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6 Best Things to Do in Jacksonville, FL

Wells Fargo, Jacksonville

Jacksonville or Jax as the native call it, on the Atlantic Coast Florida, is the largest city by landmass in America. Its southern charm, friendly neighborhoods, and the local cuisines make this Florida city worth a visit. There’s plenty of things to do in Jacksonville, FL. The city is so rich in culture and heritage that it is dotted with numerous sights and experiences to enjoy. The city sits alongside St. John’s River, the Atlantic ocean, and spectacular beaches. Since there’s so much to explore, here we have rounded up a few experiences for you.

Best Time to Visit Jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville has a humid subtropical climate. Summers here are hot and humid and warm to mild and dry winters. It is best to book a flight to Jacksonville during winters, when the weather is ideal for sightseeing. However, spring and fall in Jax also see a huge number of tourists. If you are looking for a beach vacation in the city, summer should be avoided.

Best Things to Do in Jacksonville

Jax has a lot to offer for history buffs. Not only the museums but several historic buildings and plantations are known for their historical significance. Additionally, nature lovers can visit the nearby islands, beaches, and wildlife sanctuaries to reconnect with nature and art aficionados can spend their evening catching a performance at the Florida theater.

Here are a few places you should visit when you book a flight to Florida.

Kingsley Plantation

A trip to the plantation takes you back to the 19th century, where you will find a grand southern mansion from the pre-Civil War days. Kingsley Plantation is located in Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve on Fort George Island. It was named after its owner Zephaniah Kingsley, who moved to the island in the 1800s with his family. His wife Anna, whom he bought as a slave and freed and married her, purchased 60 enslaved people, whom they employed to produce cotton, citrus fruit, sugarcane and corn.

Today, the plantation houses and the nearby structures are preserved by the National Park Service. Here you can learn about how slaves were exploited during that period. Apart from the history, it also features a few trails, where you can go for long walks.

The Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary

Catty shack Ranch, FL

This wildlife sanctuary is a non-profit organization that educates people on the dangers of owning big cats as pets and the threat to the cats due to the environmental change. The sanctuary shelters home to endangered big cats and rescues them from dangers. It is home to lions, tigers, leopards, lynx, and pumas. The sanctuary offers visitors the opportunity to get a close look at these majestic creatures.

It also offers day and night guided tours of 40 minutes, within which, visitors can learn about the sanctuary’s permanent residents, their natural habitats, and anecdotes about interacting with the cats. Visiting the sanctuary with your kids is one of the fun things to do in Jacksonville, FL.

The Cummer Museums of Art & Gardens

Cummer Museum

This museum was a dream of a local philanthropist Ninah May Holden Cummer. She wanted to create a center of beauty and culture. Unfortunately, she didn’t live longer to see her dream project. Today, this museum houses more than 5,000 pieces of artworks, some of which dates back to more than 3,000 years ago. Apart from the huge exhibits on display, it also organizes seminars and lectures. The most recent artworks are from famous artists like Norman Rockwell, Winslow Homer, Thomas Moran, and Mildred Thompson.

As for the garden, it is spread across an area of 2.5 acres and features four different zones. The English and Italian Gardens are more than hundred years old. Take a stroll around the garden and find the fountains, reflecting pools, and canopy. Whenever you visit the garden, it always decks up with different flora.

Amelia Island

Amelia Island, FL

Once it was the most desired island in America. It was even captured, lost, and recaptured by Spanish, English, French, and Scottish rulers at various points of time. In fact, a total of eight flags were flown over the island- more flags than anywhere in the US. It was once home to pirates, gun runners, union soldiers, sailors, Confederates, and escaped prisoners. Sp expect to dig a lot of history here. In the 1930, the island was a popular vacation destination among the black residents of Jacksonville.

Today, this historic island, located 30 miles northeast of downtown draws locals, families and tourists, who come here on the weekend to visit the 13 miles of beaches, historic sights, and to enjoy its laid back vibe. Visiting Amelia Island Museum of History to learn about its pirate stories is one of the must things to do in Jacksonville, FL. Adventure enthusiasts can hike through the park, look for the alligators, and wild horses.

Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

This family-friendly tourist attraction in Jacksonville is home to a large number of wildlife creatures. The zoo is located at the edge of River Trout about seven miles from Downtown Jacksonville, and is spread over an area of 115 acres of land. Visiting the zoo is a great opportunity to get close with animals like giraffes, elephants, big cats, and great apes. A total of 2000 animals, and 1000 plants are living in the zoo and the garden. Visitors to the zoo are impressed by the large number of these wide species of animals and plants.

