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What are the best and hidden places to visit in India? Part 5

India is full of hidden or unexplored places that surely are worth visiting, here are some of them :

1. Rani Ki Vav, Gujarat (West India)

Rani ki vav, West India
best and hidden places

We have only known about the step wells in Rajasthan while there are more beautiful ones in Gujarat as well. Rani ki vav is one such place which has a history associated to it and a great architectural style which fascinates even the new architects. This place is full of secret tunnels and routes.

2. Aravalem Caves, Goa

Aravalem caves, Goa, best and hidden places in India

The hot selling travel location, Goa is full of beaches and may be that is why it still has some undiscovered places like the Aravalem Caves located in north Goa. The caves have various historical stories related to it from about pandvas of Mahabharata to Buddhism. The caves with beautiful waterfall are a perfect tourist spot.

3. Bhangarh, Rajasthan

Bhangarh, Rajasthan, best and hidden places in India

An unknown fort in Rajasthan that has a historic stories associated with it. But this town and fort also has various haunted stories associated with it which makes it one of the most haunted places of country. A pleasant picnic spot otherwise, this spot turns something else during nights.

4. Siswan Forest Range, India

Siswan Forest range, India, best and hidden places

One the most peaceful places in India which is still not seen as the top tourist place of India. The forest range on outskirts of Himalayas is protected forest containing hills, scenic lookout points, a very diverse flora and fauna. Here you can also go hikes or bike trips.

5. Kaas Plateau, Satara

Known as the “Valley of Flowers” among the locals, this place will mesmerize you with its colourful flower beds all over the hills. Apart from the flowers, the Thoseghar waterfall is a very scenic place. Driving from Satara to Thoseghar is in itself a blissfull drive with scenic views of mountains, fort and colourful valley on sides.

6. Tada Falls

Tada falls, best and hidden places in India

This beautiful waterfall in Andhra Pradesh in a relatively unexplored place yet. Surrounded by hills and greenery, this place has some very beautiful scenic views. This place is ideal for small trip, trek or picnics.

Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh, best and hidden places in India

7. Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh

Once you visit this place, you will always remember it as the marble wonder. Not much known yet, but you probably should not miss a boat ride under a moon lit sky in the Narmada River that increases the beauty of Bhedaghat and its marble gorges. This place will give you such soothing experience that you will want to take photos not from your phone but in your hearts.

Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh, best and hidden places in India

Atlantis Watersports, Adventure and Travel Expert

So, have you been to these best and hidden places in India?

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5 Stunning Hill Stations around Kolkata


Kolkata served as the country’s capital till it was moved to Delhi in 1911. British used to spend their summers on the well-known hill stations close to Kolkata. Today, many people from Kolkata and India arrange their vacation trek to these well-known destinations close to Kolkata. Plan your outing to Darjeeling, Kurseong, Kalimpong, and make your holiday cherishable for life. While Kolkata is honoured with a few normal wonders and attractions, it anyhow becomes important for individuals to discover a getaway from the clamour and the heat of the fields.

So, if you are visiting Kolkata to see your relatives, or for some business purposes, or for curious travelling sake, then make a note of these stunning neighbourhood hill stations that are not just popular among the locals of the city, but also amongst many travellers that travel miles just to see the startling vistas of this Eastern beauty.

Stunning #hillstations around #Kolkata


Hill stations near Kolkata
Beautiful Darjeeling Image credit- holidayiq.com

Darjeeling is at an elevation of 2,050 meters above sea level. The atmosphere here stays cool because of its high-rise and is the principle explanation behind its advancement by the British. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is a UNESCO world legacy site and a part of the Mountain Railways of India. Darjeeling is renowned for its Tibetan Buddhist society and its pleasant vistas of the Mahabharata Range of the eastern Himalayas. If you are putting up in Kolkata, then look for the Darjeeling tour packages from Kolkata, which would also cover your commuting and lodging facilities. Otherwise, you can always visit this gorgeous hill station any time of the year, as per your wish.

  • Kurseong
Hill stations near Kolkata
Kurseong Image credit www.pinterest.com

 Kurseong is a hill station, found close to Darjeeling, known for its waterfalls, Buddhist gompas, and stunning temple structures, aside from the stunning vistas that the spot gives. The wonderful vistas of tea estates and rich green forests in the comprehensive setting of snow-clad mountains are another delight for the eyes. At dusk, you can see an amalgamation of the most delightful shades in the sky. This little hill town makes for a wonderful stopover for vacationers hunting down a more peaceful alternative near to Darjeeling.

  • Pedong
Hill stations near Kolkata
Pedong Image credit -www.indiantrekking.com

Pedong is another exquisite hilly town situated in West Bengal, which is at an elevation of 1,240 meters above sea level. The town is found only 20 kilometres east from of Kalimpong and gives some amazing all-encompassing perspectives of the Kanchenjunga and the surrounding mountains. Pedong is separated into two sections in particular– the lower and the upper Pedong and is situated on the old course to Lhasa. Pedong is additionally renowned for its Tibetan society and a few Buddhist cloisters.

