Indian Luxury Train: Enthralling Tours of the Deccan Odyssey

The Indian Railways or the Luxury Trains in India are known for the luxurious and exotic travel journeys across India. There are various Luxury Trains in India that travel on various circuits and various tourist destinations. Several families and friends plan holiday vacationing in various holiday spots as well as various tourist spots. One of these luxury trains is the magnificent and enchanting Deccan Odyssey Train. The Deccan Odyssey travel tour starts at the busy commercial capital city of India known as Mumbai. Mumbai is located in the state of Maharashtra.

Mumbai is a place where most of the leading film industry of the country known as Bollywood exists there. There are various stars actors and actresses who have taken root in this beautiful place called Mumbai. The city was earlier known as Bombay and was later changed to the city of Mumbai. One of the most famous location and tourist spot, there is the Juhu Beach with water splashing out of the Arabian Sea. Often the busy road travelers can feel a drop or two when they go by that way. The locals in the area go for an evening outing to enjoy the roaring waters.

Deccan Odyssey Luxury train

If you thought this is enough to take you to another realm, then read on. From there the Deccan Odyssey travels over the entire State of Maharashtra. This beautiful luxury travel train is a five-star hotel on wheels. It travels from there on the Konkan route or to the average person on the Goa route. This is also known to be one of the best luxury train rides or one of the best luxury train journeys. Those who do take a ride on the Deccan Odyssey would remember the pleasure trip for the rest of their lives. Tourists get to see the heritage sites of Maharashtra and take a breathtaking view of the lovely beachside in Goa.

Goa is a tiny little state that is located alongside the large state of Maharashtra. The people there share a fisherman culture. There are lots of fishermen and fisherwomen who leave out early in the morning. They can be spotted wearing traditional attire with their large baskets to carry back the catch. The Palolem Beach in Goa is also known as the ‘Paradise Beach.’ People and tourists wearing colorful attire can be spotted alongside the beach enjoying them. Here you will find the largest ‘variety’ of people from various locations. They are not just from the country but tourists around the world make it a point to visit the Beach waters in Goa. There are endless enjoyment sites and recreational activities there.

Deccan Odyssey

The luxurious 21 Deccan Odyssey train coaches are equipped with the internet connectivity. They also have the computers to connect to the internet. The coaches also feature the sauna bath, business center, restaurants, dining & bar. This great luxury train is a collaboration of the Maharashtra MTDC and the Indian Railways. At the time of booking confirmation, you need to pay 20% of the ticket value. You can pay the rest of the 80% at a later time, presumably 45 days prior to the luxury train departure. The payments can be made in INR or USD. There are international and Indian national bookings. The Deccan Odyssey Tour packages consist of 7 Nights / 8 Days Tour.

The Deccan Odyssey is also known as the country’s ‘Blue Train’ and offers a ride of a lifetime to its travelers. The best Deccan Odyssey destinations include states like Rajasthan and Gujarat in addition to other tours. There are half a dozen Deccan Odyssey Train Journey Packages covering exotic and historic locations that pique your interest into India. For each package, there is a separate price per cabin per journey. Plan your journey accordingly to experience this super-duper trip with your loved ones or family. Taste the lip smacking and tantalizing cuisine from across the corners in the country on this tour.

Deccan Odyssey


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