It remains open throughout the week and hence you can plan a trip here any time of the week. It gets crowded on the weekends. There’s a play park and splash ground for the kids. Visit the Stingray Bay, where you can pat a few friendly inhabitants. Visitors can hop on the Old-Time zoo train to get around the facility. Other highlights include a River Quest Scenic River cruise and a 4D theater.

Florida Theater

Whether you are an art aficionado or not, an evening spent in Florida Theater is never a dull moment. It was first established in 1927 as a cultural venue and to promote the local artists. Today , it hosts more than 200 cultural and entertainment programs annually. Interestingly several world-famous artists and performers have made their appearance here and played music from rock to Rachmaninoff. Did you know that Elvis Presley had his first solo show here?

The Florida Theater IC- Craig Oneal

IC – Craig ONeal

Talking about the architecture, it was built in the Mediterranean Revival style with terrazzo and tile floors, decorative columns, terracotta exterior, chandeliers, and amber glass light fixtures. A trip to the theater to catch a live performance is a must thing to do in Jacksonville.

Bottom Line

Jax or Jacksonville has a few beaches nearby too. Among them Atlantic beach, 16 miles east along route 10 is another must-visit attraction. Tourists find various accommodations, vacation rentals, laid-back eateries, golf courses, and miles long sandy shores. If you have enough time, ensure to visit the nearby islands as well.

10 Best Places of Interest in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with many unique leisure opportunities that entice you to come back repeatedly. It is one of Europe’s most fashionable cities, with a view of the Mediterranean Sea and a reputation for Gaud and other Art Nouveau structures. In the fields of culture, fashion, and gastronomy, it serves as a center for emerging trends. It honors and values regional traditions while fusing the inventiveness of its artists and designers. In Barcelona, the ancient town’s charm and slower tempo coexist with the avant-garde aura of more modern neighborhoods. The culinary possibilities are similarly diverse, with places serving haute cuisine from throughout the world. The traditional Catalan meals, food markets, and eateries will transport you to different countries through their flavors. To experience them all one after another, we have mentioned the top 10 places of interest in Barcelona to check out.

Best Season to Visit Barcelona:

Let’s first see which season is the best one to choose to conduct a trip to Barcelona. March, April, and May are the three months that makeup Barcelona’s springtime. The greatest time to visit this city is in the spring when the cold winds are blowing and there are scattered showers. Spend your day here exploring famous sites, sipping fine cerveza, and indulging in mouthwatering cuisine. Next, Barcelona’s summer (July and August) is warm and dry. Due to holidays in Europe and travelers taking cruise ships to Barcelona, it is the busiest time of year. Additionally, you may also plan to visit this tempting place in the Winter Season. Barcelona experiences a cool sea breeze during the winter, coupled with merry Christmas celebrations! Be surrounded by Christmas markets, lights, decorations, and mouthwatering, traditional food.

Top 10 places to check out:

  1. Park Guell

Park Guell- Andrew Larson

Why not start your trip to Barcelona by visiting a fantastic location? Park Guell would be the perfect place for you to take your family if you’re seeking some places to visit in Barcelona. The lovely location currently rules 42 acres of land and offers guests practically every amenity that any other park provides. It features several winding trails where you can spend hours walking in addition to chic bursts of flora.

  1. Gothic Quarter
Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Ic. Pixabay

Barcelona’s old town, which extends from La Rambla to Via Laietana, is centered on the Gothic Quarter. The Gothic Square offers several quiet squares where you may eat, shop, unwind, and take in the scenery. Small businesses, flower shops, taverns, and eateries abound there. Since there are still some traces of its former life as a Roman village, the area is known as the Gothic Quarter. Be ready to shop what all the place has to offer.

  1. Aquarium Barcelona
Aquarium Barcelona, IC. Pixabay

L’Aquarium in Barcelona IC- Martin Pilát

Barcelona’s Aquarium is the biggest and most significant marine science museum in Europe. This aquarium provides an astonishing show of animals and their environments. It is home to more than 11,000 marine animals from 450 distinct species, and more than 35 different water basins represent maritime settings. The Aquarium’s main attraction is an 80-meter-long transparent glass tunnel. You and your partner can view all of these tiny creatures together.

  1. Boqueria Market

La Boqueria (Food Market) Barcelona IC- Emyr Jones
A spice & dried fruit stall in La Boqueria Market just off La Rambla in Barcelona.

Barcelona’s Boqueria Market is a well-known center for shopping. The best time to see the site, which is in the heart of the city, is in the early morning to escape the crowds. Fresh fruits, vegetables, candies, juice, and other items are available at this 2500-square-meter market. Many people, including tourists, locals, and onlookers, make a point of visiting the Mercat de la Boqueria at least once. If you adore shopping you must visit this market without fail.

