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The UK Travel: 15 Compelling Reasons to Make Newcastle the Newest Addition to Your Bucket List

Newcastle upon Tyne is a city known mainly for its industrial heritage, delicious brown ale, vibrant nightlife, and distinct ‘Geordie’ dialect. To us, it’s certainly one of the highlights of the North of England but why should you put in on your bucket list? We’ve put together a list of facts to convince you to visit our wonderful, colourful corner of the UK, close to your perfect accommodation in Newcastle, PREMIER SUITES.


The Gateshead Millennium Bridge is a pedestrian and cyclist tilt bridge spanning the River Tyne in England between Gateshead’s Quays arts quarter on the south bank, and the Quayside of Newcastle upon Tyne on the north bank. Opened for public use in 2001, the award-winning structure was conceived and designed by architect Wilkinson Eyre and structural engineer Gifford. The bridge is sometimes referred to as the ‘Blinking Eye Bridge’ or the ‘Winking Eye Bridge’ due to its shape and its tilting method. In terms of height, the Gateshead Millennium Bridge is slightly shorter than the neighbouring Tyne Bridge and stands as the sixteenth tallest structure in the city.

Did you know the Millennium Bridge was the world’s first swing bridge? The bridge is fondly nicknamed the blinking eye bridge due to the shape. The city actually has 7 bridges across half a mile of the River Tyne.


English Icon or the Angel of the North designed by Antony Gormley
The Angel of the North is a contemporary sculpture, designed by Antony Gormley, located in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, England.

In 2016, the beautiful Angel of the North Statue was decreed an official English Icon by the Government. It was built in 1998 by sculptor Anthony Gormley to commemorate the two centuries of coal mining in Newcastle and as a symbol of our hopes and fears.


Hadrian's Wall Newcastle upon Tyne
Hadrian’s Wall (Newcastle upon Tyne) – 2019 All You Need to Know Before You Go (with Photos) – Newcastle upon Tyne, England | TripAdvisor

Hadrian’s Wall, which was built on the orders of the Roman Emperor of the same name, was once a defensive fortification dotted with Forts and spanning a huge 73 miles. It is one of the largest Roman Artefacts still standing today and has earned its badge as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some of the walls are still visible in Newcastle.


St James Park, home of the Premier League club  Newcastle United F.C. is one of the oldest football stadiums in the UK and has a capacity of over 52,000 people.


Ant and Dec meet Prince Charles in Newcastle
IC :

Some of the world’s best comedians, singers and presenters hail from Newcastle. Among those are a renowned comedian and actor Rowan Atkinson (aka. Mr. Bean), former Girls Aloud singer turned reality TV judge Cheryl Cole and award-winning presenting duo Ant and Dec.


Snow in Newcastle
Newcastle Gateshead Quayside in Winter

It may not sound very attractive, but Newcastle is known as the coldest city in the UK! Luckily due to our geographical position and being in the rain shadow of the North Pennines, we are also the driest with less rainfall than anywhere in the UK.


Locals are called Geordies because the city was the only one in the North East that supported George II during the rebellion of 1745.


Friendly people in Britain
Friendly- Source Video blocks

The Geordie accent that we are so famous for has been voted one of the friendliest in Britain.

[9] PARK

Newcastle Town Manor
Source-Right Move

Newcastle Town Manor, located in the city just 20-minutes’ walk from PREMIER SUITES, high-quality serviced apartments in Newcastle, is larger than most of the parks in London, including Hyde Park (363 acres) and Hampstead Heath (790 acres).


Windscreen wiper invented in Newcastle
Windscreen viper

The windscreen wiper was invented in Newcastle, proving we have some very innovative residents!


Ginger hair, Tyne area Newcastle
Dress Fashion Red Hair Ginger Woman Female

The North East has the greatest variety of ginger hair in the world with over 47 shades in the Tyne area.


Mosley Street Newcastle upon Tyne
by LVNWtransFoto Mosley Street Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Mosley Street was the first street in the world to be illuminated by electric light.


The largest shopping complex in Great Britain. The MetroCentre in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, England. Short drive from Newcastle
The largest shopping complex in Great Britain. The MetroCentre in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, England.
Article by
Newcastle Chronicle

The Metro Centre, a short drive from your accommodation in Newcastle, is one of Europe’s top 10 largest shopping malls and has a fantastic variety of shops and outlets.


Newcastle university
Newcastle University peaks in global subject ranking IC: Newcastle University

Newcastle University is officially one of the best universities in the world, ranking in the top 1% according to QS World rankings, it’s also said to have the best student nightlife in the UK.


