Warm the Trip Up with Trekking at Ranikhet

People who frequently indulge in trekking, know that this is not just an adventure sport. It takes you to the deepest secrets of the natural environment of a region. When you enter in a natural habitat, the place presents all of its offerings to the person and one can feel those offerings through all of his six senses.



Yes, six senses! The aroma of the green plants and trees melts with the oxygen and become a delight for your nose. The ears hear the sound of the inner soul among the singing birds and waving breeze. Eyes get the benefit of seeing all the vivid colors of mother nature, while the skin revives itself with the touch of soft petals of flowers.

 On the other hand, the trekkers can taste the juicy fruits offered by the trees. But the most amazing is the unexplainable peace that the sixth sense gets during the whole experience. The peace which only trekkers can understand.

 The experience of trekking enhances the beauty of the region you choose. And Ranikhet, also known as the Queen’s field, offers some of the most beautiful trek paths in the country. The valleys and mountain ranges around this town are like the heavenly gifts sent by the God for trekkers only. One gets a lot of options here and different levels of difficulty offer a chance to experience the region even to newbie trekkers.

 When you plan to trek in the region, stay at any Ranikhet resortso that, you can easily reach most of the following trekking sites.

 1. Pindari Glacier Trek

 Located in the Kumaon region, this trekking site has a moderate level of difficulty, so, even amateur trekkers can have fun in the snow-capped mountains. The glacier offers beautiful views of Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot Mountains, and the wildlife of the southern Nanda Devi Sanctuary.

 2. Ralam Valley and Birje Ganga Pass Trek

 It is a porter based trek and the route brings the views of the beautiful peaks of Rajrambha, Chirang, and Chaudhara, and Suitilla. The trek starts at the Munsyari, which is in the Kumaon region too.

 3. Sunder Dunga Trek

‘Sunder’ means beautiful and ‘Dunga’ means stones. As the name suggests, the valley of Sunder Dunga gives the mesmerizing views of Maktoli and Sukhram glaciers from both the sides. This one also has a moderate level of difficulty and lures trekkers from all around the world.

 4. Panchchulli Glacier and Darma valley Trek

 Situated in the eastern Kumaon Himalayan region, this trekking site is famous for the snow-capped peaks and extraordinary scenic beauty of Darma valley. People looking for a great experience of the natural offerings of the trekking can choose this trek with their eyes closed. The site brings you a combination of all possible beauty that nature can offer.

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 So, plan your trekking trip with your friends and family. Or, come alone to get lost in the beauty of Ranikhet. You can stay at a Ranikhet hotel too. They also offer various trekking trips around the region.


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