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Sailing in White Sunday Islands

Australia is a paradise for sailors, with many amazing destinations to explore. Whether you want to cruise, race, or learn, there is a sailing destination for you. The Kimberley region: Hamilton Island: The Whitsunday Islands: The Kimberley region: Hamilton Island: Cruising: 3-Night Whitsundays Private Charter Aboard Cruising Yacht Milady Racing: Learning: 4 Day & 3 …

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Spiciness in Food

How to reduce spiciness in food? There are several ways to reduce the spiciness of a dish with green chilies, depending on the type and amount of chilies you use, the other ingredients in the dish, and your personal preference. Does adding or squeezing a lemon reduce the spiciness of food? Source: (1) 6 Quick …

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Green chilli wine

Green chilli wine

Have you tried making green chili wine? Here are some general steps that you can follow to make your own green chili wine at home: Source- 1) Chili Pepper Wine : 3 Steps – Instructables. (2) Green Chile Wine – Gastro Obscura. (3) Hatch Green Chili Wine: A Unique And Flavorful Beverage. How long does …

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