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Improv Tuscan Spaghetti and Scallop Dinner

Some days you are just tired of the same old same old, so you look at what you got and see what you can put together without having to step out and get something. Just before the lockdown lifted here in California I was shopping like most people online and saw a special  (meaning getting ready to go bad) on scallops at Whole Foods. Decided to get half a pound and figure it out later. Well that evening hubby being part Italian voted Italian instead of Asian inspired. So got to looking on the internet and found a couple of recipes that looked promising but we were missing most of the key ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes or bacon or pancetta. So leftover salami it was and the last survivors on our arugula plant in our backyard instead of spinach. The half-eaten tomato etc. I wouldn’t have bothered typing the recipe up if it hadn’t turned out to so good.

*/ The above recipe is shared by Dilnaz Kain, my cousin who stays in USA. /*

Shelter-in-place Pistachio Maamoul

Shelter-in-place Pistachio Maamoul
Recipe by Dilnaz Kain

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Do you like Ara’yes?

This is truly one of the easiest and fastest snacks to put together . Can also be eaten as a meal on a lazy weeknight.


Source- Arayes recipe

Followed the above recipe but added a few tweaks and made it.

*/ The above recipe is shared by Dilnaz Kain, my cousin who stays in USA. /*

Koli Food Fest

Koli Food Fest

Relish authentic Koli delicacies of Lobster Curry, Bharwa Pomfret, Tawa Fried Surmai, Prawns Masala, Surmai Curry served with Sol Kadhi, Bhakri and Steam Rice.

Enjoy these delicious dishes with the Koli Fisher Women who will be curating these dishes using old-age traditional masala with secret ingredients. Those of you who love the original and authentic taste of seafood can join in for Koli special dinner at The Resort Mumbai.

Koli fest


When: 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th March 2020

Time: 7:30 to 10:30 pm

GO the whole HOG

Check out these exciting food festivals happening around the world in the coming months

There is a growing trend of exploring a city of religion’s culture and history through its food. Visiting food festivals is an amazing way to enjoy the local cuisine, meet regional farmers and get to mingle with food lovers from across the world.

Following are a few-

Dubai Food Festival, Feb 26-Mar 14: The Emirates plays host to various food zones during the culinary celebration. You have the option to enjoy one of the many home-grown concepts at the beach canteen zone; opt for a curated experience such as a masterclass with a top chef; themed tours; tasting menu at a fixed price at one of the top restaurants or explore one of the hidden culinary hubs in the city. A must-try though are special coffee treats prepared for the fest, such as pistachio, saffron and charcoal latte.

Qatar Food Festival 2020
Qatar Food Festival 2020

Qatar International Food Festival, Mar 20-30: Cooking masterclass by top chefs from around the world, live demo by some of the top culinary stars and a venue dotted with stalls serving seafood, steaks, Asian delicacies to Italian specials, a children’s zone lined with stalls dishing out quick bites and special area dedicated to salads, soups, veg delights, desserts and artisanal coffee.

Wildfoods Festival, Hokitika, New Zealand, Mar 7 – Beetles, electric eels and snails adorn the trays at this fest. If you wish to play safe, there is a wild pork and venison too that you could pair with local beers and wines. There are ample entertainment options to keep you grooving through the day- a special fancy dress competition where the wilder you dress, the better your chances of winning.

Alresford Watercress Festival, Hampshire, England, May 17– Alresford is a small town in Hampshire that comes alive on the third Sunday of May every year. And the reason for celebration is the local watercress harvest! Thousands throng the area to enjoy multiple watercress inspired preparations, sample the best of local food and beverage options, take part in watercress eating competitions or enjoy music performances. If you love salads, this is the place to be as some of the top local chefs await you with their own rendition of watercress salad.

Noosa Eat & Drink, Queensland, Australia, May 14-17: From a humble beginning to becoming one of the most sought after food festivals in the southern hemisphere, Noosa Eat and Drink is every food lover’s delight. Beachfront brunches, food tours with celebrity chefs, curated dinners, farm food, brewery trails, spirits master class and heady beach parties- a visit here promises to be four memorable mouth-watering days.

