11 Delicious treats on this Holi


Continuing…… Holi

The Holi Festival is incomplete without delicious food.

The following are 11 best delicious treats on Holi.

Bhang Lassi

delicious treats on Holi

Bhang Lassi is usually prepared on some special occasions such as Holi, Mahashivaratri. For recipe, follow this link 


delicious treats on Holi

Kachori is a popular snack. Here is the recipe 


Delicious treat this holi

Gujia is a popular sweet dish of north India. Follow this link for recipe


delicious treats on Holi

Kalakand is a very popular Indian sweet. For recipe, follow this link


Delicious treat this holi

Bhatura is a puffed fried bread very popular in India. Follow this link for the recipe.

Malai Kofta

Delicious treat this holi
Malai Kofta

Malai Kofta is a very delicious and popular recipe. Here is the recipe.

Khoya Burfi

Delicious treat this holi
khoya burfi

Khoya Burfi is a very popular Indian recipe. For this recipe, follow this link

Puran Poli

Delicious treat this holi
puran poli

Puran Poli is known as Holige in Karnataka and Bobbatlu in Andhra Pradesh. Recipe


Cham-Cham is a very delicious sweet made of cheese.

Dahi Bada

Dahi Bada is a traditional deep-fried snack.

Thandai– It is sweet, creamy milk drink flavored with nuts and mixed with spices such as cardamom, fennel, rose petals, and poppy seeds.

On Holi, the refreshment is traditionally served with the addition of bhaang (a derivative of marijuana).

Follow this link for the recipe.

So, try out these 11 delicious recipes at home and enjoy Holi.

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