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10 Historical Places in Gujarat

Laxmi Vilas Palace, Gujarat

Gujarat’s rich history and culture come alive till date through the many historical monuments and sites that the state has. The beauty of Gujarat lies in its rich past. Fascinating tales and historical incidents from yesteryear make Gujarat an interesting state to visit. Many of the historical sites that Gujarat has dated back to the times of the Vedas or are as old as Indus Valley civilization. The historical places of Gujarat offer a brilliant revival of history with some amazing inputs from modernity.

The top historical places of Gujarat may be listed as follows:


Champaner Pavagadh Archaeological park

Champaner-Pavagadh, also jointly referred to as an archaeological park, has been recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. The history and culture of these two places are as old as civilization itself. These two ancient historic cities were the nerve centres of civilization for many years but gradually faded in importance and got lost to the ages. Today the cities bear vivid testimony to many historical eras such as the Vedic period, Rajput age, Maratha period, Mughal era and the British era. The cities are dotted with numerous ornate monuments which reflect a fusion of Hindu and Islamic architectures. A visit to Champaner-Pavagadh historic cities will let you walk back in time and explore the past.

Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram, Gujarat

Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad is a much-revered place for Gandhian and passionate country-lovers. Gandhi resided in this ashram and spearheaded the Indian struggle for freedom from this renowned political epicentre. The ashram stands along the Sabarmati River and is also differently referred to as Satyagraha Ashram and Harijan Ashram.


Typical Home, Dholavira, Gujarat

Dholavira, a part of the 4500 years old Indus Valley Civilization is an important excavation site. Dholavira offers enchanting glimpses into the ancient civilization of the past. Many archaeological marvels excavated at Dholavira will offer you an idea about the enormous development that the civilization underwent during its times. Kutch desert wildlife sanctuary lies in close proximity to Dholavira and is one of the prime tourist attractions.


Lothal, Gujarat

Lothal is an archaeological site as well as an old city lying about 87kms away from the business hub of Ahmedabad. Lothal had been a part of the Harappan civilization. Full-fledged, well-developed settlements were present in Lothal during the Harappan age. Today you can catch a glimpse of one of the most ancient cultures of the world; i.e. the Harappan culture at Lothal. The culture though now in total ruins still speaks aloud the tale of a glorious civilization of antiquity. The age of the site may be traced back to 2nd millennium BC. Lothal archaeological site falls within Gujarat’s Ahmedabad district in the village of Sarajwala.

Mahabat Maqbara

Mahabat Maqbara, Junagadh, Gujarat

Mahabat Maqbara is an important historical monument located in Gujarat’s Junagadh city. The Maqbara came into being in the year 1892 and was used by the Junagadh Nawabs as their presidential palace.

Kirti Toran

Kirti Toran of Vadnagar, Gujarat

Kirti Toran in Gujarat’s Vadnagar is also differently referred to as Kirti Stambha. It is an ornate temple arch of semi-religious or community import. It is a beautiful testimony to the architectural splendour of the Solanki era.

 Bhujiyo Kotho

Bhujiyo Kotho, Gujarat

Bhujiyo Kotho is the five-storied ancient watchtower situated along Jamnagar’s Lakhota lake. The tower has a beautiful peacock-shaped water tank atop it. The tower was used for protection purpose in the historic times. The walls of the tower’s first floor have holes on them. These holes were used for shooting enemies down in ancient times. One could catch panoramic views of the entire city of Jamnagar from the tower top.

Kandla Port

Kandla Port, Gujarat

Kandla Port is one of the most important ports of India. The port stands on Kandla stream. This port was a joint venture between the British Government and Maharaj Shri Khengarji- III around the 19th century. The port has a capacity of treating 24000 metric tonnes of dry Cargo per day.

Rani ki Vav

Rani ki Baavdi (Vav), Gujarat

Rani Ki Vav is an architectural masterpiece constructed by queen Udayamati in the memory and honour of King Bhimdev I. It is a step well-constructed around 1063 AD.  Waters from River Saraswati flowing beside the well was used to fill this well once upon a time. Now the well has gone dry as the river has gone dry too. This iconic historical site of Gujarat is situated in Patan. The walls of the stepwell are adorned with intricate sculptures that portray marvellous artistry and rich history. Maru-Gurjara architectural style has been employed to build the stepwell that exhibits real complex techniques and smart engineering.

Laxmi Vilas Palace

Laxmi Vilas Palace, Gujarat

Laxmi Vilas Palace is a royal and opulent structure situated in Gujarat’s Vadodara town. This luxurious palatial building with ornate carvings came into being in the year 1980 under the initiative of Maharaja Sayaji Rao III. 60 Lakhs was spent to build this monument around the 19th century. Indo Saracenic architectural style is reflected through the architecture of this monument. Darbar hall of this palace will leave you thoroughly mesmerized. Today this hall is often hired by my music companies or movie production houses for concerts or shooting respectively.

