10 Appetizing Trends in Confectionery Packaging

The packaging is the essential element of any product as it provides protection to the product from any external damage and presents it beautifully to the buyers. Due to this, every market from confectionary to toys, and from food products to daily use products, focus on creating an appealing package for their product.

The need for effective packaging is more significant in confectionary products because the flavour and aroma need to be protected. Furthermore, confectionary packaging also helps in providing the healthy and hygienic end product to the customers.

Along with all of this, the most attracting confectionary packaging seduces the taste buds of viewers, especially kids who already love candies and chocolates! In this way, it boosts the sale of the products as well.

Due to its so many benefits, confectionary manufacturers follow various packaging trends to make their product appetizing.

Let’s have a look at top 10 confectionary packaging trends:

  1. A Special Focus on Aesthetics and Design:

With the aim to attract more consumers, confectionary companies are focusing on the aesthetics and design elements of the packaging. Yes, a packet is no more a mere protection layer, but it is a tool to market the product and communicate with the buyers.


This is the main reason why you can easily find attractive designs, innovative aesthetics and unique texts on your sweets packet. Confectionary products like candies, lollipops and chocolates focus more on such things to attract kids.

2. Sustainable Packaging is Stealing the Limelight:

As people are becoming more familiar with their duty to save the environment, they have become more inclined towards sustainable and environment-friendly packaging. In such a scenario, confectionary brands are moving towards plastic-free sustainable packages.

sustainable packaging

Big companies like Nestle are substituting the plastic straws with paper and more biodegradable alternatives. Like this, many prominent companies are moving to either paper-based or recycle-able ways of packaging.

3. Single-Serving Packaging Fulfils Everyone’s Dream:

People who avoid taking sugar-based products for maintaining their diet plan can now have a taste of it! The single-serve packaging is making it easy for people to buy confectionaries that contain only a bite or one piece of the product.

single -serve packaging

These packets are helping such people in controlling their sweet cravings. Moreover, kids who can’t keep their hands off the chocolate packet after opening it can be satisfied as they eat the entire product from a single-serve packet!

4. Mini-Sized Packaging for a Healthy Lifestyle:

Mini-sized packets are much similar to the single-serve trend. The basic difference is that some confectionery products can be separated for single packages, while others can’t. For example, a big muffin or a big pastry won’t fulfil the health purpose of single-serve packaging.

mini-sized packaging

So, such product manufacturers are launching mini versions of the same products which health-conscious people can eat in one go without much calories intake.

5. Stir and Eat Packaging is Customers’ Favourite:

Confectionary products that contain moist and crunchy ingredients are moving towards stir and eat packaging. This type of packaging allows them to keep the wet and dry ingredients of the product separate until a person mixes it to eat.

These packages also attract kids as they love to do something different rather than just opening a packet and eating the product.

6. Multi-Unit Packaging for Sharing Buddies:

Multi-unit packaging is also in the trend as it is perfect for people who avoid visiting the markets on a regular basis. These packets contain many small packets of the same product such as lollipops, chocolates, wafer biscuits etc.

Multi-unit packages are ideal for sharing, and buyers can also save some amount by buying a single bulk packet instead of small ones. Mostly, all the confectionary brands have launched multi-unit packages for storing purposes.

7. Easy to Open Convenience Packaging:

Packages that are convenient to open and store the product for future consumption are considered best among the customers. People are so busy in their life that they find 3-4 layer packaging quite annoying to open especially when they are feeling hungry or in a hurry.

So, confectionary companies are launching easy to open packages that even kids can open without any extra efforts. Plastic stand-up pouches are one such example. They are lightweight as well as easy to open and use.

8. Reseal-able and Portable Packages Cut the Struggle:

Usually, confectionary products like sweets contain a syrupy substance which makes it quite difficult for people to carry them outside their house. This becomes a much bigger problem, especially when the packet or box is opened once. Considering this, many confectionary manufacturing companies are moving to this packaging trend.

The packets which are re-closable and easily portable are gaining popularity nowadays. You can find many packets that can be resealed with Velcro, zippers etc. People can easily carry such packets to their workplace or kids can take them to school without any mess.

9. Health-Focused Messages on the Front-of-Pack:

People check the amount of glutton, fats and other health-related elements before buying confectionaries. People are interested in knowing “what is not added in the product” more than “what is added in the product”. That’s why companies are adding this health-related information on the front of the pack to gain more attention.

messages on front of the pack

You must have seen messages like “100% glutton free” on the front of many confectionary packaging. This is done mainly to highlight that healthy aspect of the product to gain more health-conscious customers.

10. Box Packaging for Serving Gifting Purposes:

Many confectionaries manufacturers also launch big beautiful boxes that contain a few products from their company. These boxes are specially designed for gifting purposes. You have seen many boxes of famous companies like Cadbury, Haldirams etc. during the festive season.

The trend of these packages in the confectionery market is very strong because sweets and other such products are mainly exchanged by people on festivals like Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas etc. So, innovative boxes containing varied items are produced by all the big companies to gain benefits of the festive season.

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