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Millets are for all

Millets, the golden grain, are dominating everyone’s diet because of their numerous benefits.

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Here is how various people use it-

Chef’s favourite

Millets culinary versatility adds to their popularity in modern cuisine. They can be prepared in a variety of ways, yielding a wide diversity of textures and flavours. Chefs are experimenting with millets because of their versatility  in cooking, which includes boiling, steaming, toasting, and even fermenting. It can be used to make cereal, salad dressings, soups and stews, and even desserts. Chefs and household cooks are experimenting with millets to create new recipes that showcase their unique features and provide variety in culinary experiences. From rotis to tortillas and crisps to salads, risottos, and even brownies, the millet revolution has dominated the culinary world over the last year.

Farmer’s choice

Millets are resistant to high temperatures, frequent droughts, and flooding, and they maybe grown in both dry and rainy areas. In comparison to other crops, the amount of water required for production is small. Millets are pesticide resistant. These characteristics make it a favourite among farmers. Millets have a comparatively lengthy storage life (two years or more) when compared to other crops, making them ideal contingency crops. Millets provide numerous farm revenue streams, including food, fodder, sugar production and biofuels. Because it is very resistant to climate stress, pests, and diseases, it takes little maintenance and thus helps to reduce total growing expenses and increase profitability for farmers.

Dietician recommends

Millets have earned the reputation of being nutri- cereals as they provide most of the nutrients required for the normal functioning of the human body. The energy, protein, good fats, minerals, and vitamins that millets provide make them a superfood. High in fibre, naturally gluten-free, and known to induce a hypoglycemic response, they help mitigate different lifestyle conditions. They also recommended for the well-being of infants, pregnant and lactating mothers, the elderly and convalescents in various suitable forms. Nutritionists suggest including millets in the daily diet of all for their nutritive value, multiple health benefits, and disease-fighting capabilities.

Must- have for women

Women’s bodies change frequently throughout their lives, and nutritional interventions are required at each stage to adjust these changes. Millets are high-energy super foods that provide all of the key amino acids needed for women’s health. Millets are high in calcium, iron and magnesium which help avoid anemia, improve hormonal health, and boost immunity. Millet rich diets have been shown to benefit women for maintaining regular menstrual periods are those who have PCOS.

Millets are especially useful to postmenopausal women, as they protect against arthritis, cardiovascular disease and excessive cholesterol. Regular consumption of high -protein and mineral -rich millets aids in body weight maintenance by adding bulk to the diet, which increases satiety. Millets are thought to boost blood production, nourish the spleen, and promote hunger during pregnancy. Millets such as sorghum are recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in various parts of India due to their high mineral and vitamin content (such as copper and iron,) which boosts immunity.

Cherished by children

Millets include important nutrients such as iron for hemoglobin maintenance, calcium for bone health, zinc for immunity and growth, and protein for strength. Millets are ideal food source for meeting the nutritional demands of children. These nutritional grains have also been recognized as important providers of nutrients such as protein and iron. Millets provide nutritional value, promote food security and aid in the prevention of malnutrition. Because they are high in energy, millets are the most popular food among children, and a wide variety of delights ranging from pancakes to cookies can be produced using them.

Elders delight

Millets are high in healthy fats and fibre, making them crucial for senior people’s health. Older adults have gastrointestinal health issues and require readily digestive nutrients, which millets can provide. They also help reduce constipation, which is prevalent among the elderly. Abundant phytonutrient supply and antioxidants radical scavenging activities postpone the onset of lifestyle diseases, including diabetes and dyslipidaemia.    Many people are prone to developing food intolerance as they age, necessitating dietary options that are both nutritionally dense and hypoallergenic such as millets.

Source – The Times of India, January 21 2024

Millets and their benefits
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