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Tourism in Gujarat – Things to do in Gujarat

Mandavi beach, Gujarat

Been listening to Amitabh Bachchan’s urgings for ‘Kuch din toh guzariye Gujarat mein’ and wondering what exactly to do in Gujarat during your vacation? Well, we have prepared a concise guide that would tell you what you ought to do while in the culturally rich terrains of Gujarat.

Explore Wildlife

Wildlife enthusiasts have a lot to explore in the many National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Gujarat. In fact, its four National Parks and twenty-three wildlife sanctuaries occupy 8.7% of its geographical area. This is more than double the national average! The first thing that comes to mind when wildlife exploration is mentioned of Gujarat state are the state’s status as the sole home of Asiatic lions in the world. Let the thickets of Gir National Park reveal their hidden dwellers, expect to spot wide array of animals and birds in a wildlife safari.

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Get to know the ocean’s family better at India’s first Marine National Park in Gulf of Kutch. Blackbuck National Park, Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary, Vansda National Park, Purna Wildlife, Thol Lake Bird sanctuary and Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary are some other must-visit destinations in this state remarkably rich in biodiversity. Talking of wildlife exploration, don’t forget to include the pleasures of witnessing the race of elegant Asian wild asses against salt flats in your itinerary. You might try to join in the race and try your chances as well!

Get lost in the white expanses of Rann of Kutch

Rann of Kutch, Gujarat
Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

This milky white stretch of 7,505 sq km is a true geographical wonder! Yes, the surreal sense evoked by the beautiful pictures of Rann of Kutch is true of the actual site as well. If you happen to be in Gujarat during November, do not miss to witness the famed Rann Utsav. Breathing in the serene environ of Rann of Kutch under the shimmering glow of full moon is a treat to your senses. The ethereal beauty of the arid salt marsh is beautifully complemented by the ethnic hues brought in by its native population.

Follow the trails of its long coastline

Did you know that Gujarat has the longest coastline in the entire country? A visit to Gujarat is incomplete without letting its beaches let you feast on the undulating rhythms of the sea. Diu beach, Nargol beach, Tithal beach, Dwaraka beach and Jamnagar beach are some of the most popular tourist attractions in the state, let their magical shores relax and rewind your senses.

Soak up The Tribal Charm of Saputara

Gira Waterfalls, Gujarat
Gira Waterfalls, Gujarat

The only hill station in this predominantly arid land, Saputara translates to ‘abode of snakes’. Enter its nature’s womb, let the lush green forests and beautiful waterfalls feed the arid regions of your soul. One of its chief attractions is the 75 m drop of Gira Falls amidst spectacular greenery. Explore its cold and misty environ upon foot. One ought to learn about the rich ethnic culture of its native tribal population as well, visit their shrines for serpent gods upon the beautiful banks of Sarpaganga river.

Experience Gandhiji’s essence at Sabarmati Ashram        

Sabarmati Ashram, Gujarat
Sabarmati Ashram, Gujarat

Sabarmati Ashram, nestling upon the serene banks of river Sabarmati, had served as the home for Mahatma Gandhi during a crucial period of his illustrious political life. Get to know more about his life and philosophy through the many exhibitions, archives, galleries and relics at the museum in Ashram. Visitors can let the 90 min guided walking tour across the precincts of the ashram educate one further about this great son of India’s soil. Let its austere premises help you experience the remnants of his essence that still live in this land.

Arise upon the wings of hot air balloon over Kankaria Lake

Kankaria Lake, Gujarat
Kankaria Lake, Gujarat

Think lakes, and the first thing that comes to one’s mind are images of boating. But Kankaria Lake in Ahmedabad lets you rise high in the air as well. Indulge in the pleasures of a hot air balloon whilst visiting Kankaria Lake.

Worship at Ancient Shrines

Nageshwar Jyotirlinga in Dwarka, Gujarat
Nageshwar Jyotirlinga in Dwarka

Join in the thousands who flock to the state for Darshan at the holiest of Shrines- Somnath Jyotirlinga, Nageshwar Jyotirlinga, Dwarkadhish Temple and Shri Arasuri Ambaji Temple. Let their sacred essence nourish your spiritual longings as well!

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Modhera Dance Festival- Explore the Rich Culture of Gujarat

Modhera Dance Festival- Explore the Rich Culture of Gujarat

India is such a diverse country, full of festivals and known for its rich culture. One of the major ways to express its diversity is through its dance. There are umpteen numbers of dance forms are in India differ from state to state.

However, Modhera Dance Festival is one of its kinds. This dance form is originated from Gujarat.