Cadbury Wispa, Newcastle
Cadbury Wispa Chocolate Multipack 4 X30g IC: Chocolate – Tesco Groceries

Newcastle also has some of the best food in the world (we may be biased about this one!). The energy drink Lucozade was invented in Newcastle. The beloved Cadbury chocolate bar, Wispa was launched here and Gosforth was home to the first-ever Greggs Bakery in 1983.


Accommodation in the United Kingdom can be hit and miss with many properties promising a lot but delivering little. If you are looking for a serviced apartment in Newcastle that offers great value for money, enough space to comfortably house a family and a perfect central location then look no further than PREMIER SUITES Newcastle. Contact our friendly reservations team today to check availability and remember to book directly for access to our exclusive special offers.


Katie McGarr is a daytime writer for PREMIER SUITES Newcastle, an exemplary traditional hotel alternative offering bright and spacious serviced apartments for locals and travellers. Travel and lifestyle make up a big portion of what she mostly writes about. For her, the beauty of this world is worth-sharing and appreciating.

Five healthy things you can offer your father

Barack Obama once said: “Anyone can have a child and that doesn’t makes him a father. It’s the courage to raise a child that makes him a father”.

Father’s Day – A day dedicated to fatherhood and dada around the world. It is a day that marks the true essence of a real man, who with his courage and heart raises his child with love, affection and responsibility. It’s also a day for people around the world to appreciate and make their fathers feel special.

We all have fathers and we all will be fathers. But how many of us realize the work, care, share and protection our father had showered on us. He was the first person to rise up and stand by us during any crisis. This Father’s Day take the opportunity to appreciate his fatherhood by gifting him a gift of life – a gift of health.

Perhaps there is nothing that could counter his fatherhood, but still in an effort to show your appreciation of all that he has done for you his entire life.

Following are some great healthy gift ideas that will help you to select the best for your father.

  1. A Road Bike (for seniors)

People lose their physical strength and abilities gradually as they age. Older people, who are especially above the age of 60, have more possibilities to get affected with mobility issues, overweight, knee and back problems and other health issues.

As a result of which a lot of elders develops the love of riding. Riding bicycles for daily rides and exercise as well. But at the same time, it has to be considered that their rides to not take a lot of toll on their ability and it is comfortable at the same time. Gifting your dad a road bike to a perfect option. These bikes are light weight and comfortable for smaller rides across the neighborhood.

  • A health rate and fitness wristband

With hospital costs sky rocketing and without the safety net of a full-time professional care, this wearable can not only keep your dad safe but healthy also. Seniors are very pro-active with their health and loves wearing a fitness band that will give him all his health status at easy reach. It will help him keep track of his fitness level and inspire him to improve further. The heart monitor tracks heart rate, the cardio monitor shows his heart conditions and provides suggestions and some even are equipped with BP monitor to read the blood pressure levels without any effort.

  • A phone especially made for him

Your father may not be a gadget freak but needs a phone that easy for him to use and stay in touch with his loved ones. Get him a phone that is especially designed for seniors. These phones gave larger keys, backlit keypads and even voice prompts for dials and keypads. Raised buttons and generally white backgrounds makes it easier for him to see and dial, read text and send messages whenever required. Some of them even are aided with fitness trackers that will make it easy for your dad to track his daily steps and health activities like climbing stairs and others.

  • A wireless RF Item Locator

Fathers have the habit of forgetting and especially if he is turning old. He is the one who will often misplace the simplest of things like his keys, wallet and the medicine box. With small receivers that can be attached to almost everything, your father will have no excuse to go out for losing his keys or not having his timely medicines. Controlled by a simple remote and console multiple things can be attached with this wireless RF item locator.

  • A massage pillow

Nothing can be more relaxing and soothing for an aching back and neck of your father than a gentle and warm massage. This electrically heated massage pillow can be used at any time – while seating and watching TV or reading books and even sleeping and comes as a welcome relief from backaches, shoulder and neck pains and even pain from arthritis. A great relief for pains that comes with age.

There are plenty of ways you can make your father feel special, but the key element behind gifting should always be practicality and functionality. This Father’s Day, show your love and appreciation by gifting him with something that he can cherish for the rest of his life and always remember and bless you.


PG –Dietetics and Hospital Food Service (DHFS)

Sheela Seharawat on father health

Practicing since 2005 as a registered dietician under IDA, Sheela Seharawat is the founding member and chief mentor of Diet Clinic, operating around 35 outlets successfully all over the country.

