Best Places to eat in Switzerland

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Best Rated Places to Eat in Zürich

Switzerland- best places to eat

1) Haus Hiltl: If you have taste for fine-dining that falls within your budget, head to Hiltl. Its mix of European, Swiss and Mediterranean cuisine will drive you crazy. It’s an absolute treat for vegans and vegetarians who will find a larger variety of options than offered anywhere else.

2) Z. Alten Lowen: This quaint diner is a fine relief from all the crowded restaurants and cafes. Set in an almost natural and cozy ambiance, its creamy, drool-worthy pasta deserves to be washed down by its exquisite wine collection. Perfect place to grab some dinner with friends.

3) Restaurant Swiss Chuchi: How can the world-famous Fondue not feature in a Switzerland Itinerary? The fondue here is vouched for by the locals along with its other local Swiss delicacies. The setting is a mix of modern and rustic and caters to a large number of visitors. Prior reservation is advised.

Best Rated Places to Eat in Geneva

Best Places to eat- Geneva Switzerland
Places to visit Geneva

1) Bistrot du Boeuf Rouge: French Bistros are quite the place to be in Geneva. Set in a rustic setting with French décor and an almost divine menu, the Bistrot will win you over with its tarts and puddings. A local favorite, it can’t be missed.

2) La Buvette des Bains: Near Lake Geneva, it’s a buzzing café that is a perfect place to hangout and enjoy a sunny day in the winterland. It has a number of seating options, with an open terrace for the summer and a wooden cabin for the winter. The menu is just as delectable.

3) Le Reservoir: When you are exhausted of all the shopping at the Plainpalais Flea Market, head here for some fine wine and fine dine. A Mediterranean cuisine with local twist, La Reservoir is as vibrant with its menu as it is with its décor.

Best Rated Places to Eat in Zermatt

Zermatt -Best places to eat in Switzerland

1) Café DuPont: One of the oldest restaurants in the town, it knows how to prepare the best traditional raclette, a local dish prepared with cheese, potatoes, onions and dried meats. It is easy on your pocket and makes for a great place to grab a quick bite.

2) Chez Vrony: The restaurant is quite large compared to the nearby café. It’s outdoor dining setting gives you a great view of the mountains and some rustic mix of bread and sausages to go with it.

3) Snowboat: A vibrant local hangout, it comes accompanied with a DJ and some local music playing in the backdrop of some delicious Japanese delights!

Best Rated Places to Eat in St. Moritz

St. Moritz -best places to eat in Switzerland
St. Moritz

1) Chesa Veglia: A plethora of cuisines served in a wooden, cozy setting overlooking the mountains. Its pizzas are a perfect way to end your day of mountain adventure.

2) Restaurant Waldhaus am See: A chic and contemporary restaurant, Waldhaus am see is also popular for its German cuisine too apart from its local Swiss delights. Its exceptional beverage list will warm you down amongst the snowy peaks outside your window.

3) Johri’s Talvo: Set in a 17th-century farmhouse, the Michelin-starred restaurant outdoes the expectations of most who arrive here. It’s fine, a gourmet collection of dishes will make any food lover’s heart skip a beat and its glamorous French setting makes it perfect for a romantic dinner.

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