Modhera Dance Festival

Vibrant Gujarat is popular for its colorful dance form and different festivals held there each year. Modhera Dance Festival is a three-day festival of Indian classical dance. One can enjoy these dance forms in the setting in which they were originally performed. Gujarat is known as the land of festivals and cultures. This festival is the best place to explore the traditional and exclusive Gujarati dance and songs. The Ravechi Fair held each September takes place at the Ravechi Mata temple. It is estimated that over 30,000 visitors arrive in Gujarat just to attend the Ravechi Fair. This exclusive dance festival will be happening from 19- 21 January 2018.

Night View at Modhera Dance Festival
Night View at Modhera Dance Festival
Image credit-Flickr

The sun temple at Modhera creates an exuberant atmosphere at night and the festival flaunts the glory of that era. This unique place highlights the traditional dance form of the place significantly. This dance form brings the traditional culture of the place together. This place is famous for its fantastic festivals. Modhera is the temple of the sun and the space of the temple acts as a grandiose for the dance performance. The performers bring the rich culture of the place through their dance. The dancers bring life to the place and the three-day festival is organized by the Gujarat tourism.

Modhera Dance Festival, Gujarat
Image credit Flickr

This dance festival is dedicated to Lord Surya and the main aim of the dance form is to bring the classical dance form to the limelight. This famous festival is held every year in the month of January. The sun temple of Modhera is an amazing temple, specially designed such a way that the first rays of the sun illuminate the deity in the temple. This temple embellishes with all kinds of lights and displays as the backdrop during the classical dance festival. Find the marvelous Modhera dance festival this year in Gujarat and attaining the festival you will know more about the rich culture of the place. This festival attracts international and national vacationers every year and the alluring dance festival is becoming more popular day by day.

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Rajiv Seharawat

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Where to go this Valentine Weekend ?

If you are still pondering on where you can go this Valentine weekend, then do check this offbeat destination –

Bedecked camels, colourful turbans and tents that accommodate thousands of tourists who throng this extravaganza in the spectacular landscape of white salt-encrusted desert plains of Rann of Kutch, Gujarat. Warm hospitality, excellent food is what you shall get at Rann Utsav.

How to reach Rann Utsav– It is organised in a small village called Dhordo. Dhordo can be approached via Bhuj.

At the Rann Utsav– You get an occasion to observe the creative skill of the artisans and craftspeople, mixed collection of folk music and performances, mixed representation of culture and communities, along with a vast diversity in ecology.

– Rann Utsav, Gujarat

The colourful fair which is held near the banks of a lake swings with the spirit of festivity, fervour and flamboyance. You could be part of the organised tour around Kutch which allows you to experience the zeal and uniqueness of the people through a celebration of life.

Below is the programme schedule for 2 Night – 3 Day stay at Premium AC tents


Itinerary: Day 1

12.30 PM: Welcome and Check-in

12.30 PM to 02.00 PM: Lunch at Dinning Area

02.00 PM to 04.30 PM: Fun and Entertainment Activities at White Rann Resort/Rann Utsav

04.30 PM to 05.00 PM: Evening High Tea

05.00 PM to 07.30 PM: Visit White Rann

08.00 PM to 09.30 PM: Dinner at Dinning Area

09.00 PM to 10.00 PM: Cultural Activities at White Rann Resort

Itinerary: Day 2

07.30 AM to 09.00 AM: Breakfast at Dinning Area

09.00 AM to 12.30 PM: Fun and Entertainment Activities at White Rann Resort /Rann Utsav.

12.30 PM to 02.00 PM: Lunch at Dinning Area

02.00 PM to 08.00 PM: Complimentary Tour to Kalo Dungar and Gandhi nu Gam

08.00 PM to 09.30 PM: Dinner at Dinning Area

09.00 PM to 10.00 PM: Cultural Activities at White Rann Resort

Itinerary: Day 3

07.30 AM to 09.00 AM: Breakfast at Dinning Area

09.30 AM: Check out

10.00 AM: Departure for Bhuj with Complimentary Sightseeing of Bhujodi, Swaminarayan Temple and Aina Mahal



Arrival: Transfer from Bhuj to White Rann Resort, Dhordo (Approx. 85 km 2 Hr drive)

08.45 AM: From Bhuj Railways Station/Bhuj Airport

10.30 AM: From Bhuj Railways Station

02.30 PM: From Bhuj Railways Station


10.00 AM: From White Rann Resort, Dhordo To Bhuj

Sports and recreation Image courtesy-rannutsav.org
Sports and recreation
Image courtesy-rannutsav.org

Adventure activities: There are adventure activities like Parasailing, Artificial  wall climbing, high rope course, Zip line, Bungy trampoline, Jeep riding, Snooker/ Pool, Table tennis, Badminton, Air hockey, battery car, shooting games, bull ride and rocket parachute.

So, if all of the above excites you be at the Rann Utsav this Valentine weekend.

 Wishing all a very Happy Valentine Weekend in advance.

References:  An initiative of Gujarat Tourism

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