More upcoming fests

  • Taste of Antwerp, Belgium, May 1-3
  • Food Zurich, Switzerland, May 7-17
  • Taste of Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 29-June 1
  • Salon Del Chocolate, Quito, Ecuador, June 5-7
  • Melbourne Food Festival, Mar 19-29

PS- Dates may vary. Kindly confirm dates before booking your tickets.

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Pancake Making Workshop for Shrove Tuesday

Join in the tradition of making flavoursome varieties of Pancakes like Red Velvet, Classic Velvet, Chocolate Velvet and Japanese Velvet Pancakes to mark the occasion of Shrove Tuesday, which is the traditional feast day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. Learn how to make the perfect thin, flat pancakes, made of batter and fried in a frying pan topped with Golden syrup or lemon juice and caster sugar.

Lent is 40 days traditional fasting period for Christian till Easter and on Shrove Tuesday, Christians went to confession and were “shriven” (absolved from their sins). A bell would be rung to call people to confession. This came to be called the “Pancake Bell” and is still rung today.

Shrove Tuesday, which falls on February 25th this year will be the last opportunity to use up eggs and fats before embarking on the Lenten fast and pancakes are the perfect way of using up these ingredients.


What: ‘Pancake Making Workshop’

When: Saturday, 22nd February

Time: 3 to 4 pm

Zen Reborn babies can make your kids eat better food!

There is a high chance you would have problems with your kids about their food attitude. This happens to all parents and can give you a headache when you finally need to show them the right way.

Food habits are so hard to be obtained, especially healthy ones. All children love to eat junk food and would show their disguise to all foods that are looking less attractive like vegetables and fruits.

However, a zen reborn baby could become the solution to all your existing problems. These dolls are giving your children a good example as they are the ones who are only fed with natural substances.

Zen reborn babies dolls
22” Silicone reborn dolls wholesale lifelike baby boys newborn fashion doll
Image courtesy-

These zen reborn babies are coming with a special DVD that shows their adventures. It is not difficult to upload it on your computer and start showing it to your kids. They are just going to love the way these smart babies interact with the environment.

Most of them will be ready to accept the superiority of healthy food patterns compared to junk food ones. However, you are responsible to lead the way since kids are taking their paradigm from their parents.

Have you ever thought about the great damage the wrong type of food is doing to your children? How do you think all this stressful situation could be reversed by your initiatives using the zen reborn babies? Do you know any better attitude that would instantly make your children more willing to alter to a natural way of feeding themselves?

All these are questions that parents have frequently been asking to the zen reborn website. This short review is giving you the right information about this type of nourishment that is going to be beneficial for your kids’ health whatsoever.

Food that your children should be able to consume daily

There is plenty of food that zen reborn babies recommend and should be included in the daily diet of your children. First, you need to know what is the current situation and make all changes gradually so that your kids will not be overwhelmed by the difference.

The most important part of the change included the veggies. These are food that has many nutritional vitamins and minerals that are so useful for the developing bodies of your kids. The zen reborn babies are constantly competing for carrots and cucumbers that can be your kids’ favourite food. However, you need to know that this type of food should be always given to your kids with the right decoration so that lunchtime would more look like fun rather than a necessity.

Additionally, there is another type of food that children should be able to eat. The eggs are among the best type of proteins that is out there and keeps on coming from the biological type of poultry developments. Scientists have proved that egg cholesterol is not affecting the blood cholesterol levels of your kids as long as the consumption does not exceed the 2 eggs per day.

Another great substance that all kids should be able to consume is fruits. These fruits are supposed to be fresh and not frozen. When consumed they will have all the nutrients and vitamins delivered to your kids’ organism and make them look and feel a lot better.

This is the lifestyle that zen reborn babies are promoting to the world. In western countries, this has been the trend for several years now. Kids are always asking for sweets and other harmful food. However, when they are viewing the paradigm of zen reborn babies, healthy food consumption becomes a natural way of living.

Zen reborn babies thrive in the world market

Zen reborn babies are the latest trend for the toy’s technology. They are made from recyclable materials that have a greater life expectancy. Their paints are also ecologically giving your children the time to think about the environment and the consequences of human activity on it.

22" Chubby-faced Realistic Reborn Baby Girl
22″ Chubby-faced Realistic Reborn Baby Girl

People have been opting for these dolls since they are customized and they resemble the actual babies. Their clothes and accessories are customized to the fullest extent and can be ordered separately from the initial dolls. That is why children are always like to be in charge of their toys, which are giving them the best quality time they could have.

