At the Pre-Launch of Cafe Mojo

At the Pre-Launch of Cafe Mojo

I was invited by my friends for a pre-launch of Café Mojo. It was kind of surprise location. It is inside Goldfinch hotel in Andheri East, Mumbai, India. It is an English pub with an authentic Goan twist.  Café Mojo, opened in 2012 in Goa, where friends could meet up and have a good time. They have now multiple locations around the country.


The ambience is good. It has a dual seating rooftop with (Shesha) and the interior with a dim background. They have a live screening of matches. The décor is all wood with frames all around on the walls. The outdoor seating is cool.

Food and Drink

Some great food with chilled beer was awesome. They offer you a prepaid beer recharge – E-beer Card. It is a unique system of prepaid cards where you just need to put your refilled card on the card reader on your table and the tap on your table will pour beer in your glass till you have a balance on the card….and the screen above your tap shows how much litres you have had.  I like the card concept wherein you could recharge your card and keep calling for booze.

The food is good but could be better. Beer Battered Prawns which were succulent and tasty. C3-balls made up of cheese and corn were cool.

The prices were reasonable.

The Watermelon Cocktail was nice.


The DJ plays some awesome music which makes you dance your heart out.

Time to leave

We saw this sign outside café mojo when we left –

Signboard outside Cafe Mojo

Reminding us to be back for more!

Cafe Mojo will be having a re-invention party on 17 December.

Cafe Mojo logo

To conclude, all in all, it was a great Night hangout in Mumbai for unwinding. You can get your mojo back at the end of the day from work.

At the Pre-Launch of Cafe Mojo


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