Village Food in Thailand – SHRIMP CURRY and FORAGED VEGETABLES in Trat, Thailand!

Trat is a beautiful tropical province in Eastern Thailand, home to a wonderful culture and lots of delicious food. But one of the best places to eat Thai food is in someone’s home, home-cooked food is the best.

Baan Huai Raeng – This is a beautiful tropical village, and they also offer home-stays and cultural tourism.

Khao haw kab mak– A mix of fried rice and ingredients all within a banana leaf and another outer wrapper. It was a delicious mix, soothing in the morning.

Khanom jeen sao nam–  Royal Thai food dish, that’s not common to find, and it was delicious.

The two main regional Thai food dishes cooked: Sour curry with a local vine called Sandan – I still can’t find the name in English of the local vine, and they made a sour curry with fish and shrimp. Awesome dish.

Gaeng kradom  – The little fruit is called Gymnopetalum chinense in English and it’s bitter tasting. They made a curry with shrimp and curry paste. It was awesome, I loved the bitterness. Interesting ingredients:

Chamuang  – gacinia cowa

Bai sandan – local vine

Kradom – Gymnopetalum chinense

It was a fantastic day in Trat, exploring regional Thai food and unique dishes and ingredients in the village!

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Source- Mark Wiens

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