These babies can offer you the satisfaction and approval you need by your kids. When offering them to your kids during the Christmas festivity season you will see the joy in their eyes. You may even spend some quality time with them on the producer’s website. Recently there has been launched an application that can be run through your smartphone. This is the way to order the most beautiful zen reborn babies that will stay with your kids for a long time.

Not to mention, that your kids are never going to feel lonely again. They zen reborn babies are great in providing psychological stability to your kids no matter what is the size of affection they are getting from their parents. Kids that are grown up without the company of siblings are usually more likely to find joy and happiness within the zen reborn babies that are quite awesome for their price.

These dolls are getting constantly evaluated since they are underpriced for their extreme quality. Soon enough you will discover that these dolls are giving you the chance to increase your wealth since they are the ones that are unique and can bid to any type of auctions.


When we are looking at changing our kids’ food patterns we still need help from experts. These experts are the manufacturers of zen reborn babies that are coming to our premises with a special DVD that shows their adventures.

Daily healthy food consumption is advertised heavily in their videos so that the concept can be easily passed to your kids. You will see that the social responsibility of the company is at its highest rates and can offer you unique satisfaction and protection.

Street /Best food in New Zealand

Street food New Zealand

First of all, NZ has top quality coffee – wherever you go! Also, NZ cuisine takes the best of Asian and European cuisine and turns it into something unique. Wineries often have a cafe at the cellar door. Check out the menu and you might find something totally unexpected and delicious.

Now to the classics. The most popular takeaway food is Fish&Chips. Any Kiwi knows NZ Fish&Chips are the best in the world! If you had enough of Fish&Chips – is that even possible? – there are sausage rolls, as well as a variety of savoury pies that are available at any cafe, corner store (called dairy), and petrol station. These foods are best enjoyed on a beach, of which NZ has plenty.

If you have a sweet tooth, there is a variety of flat cakes called slice available in any cafe. Carrot cake is another all-time favourite.

For a hearty meal in a pub, ask for the roast of the day. Whatever they made will be good, but lamb shanks are the best!

~Frank Mueller

Honeycomb ice cream with honeycomb toffee and hot toffee sauce.
Honeycomb ice cream with honeycomb toffee and hot toffee sauce.
Ben Sutherland

Hokey pokey ice cream: toffee mixed with vanilla. Awesome. Can be purchased at any local grocery store, best served in a cone.

Paua fritters with kumara chips. Paua is a type of shellfish, kumara is a type of potato found only in NZ. Can be purchased at most local fish and chip shops.

Hangi takeaway. Pork, beef, mutton, root potatoes and cabbage cooked in a traditional Maori earth oven. Flavour is sublime. 

~ Ronnie Hughan, AFF Instructor and Tandem Instructor/Examiner at US Parachute Association (1996-present)

Best New Zealand Food

Hangi and boil-up! And quite easy to make yourself or with the help of friends and family for the hangi pit or some land so you can make your own hangi pit. Or you can use a steamer. Ground hangi is the best though.

Hangi is meat and vegetables wrapped in tin foil and cooked in a hole in the ground using coal etc. Or you can steam everything I said above. But it doesn’t have the same taste as a ground hangi. But it’s ka-pai in my opinion!

Putting down a hāngi, New Zealand food
Preparation of a modern hāngi for tourists at Mitai, Rotorua

Boil up is also meat, preferably brisket or pork bones is a fave, and any green vegetable, whether it is watercress, puha, silverbeet, spinach and you boil it together in the biggest pot you can find. And then you add potatoes. Add some dough bois if you know how to make them.

~ Santana Charmaine lives in New Zealand

The Pavlova. It’s a delicious meringue-based dessert.

There is some controversy around the country of origin – the Australians also lay claim to the Pavlova as their own. However, according to Wikipedia, formal research now confirms the Pavlova as a Kiwi dish.

