How To Pick The Right International SIM Card

How to pick the right international SIM card? #travel

Long endless mobile phone bills are a result when you travel to a foreign destination without carefully looking at the different options by which you will be able to make cheaper calls when abroad or lower data surfing rates when constantly being on the move.

Traveling abroad whether for work or for leisure requires systematic and meticulous planning of every small thing. Hence, it is very important that you spend some time getting the perfect mobile carrier for yourself. This post will help provide you with some useful and helpful points on how to get the best international SIM card while traveling.

It has become essential for everyone traveling overseas to get either a local SIM of the carrier company which is operative in the country to which he or she is traveling or to go for a roaming international SIM card which works in multiple countries.

How to pick the right international SIM card? #travel

Let us take a look at some of the parameters which you must take into consideration while buying one roaming international SIM card.

Be clear about your requirements

Before you buy an international SIM card it is very important that you make up your mind about your requirements from it. As we all know that a mobile phone is no longer only a tool by which you make or accept calls, but can do a whole lot of other things. Hence, be sure of whether you want the SIM card only for making calls or for data surfing or for any other purpose. This will make your search lot easier.

International SIM card

Go ‘carrier’ shopping

As funny as it may sound, but once you are clear about your requirements, then a good idea would be to go ‘carrier’ shopping. Do some basic online research and find out about the different mobile carriers in the country you are planning to visit. Once you collect this information, it will be easier to proceed ahead with the selection of plans.

Enquire about the different plans

When it comes to taking packs, there is no ‘one size fits all’ kind of practice. Hence, when you talk to the customer care executive of the mobile carrier company be clear about the purpose for which you want the roaming international SIM card. The carrier company will then offer you a customized package based on your requirements. Remember, customization is the key here.

Go for a Dual SIM Phone

If you wish to keep your original number as well, it would be a good idea to keep a dual SIM phone. Keep the original SIM in one socket and the international SIM in the other.

If your requirements are limited in the sense that you require SIM card purely for calling purposes then Ajura offers the best deals by which you’re roaming bills can reduce by a whopping 80 to 80 percent which is absolutely wonderful. So, just opt for a carrier like this by which you will be able to roam about freely without worrying about long roaming bills.

How to pick the right international SIM card? #travel

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