  1. Palace of Catalan Music
Palace of Catalan Music, IC- Pixabay

On-street 4-6 Palau de la Musica in Barcelona is a concert hall known as the Palace of Catalan Music, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The music hall’s well-designed concert space enables guests to hear even the slightest sound played in the space. Inside the structure, you can see a variety of things that stand for music and culture. The windows are embellished with unique artistic motifs that depict diverse hue tones.

  1. Girona
Girona, Barcelona IC- Pixabay

Girona is a tiny town in central Catalonia that is halfway between Barcelona and the Costa Brava. Girona is a day excursion from Barcelona and a diversion from the seaside. You can travel to this city at any time of the year and enjoy its rich culture and exciting nightlife. This is a fantastic destination for curious travelers, with its quaint medieval lanes and museums. You should make this a must-visit location for your next trip to Barcelona.

  1. Magic Fountain of Montjuic
Magic Fountain on Montjuic hill, Barcelona, IC - Pixabay

The largest decorative fountain in Barcelona is the Magic Fountain on Montjuic Hill. For those who enjoy lights and music, the fountain, which consists of a central component and three other waterfalls, is a must-visit. It offers a stunning exhibition of water acrobatics accompanied by lovely music and lights. And it can produce over 50 different tints and colors. A trip to this lovely magical Mountain with the family will be a memorable experience.

  1. Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Temple of Sacred Heart, Barcelona
IC- Pixabay

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Temple is a magnificent work of architecture. Due to its position on Mount Tibidabo’s highest peak, it is also known as the Temple of Tibidabo. Its observation deck gives the greatest views of Barcelona. These fantastic views are visible from every part of the city. Although the Temple is accessible for most of the year, summer and spring are the ideal times to go.

  1.  Port Vell
Port Vell, Barcelona IC -Pixabay

One of Barcelona’s four ports is Port Vell. It has a mall, a cinema theater, and a well-liked entertainment complex together with several restaurants. It serves as a port of call for the majority of yachts and cruise ships. In the summer, a lot of tourists come to this region. Whereas, in the wintertime, indoor attractions can be fun, such as the Arena Mall or Maremagnum’s shopping district.

  1. Bogatell Beach
Bogatell beach, Barcelona, IC- Pixabay

Bogatell is the final option on our list of things to do in Barcelona. The Poblenou neighborhood is directly across from Bogatell Beach. The beach measures around 702 meters in length and is popular for its coastal restaurants and laid-back, family-friendly ambiance. Bogatell Beach has a variety of sports facilities and year-round entertainment. Adapted showers, a kids’ play area, excellent restaurants with tempting foods, and lifeguard assistance are among the amenities offered here.

Bottom Lines:

These are the top 10 interesting places to explore while you are in Barcelona. While you are on a trip, you may check out other places too but keep these always in priority. Lastly, travel there, click dozens of pictures, and bring wonderful memories along.

Visit Atlantis Aqua venture Water Park on your Dubai trip

Dubai is one of the biggest multi-ethnic cities in the world. Dubai is the place one can think about shopping, adventure, fun and unlimited enjoyment, and interesting things once hear the name. Best Dubai tour packages are available for foreigners from different countries Dubai’s luxury and glitzy, innovation in architecture and development attracts people to visit their place. It now becomes the home country for more than 200 different nationalities as well as Dubai has not failed to offer an unforgettable experience for its visitors. Dubai’s charm and richness attract visitors to explore the different places in the city. Whether the architecture or entertainment focus simply makes the people cherish the city and creates memories for the travelers. People from different nations visit Dubai either for their work or to explore interesting spots for entertainment or educational purpose, never forget lifetime.

Best Dubai Tour packages

Once a small fishing village to one of the biggest emirates that make up the UAE is not the easiest thing. It took years and years of hard work and faith in the city by the local nationalities. Now it gives hope to the people that Dubai is the place where anything is possible. Let us take note of some of the prevalent tourist spots.

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo
  • The Dubai fountain
  • Dubai Miracle Garden
  • The Dubai Mall
  • Ski Dubai
  • Dubai Frame
  • Mall of the Emirates
  • Atlantis Aqua venture Water Park
  • Jumeirah Mosque
  • IMG world of Adventure
  • AL Fahidi Historical
  • Dubai Dolphinarium
  • Dubai Desert Safari

Yet many more places are famous for the city’s heritage and vibrant scenic arts the visitors. In this article, we have a thorough view of the Atlantis Aqua venture water park, which is a complete feast for the kids and adults who are about the enjoy their vacation with a cool-off. Without the age restriction its open to all.

