketing business plan, ensure that they enhance reputation as well as recommendations from the clients. It is so that the current clients can work to bring more work or orders. In short, goals should be improvised and integrated in accordance with the needs of customers.

Blog – Something to be Maintained 24/7

There are many reasons for which website is used. For instance, it allows you to reach your clients directly, without any hassle. However, to be able to do that, it needs to be maintained. What helps in maintaining it on the top and first page though? Well, it is all about using the right keywords. Once it is there and you can get connected with clients easily, you are in the position to share information and advice. To keep a long-term relationship with a customer, you must have trust and confidence. A blog is a bridge that indeed helps in linking clients with your company and/or brand.

Investment on High-End Website

Indeed, web design isn’t and shouldn’t be the part of a solid online business planning. But it has a deep impact on the business that you hold. Want to know the reasons? Sure, here they are. Firstly, it is a means of showcasing what you do. Also, it increases outreach plans, focuses on leads, applies developmental stages, and lookout for the best opportunities. Websites also serve as an online presence which is extremely necessary in the world based on a digital interface. If you don’t have a website, better get one to avail best from the best.

Digital marketing strategy and planning
Planning for success

Hire a Digital Marketing Company or Consultant 

In order to develop a successful plan for your company, it is highly recommended to get a consultant from Selenium Ray, a digital marketing company. Reason being, it is worthy to understand needs and requirements of planning through the third perspective that is both, professional and experienced in the layout of planning strategies for digital marketing. However, here is why you should go with Selenium Ray. It is equipped with tools that help in measuring complexities of the plan, professionalism is intact, is always open to creative ideas, and most importantly can be hired in both, flexible and negotiable packages.

Health Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea

Tea and coffee have the terrible reputation of being mind-altering drugs that are more detrimental to your health than not, but herbal brews like dandelion root tea have many health benefits than you can imagine.

Herbal teas have more anti-oxidants that flush out the toxins in your body; they can help you lose weight and maintain your health.

For dandelion plants, people can use each part of the plant to create their blend; meaning roots, leaves, and stems can be turned into a health drink. You can mix your concoction at home or shop online; plus, with the various coupons for health products available, you can save on the cost of the ingredients or the whole mix.

If you are planning on adopting a healthier lifestyle, here are some of the health benefits of dandelion root tea that you should know:

Substitute for Coffee

substitute for coffee

The thing about eating and drinking unhealthy foods is that the effects are not always immediate. That’s why most people think there aren’t any.

But, the fact is that coffee and any other caffeinated drinks are beautifully advertised drugs that might make you feel fancy when drinking but have adverse on your body. They cause addictions, nausea, insomnia, increased heart rate, restlessness, nervousness, fidgeting, and more.

Dandelion roots when roasted until dark brown, then soaked in hot water before straining can be an alternative to coffee for those wanting the pleasure of caffeine without the harm.

Anti-inflammatory Effects

Anti-inflammatory Effects, dandelion root tea

Research states that inflammation affects many types of diseases. And, while there is no conclusive evidence to support the hypothesis that dandelion tea may help with inflammation, the possibility that the compounds it contains can help is much more significant to be dismissed entirely.

The whole dandelion plant can be brewed for anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects.

Lowers Cholesterol

lower cholestrol with dandelion root tea

A 2012 study on effects of dandelion on hyperlipidemia in rats suggests that the plant may have the capacity to inhibit the pancreatic lipase enzyme. That, in turn, affects the lipid and cholesterol concentration in their bodies.

Reduces Liver Damage

reduces liver damage
Image by zachvanstone8 from Pixabay

Another one of the many health benefits of dandelion root tea is also a reduction in liver damage. According to the Nutrition reviews, it limited the extent of damage in rats.

It is believed that the anti-oxidants in the dandelion roots might detoxify the liver; it can also help with eye and skin problems and might reduce symptoms of liver disease.

Helps with Digestion

improve digestion with dandelion root tea

Dandelion has been part of the tribal medical practices used to treat many ailments of the human body. One such problem was with digestion.

All current evidence is somewhat anecdotal; but, in history, dandelion root tea was used to improve appetite, relieve constipation, and other digestive concerns.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the numerous potential health benefits of dandelion root tea; and, while there need to be more research on the topic, human trials to be conducted, it can be safely said that it is a much better way for healthy living than adopting vitamin supplements or medicines.

So, stay away from chemical alternatives and make a habit of drinking and eating healthy for a better, happier life.


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Food habits to adapt along with yoga

The day you decide and take up yoga as your way of life, it is the day that you decide to improve your health and start respecting your body. It is the day you lay foundation to a life full of good health, happiness and longevity.

There is another aspect that comes to you as a virtue of yoga. From the sense of focus and mindfulness of the body – is the sense of making healthier food choices. Well!! This is the result of the feeling of being uplifted and focused that you get from yogic practice.