A motivational speaker, an expert dietician and a strong believer of healthy and motivated living, she has transformed the lives of many through her breakthrough diets and inspiration on living a healthy life. Another feather is added to the name of Diet Clinic Health Care as the esteemed magazine and organization “Silicon India Start Up City” has recognized and awarded “Diet Clinic” in their annual listing of “10 Best Startups in Fitness, 2017”.

Run up a mountain

Both inspiring and intimidating, a mountain marathon can be a great way to find your stride.

Everyone has a different connection with the mountains. Some find it by slowing down and picking up a book while others prefer to get their soles dirty and scale its heights. There is something elemental about scaling a mountain on foot.

While the tribe of trekkers and campers keep spiralling every year, one can also see a steady rise of athletes and marathoners taking to such unforgiving terrain and lung-searing attitude. When, and how, did the call of the wild green terrain become so irresistible?

Mountains are unpredictable. Even the same run twice won’t give you the same experience.

The weather might suddenly change, the track might disappear.

It is this lure of seeing more, experiencing more which is pulling people towards these runs

~ Akshay Appu, digital media professional who has done runs in Manali, Bir Billing, and Mawkrywat, says city runs do not offer much in terms of views, challenges, different routes or terrains.

Call of the wild

All runs in the city are done on tar roads. Mountain runs on the other hand, come with the promise of a new challenge with every run, different topography, beautiful views, no pollution, and peace and quiet. No marathon in the hills is the same. Even the same run twice won’t give you the same experience, “

~  Appu.

Humbling experience

The world of trial and ultra-running is becoming big because it’s not just athletes but track and road runners and even amateurs- after a good training- are signing up for these races to test their body and mind.

run up a mountain Image by skeeze from Pixabay

“Many a time you may be faced with situations that you can’t really train for a wild animal crossing your trail or a sharp incline that will make you dig into every little bit of strength and energy you have left. And just when you think you can take no more, you go ahead and do it.”

~ Gauri Jayaram, founder of a leading marathon touring company, such marathons give you the chance to connect with nature at a personal level

A lot like real life, except that we have forgotten these most simple lessons.

Our age of excess and 24*7 connected lives has pushed us far from nature- not just physical nature but our own inner selves. We have forgotten to tap our own potential and push our boundaries because we live and think in tiny little boxes. A run in the mountain is a perfect therapy for our tired souls. You are stripped to the barest of essentials- good running shoes, minimal clothing, a bottle of water, just enough food to get you through a day on the ridges, and a clear mind that sees the glory of nature.

Climb every mountain

Hills are all about incline, elevation, altitude. Priti Zaveri, a Pinkathon ambassador, believes mountain running teaches us that the obstacles we face everyday must not dampen our spirits or deter us from moving forward.

“Running up there is all about conquering the distance, and let me tell you, every distance is a challenge. It is all about endurance.”

Mountain climbing
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Experiences like these teach us humility- and the fact that everything is competing, but the real battle is to conquer our own fears and compete with our own selves.

What mountain marathons and trekking teach us about life

  • There is no finish line:

Somewhere while going up and down the slopes, you realise life is much like that. It is not about getting there, it is about reaching new heights with each step, because when you get to the top of any mountain, you are simply at the bottom of another greater climb.

  • Inhale the present:

Being out there in the wilderness of mountains tells you that things happen in their own time. There is a time to let go, time to shut off the phone, turn away from the computer and leave the camera at home. All we ever own is the inhalation of the present.

  • Best things in life are free

Clean air and water, unfiltered views, abundant greens and nature’s produce.

  • You can’t control everything:

You can’t predict nature’s moods, the challenges of the terrain, the supply of food and the night you spend in a tent. You are at the mountains’ disposal and they overpower you. The best you can do is be humble.

*/ The above article was written by Supriya Sharma and was published in Times Life…rev up your life dated May 26, 2019. */

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10 Appetizing Trends in Confectionery Packaging

The packaging is the essential element of any product as it provides protection to the product from any external damage and presents it beautifully to the buyers. Due to this, every market from confectionary to toys, and from food products to daily use products, focus on creating an appealing package for their product.

The need for effective packaging is more significant in confectionary products because the flavour and aroma need to be protected. Furthermore, confectionary packaging also helps in providing the healthy and hygienic end product to the customers.

Along with all of this, the most attracting confectionary packaging seduces the taste buds of viewers, especially kids who already love candies and chocolates! In this way, it boosts the sale of the products as well.

