Bohri Food Fest

Relish Home-Cooked Authentic Bohri Cuisine by Home Chef Umaima Abdulally at The Resort

The Resort to hold live-cooking sessions where visitors can enjoy authentic Bohri cuisines cooked by people from communities belonging to them

The Resort located in Madh-Marve Malad, will host a live-cooking counter with authentic Bohri food by Umaima Abdulally who has been in the food industry since the past 13 years. Abdulally, who is currently a homemaker and active blogger, loves dishing up and serving original Bohri food in all its goodness. The menu presented to visitors during the sessions will be an impressive buffet and will have a delectable spread of some signature Bohri dishes including the main course as well as desserts. Abdulally will also share recipes of the inimitable dishes with enthusiasts. 

The Resort’s unique venture gives a new dimension to the concept of home-chefs by providing space to cooking enthusiasts to display their skills and giving gourmets an opportunity to taste the cuisines of different communities cooked in their most authentic form by people actually belonging to them. The Resort will soon also be holding similar such sessions which will feature more distinctive cuisines from across the country.

Kalamro, Bohri food

So, if you want to taste the mouth-watering Bohri Dabba Goshts, Kheema Khichdi, the delicious ‘mithaas’ Kalamro, Malida, Gol Pani or the lip-smacking Kari Chawal and Kharak Halwa head to The Resort in Madh Marve and immerse yourself in the exquisiteness of Bohri food.

Kharak halwa, Bohri food
Kharak Halwa
What: Authentic Bohri Cuisine
Where: High-Tide Restaurant, The Resort Mumbai
When: 17th, 24th and 31st of August (Only on Saturdays)
Time: 7:30 PM – 11:30 PM
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