Five tourist attractions in Dubai

Despite being located in the great deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai has purposely constructed a wide range of comfortable lodging options along with magnificent entertainment and leisure spots across the city to amuse everyone living and visiting this city. From shopping malls, theme parks, multiplex cinemas, museums, and indoor and outdoor resorts to several outdoor adventure activities, there are plenty of exciting things, holidaymakers can utilize to have fun while staying in the city. The glitzy city remains vibrant and inviting, whether it’s summer or winter.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Besides all these exciting activities, tax-free shopping, fine dining outlets, a plethora of architectural wonders, dhow cruise dinners, hot air balloon rides, deep-sea fishing, camel riding, and desert safari are a few world-famous activities. You might be flying for an office trip this month for the very first time in your life and afraid to miss the opportunity to explore the must-visit places may be due to a shortage of time or lack of knowledge. Then don’t worry, the world of the web is the best resource to find information about a wonderful city like Dubai.

Here I am sharing the top five Dubai attractions for tourists, no one should ignore to enjoy during their visit.

Wild Wadi Water Park, is an outdoor water park located exactly in front of the spectacular Burj Al Arab. It has 30 exciting rides and several amusing activities for the whole family. The park is themed around the Juha a well-known tale character of Arabian folklore. Besides this, it also has a high-wave flood river and a long lazy river, gift shops, restaurants, and snack stands to serve visitors. This can be the best venue to visit for families, especially in the summer season.

Dubai tourist attractions
Dubai Atlantis Aquarium Carcharhinus Blacktip shark

Dolphin Bay at Atlantis gives you a chance to encounter the most joyful sea animal dolphins. The crystal clear waist-high shallow waters give an intimate experience to play, swim, touch, and hug dolphins. They are so friendly with humans. From playing balls to watching their favorite play skills, it’s hard to stay away from them, once you enter the Bay.

Dubai Mall since its opening in 2009, has no longer remained the world’s largest shopping destination, but it is also world-famous for its endless fun and entertainment activities like the underwater zoo, SEGA Republic, ice rink, KidZania, and reel cinemas. The project is a part of the multibillion-dollar project of Downtown. With millions of visitors every year, it has the privilege to be called the most visited place on the planet.

Atlantis of Palm Jumeirah
Atlantis of Palm Jumeirah by Edgar El

Palm Jumeirah a palm-shaped manmade island is not only a landmark in the city but also listed as the 8th world wonder. Developers purposefully constructed hotels, resorts and retail outlets to entertain and accommodate visitors. Even boating and helicopter tours to Palm Jumeirah are a few fun-to-do activities. The astonishing archipelago truly offers a luxury retreat for visitors with its family-friendly restaurants and lodging options.

Dubai tourist attractions

The iconic Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building that has truly redefined the possibilities of design and engineering. The use of cutting-edge technology and cultural inspiration has made it a global icon. Located at the center of the new downtown neighborhood, this masterpiece has become a must-visit destination for travelers and holidaymakers. The Sky Lounge at the top of Burj Khalifa offers uninterrupted 360 views of city skyscrapers, deserts, and oceans.

Irrespective of the reason for visiting Dubai, manage some time to visit any of these places in Dubai and make unforgettable memories.

Dubai tourist attractions
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