Due to its so many benefits, confectionary manufacturers follow various packaging trends to make their product appetizing.

Let’s have a look at top 10 confectionary packaging trends:

  1. A Special Focus on Aesthetics and Design:

With the aim to attract more consumers, confectionary companies are focusing on the aesthetics and design elements of the packaging. Yes, a packet is no more a mere protection layer, but it is a tool to market the product and communicate with the buyers.


This is the main reason why you can easily find attractive designs, innovative aesthetics and unique texts on your sweets packet. Confectionary products like candies, lollipops and chocolates focus more on such things to attract kids.

2. Sustainable Packaging is Stealing the Limelight:

As people are becoming more familiar with their duty to save the environment, they have become more inclined towards sustainable and environment-friendly packaging. In such a scenario, confectionary brands are moving towards plastic-free sustainable packages.

sustainable packaging

Big companies like Nestle are substituting the plastic straws with paper and more biodegradable alternatives. Like this, many prominent companies are moving to either paper-based or recycle-able ways of packaging.

3. Single-Serving Packaging Fulfils Everyone’s Dream:

People who avoid taking sugar-based products for maintaining their diet plan can now have a taste of it! The single-serve packaging is making it easy for people to buy confectionaries that contain only a bite or one piece of the product.

single -serve packaging

These packets are helping such people in controlling their sweet cravings. Moreover, kids who can’t keep their hands off the chocolate packet after opening it can be satisfied as they eat the entire product from a single-serve packet!

4. Mini-Sized Packaging for a Healthy Lifestyle:

Mini-sized packets are much similar to the single-serve trend. The basic difference is that some confectionery products can be separated for single packages, while others can’t. For example, a big muffin or a big pastry won’t fulfil the health purpose of single-serve packaging.

mini-sized packaging

So, such product manufacturers are launching mini versions of the same products which health-conscious people can eat in one go without much calories intake.

5. Stir and Eat Packaging is Customers’ Favourite:

Confectionary products that contain moist and crunchy ingredients are moving towards stir and eat packaging. This type of packaging allows them to keep the wet and dry ingredients of the product separate until a person mixes it to eat.

These packages also attract kids as they love to do something different rather than just opening a packet and eating the product.

6. Multi-Unit Packaging for Sharing Buddies:

Multi-unit packaging is also in the trend as it is perfect for people who avoid visiting the markets on a regular basis. These packets contain many small packets of the same product such as lollipops, chocolates, wafer biscuits etc.

Multi-unit packages are ideal for sharing, and buyers can also save some amount by buying a single bulk packet instead of small ones. Mostly, all the confectionary brands have launched multi-unit packages for storing purposes.

7. Easy to Open Convenience Packaging:

Packages that are convenient to open and store the product for future consumption are considered best among the customers. People are so busy in their life that they find 3-4 layer packaging quite annoying to open especially when they are feeling hungry or in a hurry.

So, confectionary companies are launching easy to open packages that even kids can open without any extra efforts. Plastic stand-up pouches are one such example. They are lightweight as well as easy to open and use.

8. Reseal-able and Portable Packages Cut the Struggle:

Usually, confectionary products like sweets contain a syrupy substance which makes it quite difficult for people to carry them outside their house. This becomes a much bigger problem, especially when the packet or box is opened once. Considering this, many confectionary manufacturing companies are moving to this packaging trend.

The packets which are re-closable and easily portable are gaining popularity nowadays. You can find many packets that can be resealed with Velcro, zippers etc. People can easily carry such packets to their workplace or kids can take them to school without any mess.

9. Health-Focused Messages on the Front-of-Pack:

People check the amount of glutton, fats and other health-related elements before buying confectionaries. People are interested in knowing “what is not added in the product” more than “what is added in the product”. That’s why companies are adding this health-related information on the front of the pack to gain more attention.

messages on front of the pack

You must have seen messages like “100% glutton free” on the front of many confectionary packaging. This is done mainly to highlight that healthy aspect of the product to gain more health-conscious customers.

10. Box Packaging for Serving Gifting Purposes:

Many confectionaries manufacturers also launch big beautiful boxes that contain a few products from their company. These boxes are specially designed for gifting purposes. You have seen many boxes of famous companies like Cadbury, Haldirams etc. during the festive season.

The trend of these packages in the confectionery market is very strong because sweets and other such products are mainly exchanged by people on festivals like Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas etc. So, innovative boxes containing varied items are produced by all the big companies to gain benefits of the festive season.

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