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Mobile Technology is Transforming Tourism Industry

#mobile #technology is transforming #tourism industry

Mobile Technology is Transforming Tourism industry. How do you Retain the Lead and Grow?

Transformation in the Tourism Industry

There are several factors that have transformed the tourism industry. One such factor is, of course, that of technology which is common to all the other factors that include the ease of transportation, the ease of booking, the Internet of course and the mobile devices. It is the digital transformation brought on by the challenge from the mobile devices that has totally changed the way we look at the tourism and travel sector today.

Cruise in tourism industry

What makes this last factor unique is that this is not an option. If you wish to remain competitive it is imperative that you embrace this technology. Today everyone is a traveller, whether he/she is a millennial or a pensioner. While the millennial will look for adventure sports, the pensioner will look for cruises. But, everyone is now using the digital device for accessing all forms of information prior to the trip, while comparing different offers, checking out the opinions offered by previous travellers as well as carrying out activities related to the reservation of tickets and hotels. They will also book tickets for various shows, museums and theatres.

When the trip is over, reviews will be added so that other travellers will make use of them before their trip. In a majority of cases, a mobile device will have been used to do all the above. For someone in the travel and tourism sector, one can either be proactive or reactive. Therefore, one can either offer new possibilities that have not been thought of before or incorporate newer technologies that help cater to the needs of the customer. Owing to this, tourism as well as hotel companies are not only putting all their web functions in the mobile format but are today willing to create new experiences that have been designed especially for users of mobile devices.

The Digitization Challenge

The digitization challenge has changed the rules of the game. The customer is central to the theme in every phase of activity as he moves up from surfing the net to finally booking the tickets or the reservation for the hotel.

  • While seeking information prior to the trip most users will check the Internet before reserving the trip or booking the hotel room. This demands that the site is designed to be responsive to the needs of the customer. It is also imperative that all the content is easily accessible to mobile devices. Recommendations are also checked in a like manner.
  • Checking in or out of the hotel or a flight is a process that irks most travellers. This is yet another area where an online facility can save both time and the paperwork besides helping in improving the internal management of the company. It is also true that in some cases an online checking in will save you an additional cost.
  • There is considerable anxiety to ensure security in personal and financial data. It is, therefore, a challenge to offer a highly secure solution that is also effective both in cases of online reservation or purchase.
  • Today many apps have been thrown up in respect of tours and hotels. It is now feasible for the user to have customised mobile services as per one’s preferences.
  • We are now evolving to the concept of smart cities wherein beacons give out information related to tourism and hotels, weather and culture or transportation among other services.
  • Free mobile connectivity may now be available throughout the city or at least in central areas, hotels, airports and restaurants.
  • There are chains that offer devices such as smartphones or tablets to their customers during their stay either for a small fee or free of any charge.
  • There are apps that are focused on specific sectors such as the entertainment or the tourism sector and in cases narrower sectors that may include hiking or scuba diving or even ornithology and a family based tourism with kids.

Mobile technology and Technologies like tour management software is fast transforming the tourism and hotel industry. It is necessary for all those in this segment to use the mobile device for expanding their business and retaining leadership.

*/ Preethi Vagadia is a business architect. She has worked in Mortgage and Finance software department with top-notch companies and has over 8 years of experience in Mortgage Technology, Mortgage lending software management etc. She has also worked on several process improvement projects involving multi-national teams for global customers in warranty management and mortgage. /*

#mobile #technology is transforming #tourism industry

Awesome Rajasthan

Awesome Rajasthan

Rajasthan’, when one hears this word, one visualizes the land of deserts, palaces, and camels. Rajasthan with its ancient culture and civilization has made a name for itself throughout the world and not only in India. Tourists from across the globe throng this state of Rajasthan. So what is it that captures the mind of people across the globe and India? This article shall take you through the places of interest in Rajasthan.

Arts and crafts in Rajasthan
Arts and crafts

Countryside or rural RajasthanA few unusual places to explore in Rajasthan which otherwise might have gone unnoticed by you. Bishnoi and Pali are becoming hot spots for the people who want offbeat destinations in Rajasthan. People who are adventurous should not miss Bishnoi. Bishnoi is a community of nature worshippers. It just takes around 45 minutes to reach this destination from Jodhpur. The place of Bishnoi offers diversity in terms of weather conditions, religious conviction, language, civilizations, and attires. It has the world’s second largest desert THAR. You can take the Bishnoi Village Safari which is organized by Rajas and Maharaja of Jodhpur. This will allow a foretaste of rich cultural life about their state of Marwar. The safari is usually of one day or half day where one can enjoy the sight of snow, rainforests, giant Himalaya, long and beautiful seacoasts.