Pavlova dessert with topping of kiwifruit, strawberries and passionfruit.
Pavlova dessert with a topping of kiwifruit, strawberries and passionfruit.
Hazel Fowler

 ~ Abu Amin, no handlebars

I’ve just written about this so it’s fresh in the mind and my favourites (after some very serious researching) were…

  1. Bluff Oysters – They’re just so good… I prefer them raw with a bit of lemon but they’re not bad battered and fried too
  2. Green-lipped Mussels – I can eat these by the bucketful served. Great with a creamy sauce and lots of garlic
  3. Kumara fries – Kumara (a type of sweet potato) tastes best when served as fries (like most things) with a dollop of aioli on the side.
  4. Kiwi Burger – Beef, onion, cheese, lettuce, tomato, egg and beetroot… The best burger to be found… And I don’t even like beetroot!
  5. Mince and Cheese Pies – Kiwi pies are different to British pies which tend to be served in pans with pastry on the top only. Ours is fully covered (like their pasties but better) and come in a range of fillings with Mince and Cheese being the best!
  6. Pavlova – Been mentioned a few times already I think with good reason. Light, sweet and beautiful. Made even better with Kiwi, passionfruit, cherry or mandarin toppings.
  7. Roast Lamb – You can buy it in supermarkets around the world but its always best at home. Season with salt, garlic and rosemary and you’re away!
  8. Feijoa – Most people outside New Zealand haven’t even heard of feijoas before but they’re world-famous here and plentiful. Sweet and tangy, they’re quite addictive once you get started on them.
  9. Paua – The steak of the sea and type of abalone – Paua is delicious when cooked as a fritter and enjoyed by the sea!
  10. Whitebait Fritter – Equally good, if not better, are Whitebait Fritters. Kiwi Whitebait is again different to what you get overseas, which are bigger and more like sardines. Ours are the youthful smaller versions with a much more subtle taste of the sea. Yum!

Hungry writing about all this again so going to leave it at that but feel free to read my longer version of this with 9 additional New Zealand food delicacies.

~ Yohei Guy, SEO and Content Manager (2018-present)

So, what is your best New Zealand food?

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Best FOOD in Queenstown, NEW ZEALAND


Queenstown, New Zealand

Kiwi classics- a mince and cheese pie and a sausage roll, find a delicious sticky bun in Arrowtown and eat it in the Chinese Settlement plus head to Cardrona Hotel- one of New Zealand’s most iconic buildings.

What to eat and where to eat it:

1. Mince and cheese pie and sausage roll at Fergbaker, 40 Shotover St, Queenstown 9300. Open daily 6:30 am to 4:30 am

2. Sticky Bun from Provisions, 65 Buckingham St, Arrowtown 9302. Open daily 8:00am to 5:00pm.

3. A pint at the Cardrona Hotel, Cardrona Valley Rd, Cardrona 9381 4. Little Lamby and Fergburger from Fergburger, 42 Shotover St, Queenstown 9300. Open 8:00am to 5:00am. Also recommended for fine dining:

4. Amisfield Bistro and Cellar Door, 10 Arrowtown-Lake Hayes Rd, Frankton, Queenstown 9371. Open daily 12:00pm to 8:00pm. 5. Rata, Te Nuku, 43 Ballarat St, Queenstown 9348. Open daily 12:00pm to 8:00pm.


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What to eat in Auckland, New Zealand


AUCKLAND FOOD TOUR by LOCALS | What to eat in Auckland, New Zealand | New Zealand food tour

Auckland is a very multi-cultural city and the food scene is diverse and vibrant, traditional hāngi, Indian chaat, Szechaun noodles and a unique Samoan pie.

What to eat and where to eat it:

  • 1. Hāngi from The Māori Kitchen, Queens Wharf International Cruise Terminal, 89 Quay St, Auckland 1010, New Zealand. Open daily 7:00am to 4:00pm.
  • 2. Chaat from Mumbai Chaat, 1 Kitchener Rd, Sandringham, Auckland 1025, New Zealand. Open Monday 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Wednesday and Thursday 11:30 am to 9:00 pm, Friday to Sunday 11:30 am to 9:30 pm.
  • 3. Dan dan noodles and dumplings from Eden Noodles, 105 Dominion Rd, Mount Eden, Auckland 1024, New Zealand. Open 11:30am to 9:30pm.
  • 4. Palusami pie from Blue Rose, 414 Sandringham Rd, Sandringham, Auckland 1025, New Zealand. Open Monday 9:00am to 3:00pm, Tuesday to Friday 7:00am to 3:00pm, Saturday and Sunday 8:00am to 4:00pm


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