3 Tarragon Recipes to Try Out

Continuing from my earlier post ‘Herb it up with Tarragon, the following are 3 recipes with tarragon that you could try.

#Recipes with #Tarragon

 Baby Potatoes Salad With Mustard Tarragon Dressing

Baby potatoes salad with mustard-tarragon recipes
Image credit- www.recipeshubs.com
Tarragon recipes with baby potatoes

2.  Chicken and Cheese Walnut Salad

TARRAGON WALNUT CHICKEN SALAD- Tarragon recipes- Image credit- recipedoodle.wordpress.com
Tarragon recipes ingredients of Chicken and cheese
Method of Chicken and cheese -tarragon recipes

3.  Paupiettes de Poulet

paupiettes de poulet-tarragon recipes

Paupiettes de Poulet- Ingredients- Tarragon recipes

Paupiettes de Poulet- Method- Tarragon recipes
hope you enjoy your meal- Tarragon recipes- Image credit-quickmeme.com


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