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6 Guidelines for Contributing an Article


Guidelines for Contributing an Article

The relevance of an article – Your article must be written with a particular niche and subject in mind. Also, you must keep in mind that the subject you choose should fit into one or more categories present in ‘Best Places of Interest’.

Accompanied by media – Although it may not be necessary, a post, accompanied by images and videos are more helpful to the readers. You may add a self-made video via YouTube, and images either by directly emailing us or by uploading them to various image-sharing websites like,, and Remember to check the media copyrights before sending it to us, and inform us of the same.

Credits/acknowledgments– If you’ve referred information from another website or author, do not forget to put in a credit note. However, sometimes you may not use certain content to reproduce in your article even after putting a credit note, kindly do not use such content. Do not simply put links to other blog posts as references whose credibility cannot be established. Research publications, posts by established experts in the niche, or expert websites related to the topic are good referral sources.

External links You are allowed a single external link to your personal links in each article. However, if your article needs more than a single external link (relevant to the topic) it would be counted as a sponsored post and the fee would apply. Remember that too many external links are not only going to dissuade the reader from reading ahead but also the article would be ranked lower by the Search Engines.

Keywords It’s a good practice to entrench the article with keywords, but after recent changes in Google’s guidelines about the keywords used, you may want to use them only as necessary. Use the keywords smartly; no overuse, no under-use.

Original content/No Plagiarism- The entire content should be original. You may not copy from other sources. Also, you may not submit a post that you’ve used on another blog/website, even if you own it.

The minimum requirement for approval

Even though we love sharing more and more content on our website, if your article doesn’t meet the minimal requirements we may not publish it as it is. We’ll recommend changes if we think that the article has a potential and you may resubmit it after the changes. However, the decision of the admins would be final.

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