  • Sandakphu
Hill stations near Kolkata
Sandakphu Image credit-www.triphills.com

Sandakphu is a pleasant hill station of West Bengal and is situated at a gigantic height of 3696 meters above sea level. The town is one of the major trekking and skiing hotspots in India and gives perspectives of the most noteworthy tops on the planet in particular Kanchenjunga, the Everest, Makalu and Lhotse. Sandakphu likewise is the most astounding getaway from West Bengal and is additionally in close nearness to the Singalila National Park.

  • Mirik
Mirik Lake Image source
Mirik Lake
Image source

The town is at an elevation of 1,495 meters above sea level in the midst of the Eastern Himalayas. It was once a commercial centre for the different brokers and the general population of the encompassing tea estates and towns. Mirik is well-known for its heavenly perspectives of the Kanchenjunga, the encompassing mountains, and Buddhist religious communities.

Author Bio:

Khushi is a travel enthusiast and loves to explore new places and cultures. She likes to share her experiences, adventures, and her thoughts through her blogs. Meeting new people and learning from their experiences is something she is really good at.

Hyderabad – A Sightseeing Cluster of the Old and the New


Want the perfect holiday experience where you can visit historical sites but at the same time enjoy the luxuries of modern amenities? The answer is Hyderabad. Giving its guests the perfect combination of both properly maintained historical landmarks and the latest modern amenities, the only thing you can complain about in Hyderabad is the hot climate!

There are some cities which have completely turned a new leaf and people who had visited it a decade back will not be able to tell the head or tail of the city, but then again, there are cities that still have a long way to go into modernization and still keep their prime focus on preserving the ancient monuments and landmarks that it is known for. Hyderabad is in-between both. The city is a perfect blend of the past and the present. The historical sites are still preserved well in the city, however, you will have to look beyond the towering skyscrapers and go around those buildings to actually get a view of the historical sites. After you have arrived on your Mumbai to Hyderabad flights Air India, you can head back to your hotel, relax and then straight ahead head out for you sightseeing adventure! Here are some places you cannot miss out on during your trip.


One of the most iconic landmarks in the city of Hyderabad, the Charminar is like its name says, is a monument/mosque with ‘four towers’. It is one of the first places people seek out to visit on their sightseeing trail in the city.

Hussain-sagar-lake -Hyderabad
Hussain Sagar lake Hyderabad Image credit- http://www.todayincity.com/

Husain Sagar lake

The beautiful artificial lake in Hyderabad giving Hyderabad that romantic touch was built-in 1526 by the great well-known Sufi saint, Hazrat Syed Shah Wali. A walk by the sides of the lake is one of the favorite evening pastime activity people in the city like to do.

Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad
Mecca Masjid Image credit- http://tourmet.com/

Mecca Masjid

One of the oldest mosques in the country, it is clearly the oldest and the most sacred mosque for Hyderabad. There is a myth and belief surrounding this place that anyone who sits on the benches outside the mosques is bound to return back to revisit the mosque again very soon regardless of where they visit from.

Golkonda fort, Hyderabad
Golconda fort Image credit- http://www.hyd.co

Golconda Fort

The Golconda Fort requires no introduction to any tourist or traveller. Much has been spoken of and written about this place that anyone visiting the city cannot just let a visit to this place go by. It is an important mention in the talks of the main landmarks in the country and a key monument of the city to draw crowds from far and wide.

Ramoji film city, Hyderabad
Ramoji film city Image credit- http://en.wikipedia.org/

Ramoji Film City

One of the newer places from the list of places to visit in the city, the Ramoji Film City facility has been accredited as the world’s largest studio complex by none other than the prestigious Guinness book of world records! A host of the most popular and well-known motion pictures have been directed and shot here.

Nehru Zoological Garden
Nehru Zoological Garden Image credit-http://www.tourismandfood.com/

Nehru Zoological Garden

Acting as a safe haven for some endangered animal species and some of the rarest species of birds, this zoo is well maintained and makes for a refreshing visit! It is clearly one of the top places to visit in Hyderabad just for its sheer beauty and helping get up close and personal with some of nature’s finest but sadly endangered species.

*/This is a guest post by Maria Simpson. She liked my earlier post on ‘Best Places of Interest in Hyderabad and wanted to contribute in relation to it. /*

Interview with TeaCake Travels

interview with Alice

Friends, I would like to introduce you to travel blogger  Alice from Teacake Travels.

Me:    For the readers, please could you introduce yourself and your blog?

Alice:   Strong-minded, honest, inquisitive, straight-talking and in search of the next thrill, I’m Alice at Teacake Travels! It’s all about solo female travel in Asia and pushing your boundaries to reach your full potential through travel. It’s for the traveller who is on a path to find out more about themselves and test their limits but also for the armchair reader who wants to go deeper into life’s reflections and life lessons through all the experiences I put myself through.

