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Tour the World from the Comfort of Your Home

Image from Travelling is by far one of the best ways to experience different cultures and enjoy much of what the world has to offer. However, with the recent outbreak of Covid-19, many countries across the world have been on lockdown, thereby restricting free travel to prevent further spread of the virus. It is therefore unsure when we can venture into the world again and see different places like we used to. If you’re someone that loves to travel a lot, this is unfortunately, bad news. Luckily though, technology has made travel easy and available to everyone right...

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Best places of interest in Sri Lanka

Situated in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka offers its visitors an astonishing range of environments to experience and enjoy. Cities such as Kandy and Colombo help trace the enthralling history of the island from early times to the colonial era to the present day. The country is a paradise for any beach lover since the place is swamped by some of the best beaches in the world. Following are some of the best places of interest to visit in Sri Lanka   Colombo The capital city blends urban amenities with colourful native and colonial history. Sri Lanka has had...

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How to Spend 5 Days in the UAE with Family

With a plethora of places to visit in the UAE, deciding where to go on your vacation isn’t always easy. Read on to start creating your 5 days in the UAE itinerary.  Day 1 – Lost Chambers Aquarium Built around the theme of the lost city of Atlantis, this aquarium is home to thousands of species of marine life. Wander around the 10 chambers of wildlife and 20 exhibits and see the magical wonders that this underwater world holds. Schedule a “behind the scenes” tour where your kids can talk to animal experts and learn the many secrets of...

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8 Must-Visit Offbeat Destinations in Rajasthan for Unique Experiences

Rajasthan is vast, charming and all shades wonderful. The best places to visit in Rajasthan are counted among the best of India. But, beyond these touristy trails lay the real heart of Rajasthan. The offbeat destinations in Rajasthan are worth exploring as here you come across the real glorious Rajputana. The fascinating history, the incredible architecture, the legends, traditions, and culture make you yearn for the glorious grandeur of the past. If you want to explore the offbeat gems on your Rajasthan tour, here’s where you can go: Bundi A picture-perfect town with its unconquerable fortress, Bundi is one...

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Tips on how to Travel Safely to Uttarakhand During and After COVID 19

COVID 19 had put the whole world to a sudden stop with an uncertain future. It came as a piece of heartbreaking news, especially for the travellers. However with people adopting various measures, practising social distancing norms, and diligently wearing a mask everywhere the pandemic is slowly and steadily coming under control. Some places in India have reopened for tourist visits with a set of rules that are compulsory to follow when you are in Uttarakhand and these sets of rules are established by the government for the safety of the people there. Devbhoomi Uttarakhand has tackled the situation...

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