Pink city jaipur , Rajasthan

JaipurJaipur city should not be missed by the adventurous traveler because you can take the ‘Hot Air Balloon Adventure’. In the ‘Hot Air Balloon Adventure’, one can explore the Amber Fort, Jal Mahal, aerial view of Jaipur and Hawa Mahal. The duration of the hot air balloon ride is 60 minutes. The hot air balloon ride can be taken over Amber (near Jaipur). Jaipur which is often called the ‘Pink City’ comprises of palaces and forts which have magnificent views and ornate architecture. The tourists here can enjoy the remnants of a bygone era of the monarchy in its glory. Some heritage hotels in the city are transformed from old palaces to give tourists a regal experience.

Ballooning over Jaipur, Rajasthan
Hot air balloon ride

Udaipur Another attraction for tourists is the city of Udaipur. Udaipur is known for its Lake Pichola and City Palace. It is constructed skillfully with a military architecture of Rajput and Mughal style ornamental methods both combined together. The museum of this displays many royal heirlooms, family photos and other mementos which give you the feel of the culture and royalty of Maharanas of Mewar. The Museum consists of Mardana Mahal and Zenana Mahal which are King and Queen’s palaces respectively. It was constructed in 1559 and is the ancient and prime part of City Palace. Jag Mandir is another palace not to be missed which is one of the foremost palaces to be constructed in Lake Pichola. Lake Pichola is simply breathtakingly beautiful.

Udaipur, Rajasthan
Udaipur palace, Rajasthan
Udaipur Palace at night

PushkarThis place attracts the adventurous backpackers and hippie types. Puskar comes alive in the month of October/November with Camel Fair. The camels are dressed up and paraded. The icing on the cake is definitely the camel races, although the comical beauty contests which feature elegantly decorated and shaved camels are amusing. In addition to this, there is temple dancing, folk and classical music and arts and crafts bazaar as well. And, last but not the least; the fair would be incomplete without a mustache competition!

pushkar fair, Rajasthan
Pushkar fair
Awesome Rajasthan
Rajasthan culture tour

So what are you waiting for quickly plan your trip to the colorful, vibrant and awesome Rajasthan!

Awesome Rajasthan

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The Best Places of Interest for street shoppers in Kolkata


The cultural capital of India, Kolkata is a true joy for any shopaholic. Not only there is a plethora of malls and market areas, there are several amazing alleys and lanes famous for street shopping. Let’s take a look at some of these havens for shoppers.

Howrah bridge, Kolkata- Street shoppers in Kolkata
Howrah bridge, Kolkata

Whether it is for buying traditional woven clothes or a pack of your favourite gripping book series, Kolkata offers the best options for street shopping. Filled with sounds, colours and enticing aroma of the delighting street food, walking through the vibrant market lanes of Kolkata is an experience itself. Selling everything from cheap clothes to antiques, these markets offers the best buy if you’re in for some budgeted shopping. Check for train no. 13152 running status to reach your destination.

New market, street shoppers in Kolkata
New market, Kolkata

Below is a snapshot of the best street shopping spots in the city.

New Market Probably, Kolkata’s oldest and best-known street market, it’s also known as the Hogg’s market. There are more than 2,000 shops and if you’re a seasoned shopper, you can get a good bargain here. If you’re looking for the famous sarees of West Bengal, go straight to the newly constructed part of the market. The famous lal paar sarees (red border), the exceptional representatives of Bengali community, can be bought here at amazing prices. Also famous are ‘Tussar’ and ‘Bishnupuri Silk’, which are used for making drapes and shawls, could be a wonderful buy if you’re planning to give a gift to someone. Apart from the fabrics, there are so many things to look for. The best thing about the market is that you never leave with an empty bag.

College StreetIf you’re a bookworm, this is your mecca. Lined up with several shops selling books of all types, this one market will persuade you to pick one bestseller. Apart from novels and magazines, you can get ample of books for college and school studies. Few sellers are also known for keeping the rarest of the rare editions and at half the price. If you’re good at bargaining, you can always land a good deal.

Chowringhee RoadThis wonderful piece of Kolkata’s culture stretches from Park Street to New Market and sells everything under the sun. From things of daily use to an exotic antique for your new home, you can find it all here. At first glance, the entire market might look like a pile of unused junk, but searching throw like a detective can bring you some fantastic pieces. Terracotta wares, which is a speciality in Kolkata, can be found here in all shapes, sizes and decor.

SwabhumiIf you’re looking to take back a memorabilia from your Kolkata trip, then Swabhumi is the place to find them. From junk jewellery to wall hangings and from wrought iron furniture to traditional clothes, Swabhumi should be added to every shopaholic’s itinerary. A dream destination for buying Indian handicrafts, do not miss this if you’re in for some street shopping.

If you’re visiting especially for shopping, then don’t forget to make appropriate travel arrangements. A flight from Kolkata to Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai can be taken, if you’re planning for a short stint.

*/This is a guest post by Maria Simpson. /*

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