Visit Atlantis Aqua venture Water Park

Dubai Palm Jumeirah IC: jbdodane

Taken on 15 June 2015 in United Arab Emirates near Dubai (The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates) (20150615-DSC_9966)

Palm Jumeirah Island is the place that beat the heat with the fun-filled cum thrilled Atlantis Aqua Venture Water Park. Visitors can enjoy a marshaling set of thrilling rides and amusing the largest underwater aquarium kingdom built on 42 acres of land in the Middle East. Anaconda is the world’s largest wild water slide dropping oneself into the largest fiberglass tube in the globe. Apart from their signature anaconda slide is their exclusive interconnecting river journey.

AquaVenture – Leap of Faith water slide – Atlantis Resort IC: Inside the Magic

Atlantis Aqua venture water park is one of the best Dubai tour packages and it is worth the money.  Coming to the Tower of Poseidon where you can find the flouting experience with the sharks and rays-filled tanks. Apart from the thrilling water sports then coming to the true largest underwater Aquarium where one can find more than 6500 marine animals and including fish. Ambassador lagoon is the spot in the AQ which has an 11 million liter aquarium comprised of sharks, rays, and other colorful fishes.

To take a break from the various slides, can relax in the private which is just 1 km away from the aqua venture waterpark. Private beaches allow visitors to chill and have their food.

The best Dubai tour package in the Atlantis Aqua venture Water Park allows the little explorer to learn about marine animals. The Youth Programme  -marine explorers is family-friendly. Their specialist team guides through the shallow waters of the shark lagoon to have a close view of the starfishes, sea cucumbers, and other real species. Kids are allowed to feed the baby rays and learn how to take care of them.

Do’s and don’ts

Of course being the world’s largest aqua venture water park with a lot of thriller water sports and slides, rides, and splasher. They are following certain things to maintain their standard and serve their visitor without disappointment still one of the best Dubai tour packages.

Things to be followed

  • Once getting the passes to access the Atlantis Aqua venture Water Park following rules has to be abided by.
  • Life jackets are a must for all ages whether they are experienced or inexperienced. Diving is not permitted anywhere in the resort for the safety of oneself and also for others.
  • Locker facility avails at the extra cost
  • Any tickets bought are nonrefundable
  • Guests are responsible for their stuffs.
  • It is recommended to enter all pools feet first for the visitor’s safety.
  • Children are advised to be kept within arms reach of their responsible adult whenever exposed to water.
  • Without their notice and permission capturing any third-person or woman photos is strictly not allowed.
  • Specs and jewelry are to be removed before any kind of thriller ride, the team aqua venture is not responsible for any kind of accidents or injuries.
  • Swim attire policy should be noted, any kind of see-through wear or bikinis or abayas are not allowed. Guests are warned that inappropriate swim attire persons are unable to ride the slides without a refund. hence the best Dubai tour package
  • Expected mothers, persons who are weak with neck, back, joint or heart problems, overweight persons are not permitted, as well as guests with contagious diseases are not allowed inside the water bodies.
  • Swim nappies or diapers should be worn inside the pools or attractions.
  • Any kind of electronic gadgets is not permitted inside for safety purposes. And the team aqua venture has all the rights to inspect the bags for any such items


Atlantis Aqua venture water park surely makes their visitors take a bag full of fun and entertainment for their lifetime to cherish. Must visit an amusement water park in the Best Dubai Tour Package. Passes for the full day and nearby activities for all ages. It is the better way to spend a hot day with kids and family in the desert and worth the single penny spent over the aqua venture water park.

An Epic Malaysian Adventure

It was about four and a half years ago when I visited Kuala Lumpur and a few other parts of Malaysia. I was 22 at the time. Life was very different. I had just completed my graduation in Saudi Arabia. But since the institute was affiliated with Binary University, Malaysia I would get my degree from there. We had the option of attending the graduation ceremony in Malaysia or staying in the Kingdom and getting our degrees sent to us. 

It had been a long time since we had a family vacation abroad so we decided to attend the graduation ceremony in Puchong, Malaysia. The plan was to attend my graduation ceremony then spend a week or two more there to explore the country. We wouldn’t have enough time to visit multiple locations so we decided we would explore the capital Kuala Lumpur alone after the graduation ceremony.

From my graduation ceremony in Malaysia in 2018.

Weather in Malaysia

Its climate is said to be equatorial due to its location in close proximity to the equator. The weather is generally hot and humid throughout the year. The best time to visit the country is considered between December to April. However, since I couldn’t reschedule my graduation we booked our flight to Malaysia in August.

