Love is eternal

Love is eternal, it does not ever die. To get true love, there’s a hue and cry. For it, people fret, fume, cry and sigh. […]

What is Eurythmy? It’s a path to self- knowledge

Eurythmy is not dance, nor mime, but an art of movement, wherein speech and music are made visible through the conscious movements of the limbs. […]

Let’s decode: Steampunk – an alternate genre!

Steampunk refers to that genre in fiction and films that deal with the rise of industrialization in America and England with the use of steam […]

Free books from Amazon for World Book Day!

Amazon is giving away nine free Kindle books in celebration of World Book Day – don’t miss these! (click the books!) Link ~ April 19, […]

Live, Work, And Study In Australia For A Year With These 3 Types Of Visa

Whether it’s a short week-long globetrotting or a search for employment and education opportunities, Australia has got a lot to offer to its foreign visitors. […]

Not a bad way to spend a Friday at the Knowledge Factory

Last week, I received an invite for an event called Knowledge Factory from Blogadda. It was a great opportunity for networking with celebrities like Riccha […]

What can international schooling do for your children?

With global competition for an opportunity of all kinds continuing to heat up, the pressure to make the right choices for your child’s future is […]

At the book launch of ‘Buried Seeds’ by Chef Vikas Khanna

I love watching Masterchef India so could not resist this invitation Chef Vikas Khanna is an award-winning Michelin Starred Indian Chef, restaurateur, cookbook writer, filmmaker, […]

Classics its Classy!- A Children’s Concert

At all Classics-it’s classy concerts, you are welcome to move and to dance, to sing along when suggested by the conductor, and to answer questions. […]

Solo Artists- Music by Children

Children have incorporated varied interests in the early school days from dancing, singing, music, sports in their academic year. The schools have introduced this into […]