Me:     What was the motivation behind starting this blog?

Alice:    What started out as just writing a piece for my friend’s blog about teaching English abroad quickly turned into an addiction to travel writing and promoting women’s rights. I always had it in my mind that I would write a book or make a zine but discovering blogging through all these ideas into one platform. I absolutely love it. It’s my baby, it’s real, it’s me and it’s proving to be a great resource for women to gain strength, courage and motivation to go out there on their own and conquer their adventurous dreams.

Interview with TeaCake travels
Alice peeking out from Cambodia

Me:      How do you fund your travels?

Alice:     Through many ways! I predominantly funded my travels for the first five years through Teaching English Abroad in South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and China. I adore teaching and get immense satisfaction by giving others the gift of English. Then the other things I love brought my money too. Playing the drums in bands, performing in Burlesque shows and now through Travel Blogging.

Teacake in Shanghai
Teacake in Shanghai

Me:      Which are favourite travel destinations?

Alice:   The challenging ones! I write about solo female travel in Asia and to date my most favourite country has been Bangladesh. The experience was fantastic because of the Bangladeshi people (possibly the nicest people in the world) and the food and the scenery and the architecture and (I could go on and on).

Me:      Where is your next travel destination?

Alice:     In July, I’m driving from the UK to Mongolia across 21 countries with four amazing women in 50 days to raise money for and document women’s rights. It’s all part of the Mongol Rally and it’s going to be one hell of a journey to follow. Make sure to follow along with us! After that, I think I’m gonna need some respite and TLC. I’ll be heading to Bali to catch some waves and recover.

Interview with TeaCake travels
Teacake Motorbike

Me:        What is it like to travel solo? Any tips for the first-time solo travellers?

Alice:       It’s the best! Please don’t be scared. This planet is awesome with amazing people and extraordinary places and if you want to find out who you are, what you want, what you need and what you want from life, solo travel is for you. There’s no better way to educate yourself on these matters. You’ll be challenged and treated to some life-changing experiences and your old-self will be thankful for taking the leap and deciding to travel. No one wants to leave this earth not having fulfilled their dreams. If you’re dreaming, seize the desire! If you’re travelling for the first time, check out my backpacking packing tips and build up for excitement and motivation here.

Me:         The best meal you’ve eaten anywhere?

Alice:         Kimchi Jiggae in South Korea. I’m nuts about Korean food. Even if I’m in Germany or made it to the North Pole, I’d go out of my way to find a Korean Restaurant.

Interview with Teacake travels
Motorbiking through Taiwan

Me:       Who is (are) your inspiration in the travel world?

Alice:      Women who do crazy stuff, strong stuff and stuff other women don’t do are pretty much my heroes. This includes Iris from Mind Of A Hitchhiker and Jessica from Comfort Is For Wimps.

Me:        Are there any books you read as a child that inspired your travel interests?

Alice:       Alice in Wonderland!

Me:       What is your travel motto?

Alice:     Grab fear by the balls, push your boundaries and reach your full potential through solo female travel. I use to travel for life lessons and to be the best person I can be by trying to learn from others and myself.

Me:        Name three hardest things/setbacks that you experienced through your blog?

Alice:      Setting up a blog is a bit of a minefield. I’m constantly learning new things and having to backtrack, making changes, chopping things up…it’s a never-ending learning process. I integrated Pinterest at a much later date than I really should have. I only learnt about SEO six months ago and I have a newsletter advertised but still haven’t sent one out! Rome wasn’t built in a day. That’s what I tell myself ><

Me:       Name 3 (personal travel stories) setbacks that you experienced in your travels?

Alice:     Oh man, where do I start? I accidentally became pregnant on my first serious backpacking trip and had to head to Cambodia for an abortion. Whilst I was there I witnessed a death at a funfair to add a cherry on top of it all and lately, I had to deal heavy-handedly with a Chinese guy.

Me:      Have you ever faced a ‘writer’s block’? If yes, how do you overcome it?

Alice:     Hell yeah. I hate it when that block comes and trust me, it can come every couple of months sometimes. I love writing and I love sharing my experiences with everyone. Sometimes the ideas and experiences come crashing across the ocean with full gusto but other times tumbleweeds are rolling across the desert in my mind. You can’t force yourself to write if the passion isn’t there. I just wait, keep on travelling and try to experience my days with full awareness for that next story to come along. It always does.

Me:      Any tools you can suggest that bloggers could use in their first year?

Alice:    Ooh yes! Travel Blogging is about 20% and 80% social media promotion. There’s no point writing a masterpiece if no one is going to see it. Get clued up on how to use social media and market yourself then use a couple of tools to help you manage all of it. I recommend Tailwind for Pinterest and Hootsuite for Twitter.

Me:     Any comments, suggestions.

Alice:   Feel free to pop me an email at aliceteacake@teacaketravels.com if you want to ask me anything and stay connected with the chaos on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

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