The Airport

We got down at Kuala Lumpur International Airport which was absolutely beautiful. A great piece of modern architecture, well built with all the millennial amenities. It even had see-through glass on its roof and upper parts of certain side walls through which you could see the sky and greenery outside which looked absolutely majestic. We then headed to our hotel. There was barely any energy left to do much that day so we decided to pack it in and call it a day.

The Graduation Day

A few days later was my graduation. Me and my buddy along with our families attended the occasion. It was an incredible feeling when your name gets called up and you walk on stage in the robe with the special hot on and receive the degree. We both were also part of the group photo as well. Afterwards, there was a dinner for the students that graduated and their families. We were treated to some incredible local cuisines and dishes. Apparently, seafood was in popular demand for the occasion. The food was great and so was the day. 

The Rest of Our Trip

After the incredible graduation ceremony we had a week left to explore the capital. We visited numerous places there. The Petronas Twin Towers, Menara KL, the famous caves in Selangor, various malls, aquariums, etc.  We even bought some memorabilia and some Malaysia themed clothing too. 

Malaysian Culture

There were numerous parallels I could draw from the U.A.E., particularly Dubai. The architectural obsession with tall buildings and modern infrastructure, the presence of an Islamic culture owing to a muslim majority(however, freedom of religion is granted by their constitution) , presence of a large subcontinental populace, etc. The country possesses a very diverse culture and demographic.

Planning Our Trips


We’d plan where to go the night before or sometimes early in the mornings, be out the whole day and retire back to our hotel room at night. We’d have dinner packed from a restaurant near the hotel and eat it in our room. As for during the day we’d go out at whatever restaurant or mall Kuala Lumpur had that we could find. Also, owing to the great number of subcontinental people living in the nation it was easy to find Indian food. 


They even have an app service called ‘Grab’ for taxis which is basically a local equivalent of Uber. It is great for tourists as it has algorithms for price. Hence, lesser chances of being fooled with regards to taxi fares. It’s especially beneficial for families travelling together like it was for us.

Public Transport such as buses are a great option for individual travels as they cost less than cabs. They also normally have popular locations on their routes.


Petronas Twin Towers

Coming to sight seeing, we visited the Petronas Twin Towers, which are also the world’s largest twin towers as well. It was near our hotel as well (In fact, we even had a view of the towers from our hotel room.)  They were a marvellous spectacle to behold. It was a very popular attraction and many tourists were there with us. The observation deck is there on the 86th floor as well as the SkyBridge on the 41st floor to cross towers and admire the beauty of the city from an elevated viewpoint.

A side view of the Petronas Twin Towers from an elevated position.

Menara Kuala Lumpur

The Menara Kuala Lumpur also known as the Kuala Lumpur Tower was another attraction we visited. The tower was beautiful and we even visited the observation deck at the top. There was a long queue but we didn’t mind as that meant plenty of time to take lots of photos on the inside. We finally got on the deck. It was exhilarating as well as a bit scary. It was transparent so you could see all the way down. We took photos of the city from there as well as photos of ourselves on the deck.

A photo from on top of the Kuala Lumpur Tower. 

Batu Caves 

We also visited the Batu Caves. Outside it was a giant statue of Lord Murugan, right next to the thousands of staircases needing to be climbed to visit the caves(Okay they were only 272 as per the official numbers but still). There were Hindu temples in the region as well. The famous caves are made of limestone and are known for their beauty. Also there was a lot of greenery on the mountains and if I remember correctly a few monkeys too!

Other places we visited

We also visited a large Aquarium, the name of which I cannot recall at present. But it had a wide range of marine life from small, tiny fishes to big ones too. The aquarium fish were a treat to see. It was quite a long walk. We even visited numerous malls and shopping centres( though we didn’t really buy much we were mostly there to explore.) We were almost on a search to determine the best shopping mall Kuala Lumpur had to offer.

A photo of me at an aquarium in Kuala Lumpur( and an angry crab in the background) 

Another one from our visit to the aquarium.

Final Thoughts

It was an amazing adventure, one which I never wanted to end but, alas, it did eventually. It concluded as any other trip to a foreign country, with a visit to the airport and a flight. It was a great holiday and I learned a lot not just about Malaysia or Kuala Lumpur but travelling in general. We may have left Malaysia but its memories definitely haven’t left us.

Author bio– I am Srishti Kapoor from the “Lowest Flight Fares”- A US-based online travel firm dealing with thousands of airlines to offer the best travel experience to our esteemed customers.

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