World Music Day / International Music Day

If you are a music lover, then you might not want to miss this out…

June 21 has been designated as world music day, a day the world celebrates the magical gift of music. It’s origins lie in France when, in 1976, American musician Joel Cohen, proposed an all-night music celebration to mark the beginning of the summer solstice and since then, it has become a worldwide phenomenon having their own celebrations in their own way, regardless of the season.

Since its creation by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication in 1982, the “Fête de la Musique” became the largest international live music event in the world and now gathers 450 cities in more than 120 countries.

Celebrated every 21st of June, the World Music Day is a grand and popular affair, free and open to all musicians, whether amateur or professional. It brings ‘live’ music ‘alive’  in all its diversity and its myriad genres. It aims at bringing universal entertainment to the young and not so young, to penetrate every strata of society …

This year, Alliance Française de Bombay along with Natural Streets for Performing Arts (NSPA), Furtados School of Music and Blue Frog brings you three days of music. There are workshops, screenings, performances and concerts happening from 18th to 21st of June.

Keep calm and listen to music

| CONCERTS | Free entrance for all events before 8.30pm.

  • . Ram Trio, Anusha & Rachel | 18th, 7pm – 9pm @ Blue FROG

From New Age Sufi folk music to Jazz, this performance will bring ‘live’ music ‘alive’ !

More info 

  • . FSM Rock Band & Students | 19th, 7pm – 9pm @ Blue FROG – POSTPONED

The Teachers and Students come together to put up a rocking performance.

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  • . Kevin Sissoko, Nikhil Nair, Rebecca Philips and Rahul Iyer | 20th, 4pm – 5pm @ Alliance Française de Bombay

Singers and artists from National Street for Performing Arts have set up a beautiful indie pop set !

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. “VOCALS” by Furtados School of Music, 20th, 1.30pm – 3.30pm @ Alliance Française Auditorium

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. “GUITAR for amateurs” by Furtados School of Music, 20th, 6pm – 9pm @ Furtados School of Music ( FSM), Bandra (W)

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Free Participation | Registration required:

| KARAOKE CONTEST for students of the AFB | 18th, 3pm – 5.30pm @ Alliance Française Auditorium

Sing along with your favorite French song and win courses and books !

Free Participation | Registration required:

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For more details check here

Around the world

If you wish to participate, Make Music Day invites musicians, rappers and instrumentalists of all kinds.

Express your Artistic Talent for International Music Day

How to Make Music on June 21

If your hometown is already a Make Music city, you’re in luck! Click on your city’s website to register.

If your city isn’t on board yet, create your own Make Music event where you live! Download the toolkit for tips and ideas, then click to register to be included in the national listings.

Or join one of over 200 special projects around the country where you can just bring your instrument – or yourself – and join in! Visit the “Mass Appeal” section for details (new events are added daily).

If you are interested in organizing a large-scale Make Music celebration in your city, please email

You may check out their schedule here

Lose Yourself in the Sound International Music Day

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