Yoga not only teaches you to control your physical and mental movements for numerous health benefits, but also teaches how to eat through the yogic food system. The art of ‘yoga’, which was performed by the ancient yogis, concentrated on certain foods that were not only healthy, but also allowed them to stay light and alert, so that they were able to perform the yogic asanas – the yoga postures.

So, what is the yogic food system that we must adopt along with practicing yoga?

The yogic food system has divided foods into three categories and follows certain principles:

  1. The Sattvic Diet: Satvic means pure. It includes foods that are best consumed in their purest forms like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. The main reason and the idea behind these type of foods is to keep the body light and satiate hunger without compromising on the body’s natural ability to be alert and conscious.
Fruits and vegetables, fresh food and yoga
Image by silviarita from Pixabay

These are foods that heal, provides comfort, are juicy and smooth and increase s longevity, intelligence and strength.

Onions and garlic are tasmic diet.
Image by Robert-Owen-Wahl from Pixabay

2. The Tasmic Diet: it includes foods like onions, garlic and meats. These are foods that cause great harm to the mind and the body and are considered impure.

Coffee beans is rajasic diet.
Image by pixel2013 from Pixabay

3. The Rajasic Diet: The word itself means Royal. It includes foods like hot peppers, salt and coffee. These foods can give rise to ill health, grief or discomfort.

Yogic teachings says that we should eat more of  Satvic foods so that apart from staying healthy and light, we keep our digestive and immune system working optimally for best results from the yogas that we perform.

These food habits also emphasizes another aspect – the timings of the meals. All meals are advised to be taken between sunrises to sunset and avoid eating mainly after the sun has set. The timings of the meals should be set and should not be altered as it get sets the body to get accustomed to the inputs that it is going to get through meals at certain timings of the day.

Another important aspect to be followed with all of it is that the meals should be half filling. The quarter of the remaining half should be filled with water and the last remaining quarter should be left empty. The main reason behind the same is to aid proper digestion and keep the body light.

The yoga culture advises people to avoid all sort of Tasmic foods. As yoga teaches us to follow non-violence or Ahimsa, no meat is to be eaten. It is said that such foods makes the body heavy and the mind dull.

The Yogic Food Management

Good health is a conscious and dedicated commitment that emphasis of the foods we eat, the physical activities or the yogic exercises we are involved into, our mental well-being and proper rest and sleep. Yoga teaches us to be consistence with all our behaviour.

The main purpose behind following a yogic food style is to keep the body light and healthy, so that we can absorb the best outcome from the asanas we perform. Unless you are a strict vegetarian, adopt of eating white meat and not more than once or twice a week. But, if you are building muscles and losing weight, you can increase the frequency to three to four times a week, as white meats are the best sources of proteins that the body needs in such cases to repair an built muscles.

The most important aspect of adopting foods habits along with practicing yoga is to consider Satvic foods. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains are any time better and a lot healthier than any other food. These are the foods that will help you doing asnanas. It helps in getting the body get rid of toxins and makes your hair and skin glow and become healthy also.

Yogic guidelines for healthy eating and well-being

  • Noted below are some valuable yogic food adaptation and guidelines that we all must follow for optimal health and overall well-being:
  • Eat small, eat at regular intervals and chew your food properly. Helps in proper metabolism and keeps you energized at all time.
  • Eat a variety of Satvic food – whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes and pulses. It provides the body with vitals and essential nutrients and minerals.
  • Avoid Tasmic food at all and consume the least of Rajasic foods.
  • Practice Yogic exercises on a regular basis. The following are the best few yogas for overall wellness and good health:
Vajrasana, yoga

Vajra Asana: Best for flexibility, body movements and digestion.

Padma Asana: Provides ultimate relaxation to the muscles and whole body.

Kapalbhati: Breathes in fresh air and excludes the toxic air. Energizes the mind and body and provides ultimate relaxation.

Gomukh Asana: Stretches the spine and assimilates all discomfort and pain from the body. It helps you sleep and relax better.

Tadasana: Simple, yet very effective asana helps you main a great posture and balance of the body.

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The author of this article is Rebecca Moses

The Art of Yoga

“Yoga” is a form of art. It is an art of practising a life long journey of exploration, awakening, discovering, healing and experiencing divine joy. It is a science of discovering our own self that hidden inside us.

People around the world thinks that Yoga is an art of practicing some exercises that brings good health. But actually, Yoga is much beyond just simple exercises, it is about life. An amalgamation of the mind, body and soul to bring total wellness and not just physical well-being.

In an effort to let the world discover the true benefits of the ancient tradition, every year on the 21st of June, since its inception on the same day in 2015.

Our present Prime Minister says that –

Yoga embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and nature; a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature. By changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness, it can help in well-being.

Let us work towards adopting the International Yoga Day.

*/ The article is authored by famous Dietitian Sheela Seharawat. She is the founder and chief mentor of Diet Clinic Health Care Pvt. Ltd. Also, she is one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs of India./*

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