A Traveler’s Guide in Visiting The Best Places in Europe

It is known to many that Europe is one of the most beautiful places to go to especially for people who love to roam around the world. There are actually six countries of Europe that are part of World Atlas’ Top 10 Most Visited Countries in The World with France being ranked as #1.

There is no question that Europe is one of the most frequented continents in the world because of its breathtaking landmarks, historical architecture, friendly locals, delicious cuisine and rich culture. Also, most of the grand and luxurious places are there. Apart from these are unspoilt spots in Europe that you may visit if you are looking for relaxation and peace of mind.

Places to visit in Europe
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If you ask constant travellers about the best time to travel Europe, they’d probably say “anytime!”. With the beauty of Europe, there isn’t really a specific best time to visit because every single day is a great time to visit that place. But of course, it is still necessary to know the weather condition of a certain place before going so that you can avoid being bothered by unforeseen bad climate.

Europe is usually packed with tourists during the months of June-August because it’s summer. If you want to experience the winter season, then you should visit during the months of December-February in the Northern Hemisphere and June-August for the Southern Hemisphere part. But if you want to have a memorable and enjoyable stay, it is ideal to visit Europe during the months of May, June and September. Aside from the lesser crowds and good weather, the prices in all forms are cheaper and reasonable which is convenient for backpackers and budget travellers.

Transportation in Europe
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There are direct flights going to Europe from different airline companies around the world. When you arrive in Europe, there are metered taxis available that can take you to your hotel accommodation. Usually, the safe and reliable ones are in top countries like France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Spain and much more. Most of the time, if you book a tour package online, you will be fetched by your hotel’s vehicle from the airport grounds going to your chosen place.

Trains are also a good mode of transportation in Europe. Most travellers use this to cross one country to another border. There are a lot of train companies that offers good service. There is this ticket called Eurail pass which can be used as a mode of transport to travel across Europe’s best places. It is highly recommended to buy your ticket online before arriving at your destination. The only downside of using trains is that it will take you long hours before you arrive at your place, but it is still a much realistic and cheaper option than booking a pricey plane ticket for a one hour flight.

Hotels in Europe
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Where to stay in #Europe #travel

There are many extravagant and affordable accommodations in Europe, especially in top destinations like France, Germany, Italy, Greece and Spain. Here are just some of the most recommended hotels by travellers across the globe:

  1. Hotel Vert – If you are coming to France, this is the perfect hotel for you. This simple hotel is situated in the heart of Le Mont – Saint-Michel just about one kilometre away from the northwestern coast and just a walk away from the great Mont Saint Michel Abbey. Price ranges from 69€ inclusive of breakfast buffet, free wi-fi access and bike rentals.
  2. Hotel Eiffel Seine – This hotel is great for those who doesn’t want to move away from the heart of France. Price ranges from 95€ inclusive of free breakfast and wi-fi plus the wonderful view of the Eiffel Tower from your balcony.
  3. B&B Hotel Koblenz – This hotel is a great deal for people visiting Koblenz in Germany because aside from the hotel being great, you are also close to the vineyards and the gateway of the castles of the Rhine Gorge. Price ranges from 65€.
  4. Arion Athens Hotel – This is one of the most affordable hotels in Athens, Greece. Availing a room here is a great way to maximise your stay in Athens because this hotel is just a few minutes away from the top destinations in Greece like the Acropolis Monument and Parthenon. Price ranges from 56€.
  5. Hotel Ibis Como – Como, Italy is one of the most picturesque places on earth. To live there is every traveller’s dream and through Hotel Ibis Como, you will be able to experience being a resident of Como even just for a short period of time. This is one of the most recommended hotels in Como. Price ranges from 50€ inclusive of free breakfast.
  6. Hotel Europark – This is one of the closest hotels to the very famous Basilica I Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família. Hotel Europark is just at the centre of Barcelona and is not far from shopping malls and restaurants. Price ranges from 65€.

Many travellers prefer to book hotels near tourist attractions so they won’t have to spend much on transportation anymore, especially if you can just walk to get there. While others are fond of looking for cheap and affordable hotels, there are also a lot of people who are saving up money just to experience the many luxury hotels across Europe. It really depends on the person, what matters is that you enjoy and make use of your time efficiently during your vacation.

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Mark Aldrin Hipolito is a daytime writer for Slow Tours, an Australian online agency that provides intimate getaways with tours of Europe’s most charming and breathtaking places. Mark also enjoys travelling to different places and he uses his experiences as inspiration for writing.



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