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7 Most Romantic Hotels in Dubai for Couples

Isn’t love the most beautiful feeling to ever be? Don’t you think that love is something that you should celebrate? If you have found the love of your life you should never hold back from cherishing that love and your relationship. You can always make some time out of your work life to spend quality time with your better half. You can do so many things such as a vacation trip, stay at a romantic hotel, dinner at a romantic restaurant or can do all of these together. If you have made up your mind to surprise your beloved...

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Travel Website Designs – Two best inspirations websites you should follow!

Are you looking for web design inspirations for a travel website to help you increase engagement and conversion? Well, we have compiled a list of few amazingly designed and intelligently optimized travel websites that will certainly help you get inspired. Our world is an amazing place filled with intriguing landscape and breathtaking wonders. While most of us neither have the audacity to leave our jobs nor the resources required to travel the world, still tourism is one of the largest global industries worth billions of dollars annually. And that’s one reason why so many businesses are looking to grab...

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Breakfast: Eat like a king

Adelle Davis, the woman who first pioneered the first ideas of nutrition said – Breakfast like a King; Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper. Today after so many years, the entire world of health and nutrition have come to the common consensus that – breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we all should start this meal as a king. It is because, all through the day whatever comes our way, we will be at our royal best tackling all. Eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast in the morning and one which includes...

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Foods which strengthen our bones

When we see elderly people walking upright and even see them jogging in the nearby park, it leaves us guessing – what is it that makes them so much fitter and stronger at such an age? On the contrary we also see young people around us, unable to move properly or limp or find it difficult to make normal movements. Well! The answer to it is efforts and good health, especially taking good care on our bones, right from the beginning – a healthy balanced diet which consists of foods that promote bone health right from our early age....

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The Essence of Womanhood

Imagine a household bereft of a woman; imagine your world deprived of one. With international women’s day just having gone by, it’s time to doff one’s hat to the various roles women play. So, like every year, while International Women’s Day was celebrated worldwide on March 8, having been instituted way back in 1909, the truth is its purpose is as relevant today as even before. Women everywhere need to be treated as equals no doubt, but there is also a need to be recognised for their strength and achievements. Balance for better Every year the campaign theme is...

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