SMW Mumbai- Day 4- Travel Workshop

Social Media Week (SMW) was held in Mumbai from November 16 to 20, 2015. I was invited by Blogadda to attend Day 4 sessions of #SMWMumbai. It was at IMDI. Social Media Week (SMW)  was one of the hyper-social week-long festivals in the country. This event  focuses on digital, social & innovation. The overarching theme for this SMW Mumbai 2015 is – ‘Upwardly Mobile: The Rise of Connected Class’. SMW was happening in three cities  simultaneously – Mumbai, Chicago & Santiago.

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SMW Mumbai was hosted by R SQUARE Consulting a marketing firm focusing on building Communities through Brand Properties and executing Marketing Communication strategies for Clients through Events & Activations, Digital Marketing & Technology and Creative Services. For more visit

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The first session for the day was ‘Come, Plan, Go’ –travel workshop. Ansoo Gupta started off by saying that “Travel is our best teacher. It opens up your mind. The world is an oyster.”

She focussed on how you can travel the world on a limited budget (budget travel). There are many kinds of travellers one who are on a shoe-string budget and the other who travels the world in a private jet. She also differentiated between a traveller and a tourist. A tourist is one who travels a planned itinerary whereas a traveller does not have a set itinerary but makes one of his own through locals and exploring new places.

Travel workshop in progress with Ansoo Gupta
Travel workshop in progress with Ansoo Gupta

Another aspect that was spoken about was group travel vs solo travel. Solo travel makes a difference. It allows you to slow down and connect with the environment. The magic happens when you leave your comfort zone.

Planning your trip. See the tips below:

Where to go?
Where to go?

Bucket list







  • Once you fill up the visa form on your own. Then you will be able to handle Visa process on your own. It is said that if you need to learn, do it 3 times so that you become a master in it.

Air travel (Resources)- The following are few mobile apps that shall help you in planning your trip

  • Skyscanner
  • Kayak/Ixigo
  • Expedia
  • Cleartrip
  • Seat Guru
  • Flyertalk


Resources on stay
Resources on stay


  • Hostelworld
  • Airbnb
  • Couchsurfing
  • Onenightstay
  • Hospitality world
  • Globalfreeloaders
  • Wwwoof- Worldwide opportunities for organic farms
  • How I got ‘free stays’ and friends for life



Few other tips

-Get a railway pass eg. Eurail

– Standard Indian License works everywhere. You do not need an international license.

-Use GPS

-Don’t use SLR. Take a mobile phone as it is light to carry and improved camera features are available.

-Turn off mobile data on the smart phone as it is expensive abroad.

-Lots of places have Free WiFi access, so make use of it.



-Youth hostels of India

-International Student Card



-Thorntree (Ask specific questions in relation to your travel here)



  • Rail passes
  • RTW tickets
  • Bus tickets
  • Local SIM cards
  • Currency –ATM
  • Biggest saving- Avoid buying souvenirs


Safety emergencies: Here are a few emergencies while travelling abroad that you should prepare yourself for:

-Lost passport

-Lost money

-Street food


-Women travelling alone


To conclude, here are quick tips while planning  your next trip

-Money available

-Time available

-Estimate your departure





Life is all about balancing and so is travel.

Thank you Blogadda for this amazing workshop.


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