Relishing Bubble Teas and waffles

 I had heard so much about bubble tea so when my blogger friend Sweet Annu invited me for it, I couldn’t resist it.

Bubble tea at Dr. Bubbles
My blogger friend Sweet Annu at Dr Bubbles -Chai Specialist

Bubble tea is also known as pearl milk tea, boba milk tea, boba juice, or simply boba. Do you love bubble tea?

Bubble tea is a unique drink and it is gaining popularity.

So, what is bubble tea?

Bubble tea is the name given to the wide variety of refreshing flavored fruit teas and milk teas served ice-cold or piping hot with cherry natural tapioca balls that you suck up through a big fat straw! Yum- It’s like a quirky snack and drinks in one! The tapioca balls are sometimes referred to as ‘Pearls’ of ‘Boba’, which some people say over time has evolved into the word ‘Bubble’- Isn’t it interesting how language can do that?

However, the true origins of the name came from the small floating bubbles that are created by the vigorous shaking involved in making Bubble tea.

The origins of bubble tea are found in Taiwan where the tea was invented in the 1980s.  This phenomenon spread rapidly across Asian countries before sneaking through the back door of Chinatowns all over North America and Australia.

Bubble tea description
Bubble tea description

Since then the early days of its inception, this delicious art has become a science with the kind of strict rules of preparation only usually found in university biology departments or in the ways of the samurai!

Some of the bubble teas that we had were Nutella Bomb with coffee jelly, Honeydew melon bubble tea smoothie with blueberry popping pearls, and passion fruit with pink guava flavor bubble tea.

Personally, I cannot walk past a bubble tea shop without suddenly craving one of these sweet, ice–cold beverages dotted with chewy boba tapioca.

We also had a variety of waffles here.

Bubble teas and waffles at Dr Bubbles Chai specialist

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