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Check out these exciting food festivals happening around the world in the coming months

There is a growing trend of exploring a city of religion’s culture and history through its food. Visiting food festivals is an amazing way to enjoy the local cuisine, meet regional farmers, and get to mingle with food lovers from across the world.

Following are a few-

Dubai Food Festival 2020
Dubai Food Festival 2020

Dubai Food Festival, Feb 26-Mar 14: The Emirates plays host to various food zones during the culinary celebration. You have the option to enjoy one of the many home-grown concepts at the beach canteen zone; opt for a curated experience such as a masterclass with a top chef; themed tours; tasting menu at a fixed price at one of the top restaurants or explore one of the hidden culinary hubs in the city. A must-try though are special coffee treats prepared for the fest, such as pistachio, saffron, and charcoal latte.

Qatar Food Festival 2020
Qatar Food Festival 2020

Qatar International Food Festival, Mar 20-30: Cooking masterclass by top chefs from around the world, live demo by some of the top culinary stars, and a venue dotted with stalls serving seafood, steaks, Asian delicacies Italian specials, a children’s zone lined with stalls dishing out quick bites and a special area dedicated to salads, soups, veg delights, desserts, and artisanal coffee.

IC: Hokitika Wild Food Festival

Wildfoods Festival, Hokitika, New Zealand, Mar 7 – Beetles, electric eels, and snails adorn the trays at this fest. If you wish to play safe, there is wild pork and venison too that you could pair with local beers and wines. There are ample entertainment options to keep you grooving through the day- a special fancy dress competition where the wilder you dress, the better your chances of winning.

Alresford Watercress Festival
Alresford Watercress Festival

Alresford Watercress Festival, Hampshire, England, May 17– Alresford is a small town in Hampshire that comes alive on the third Sunday of May every year. And the reason for the celebration is the local watercress harvest! Thousands throng the area to enjoy multiple watercress-inspired preparations, sample the best of local food and beverage options, take part in watercress eating competitions, or enjoy music performances. If you love salads, this is the place to be as some of the top local chefs await you with their own rendition of watercress salad.

Noose Eat and Drink Festival

Noosa Eat & Drink, Queensland, Australia, May 14-17: From a humble beginning to becoming one of the most sought-after food festivals in the southern hemisphere, Noosa Eat and Drink is every food lover’s delight. Beachfront brunches, food tours with celebrity chefs, curated dinners, farm food, brewery trails, spirits master class, and heady beach parties- a visit here promises to be four memorable mouth-watering days.

More upcoming fests

  • Taste of Antwerp, Belgium, May 1-3
  • Food Zurich, Switzerland, May 7-17
  • Taste of Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 29-June 1
  • Salon Del Chocolate, Quito, Ecuador, June 5-7
  • Melbourne Food Festival, Mar 19-29

PS- Dates may vary. Kindly confirm the dates before booking your tickets.

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