5 Wonderful Benefits of Travelling

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Human civilization, as a collective conception, has always been comprised of a multitude of races – along with their corresponding cultural codes that provide each denomination with its own distinctive vibrancy (against the backdrop of the whole). But all these races conform to the same species of Homo sapiens; indicating that they (by their natural design) are meant to intermingle with each other, and perhaps even cohabitate to produce interracial offspring. With a centurylink directv and Internet plan, you can surf through many online resources that detail the evolution of the species, and how different communities came to inhabit disparate pieces of land over time.

Travelling as More than Just a ‘Getaway’ Exercise

Travelling, of course, has always constituted the best mechanism available to the species to achieve this socially-charged end of ‘meeting each other’ – and its contemporary variant seems to have much to offer to people (in a seemingly unprecedented number of ways) on this important front.

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Whereas in the older days people had to rely on a combination of camels, horses, cattle and donkeys (and an entire range of livestock animals) to sojourn across large territorial distances, and make do with elongate wooden ships to contend against the sheer violence of the earth’s oceans and seas, modern-day man has many technological advantages at his disposal to alleviate the bulk of these concerns.

These expeditions (as they were usually filled with all manner of unexpected adventures) normally took several weeks and months to accomplish – making people only willing to make them if they wanted to settle in their destination permanently.

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Reaping the Advantages Ushered in by Modernity

People nowadays have the luxury of travelling through incredibly fast airplanes and luxury ocean liners, which allow them to reach their intended earthly locations – no matter how spatially removed they may be from their current habitation spots – roughly in a matter of hours at best. And this drive towards increasing speeds (and lessening timeframes) has reaped in considerable benefits for the tourism industry at large, which intrinsically depends on these new-age transportation amenities for the success of its myriad of constituting commercial ventures.

As a lifelong traveler myself (one whose passport needs to be reapplied – for a fresh copy – after every couple of years), I have benefitted greatly from my journeys across the globe; and am continually left to marvel at how some people can still manage to remain disconnected from their larger earthly collectives.

With the Centurylink promotions (or some other such high-speed Internet provision), you can go through many news stories and articles that give vent to the narrow and myopic mindsets of the individuals who eschew any form of travelling or cross-cultural exchanges. As such, it is quite common for some (but not all) of these people to exhibit xenophobic tendencies against those individuals who hail from different sociocultural settings than theirs; deeming them to be ‘outsiders’.


An Experiential List (on the Benefits of Travelling)

In this post, I have tried to list some of these positives (as they have come to be consolidated in my life, since I first booked a plane ticket to Milan more than 15 years ago), in the hope that you – if you don’t much fancy straying a certain distance away from your home town – will become motivated enough to plan a trip of your own.

These pointers, which are both descriptive, and to a lesser degree prescriptive, total five in number.

And if you, by some fortunate stroke of luck, do end up becoming an avid traveler yourself, I hope you’ll get to experience the novelty that going to new places, and meeting a different set of people than the ones you’re used to, brings to your life…my earnest prayer for you!

  1. The first benefit that I normally tend to associate with travelling (and which I make sure to start off my public speeches on the subject with) pertains to its unrivalled potential to open-up minds, and remove ill-conceived prejudices & misconceptions that people seem to have regarding other cultures and nationalities.

In my long series of interactions with all kinds of people (belonging to virtually all ethnic communities, and socioeconomic cadres within their narrow and/or globalized societal spheres), I have come to acknowledge that most people of exclusivist lot are generally immune to the normally mind-altering influence of facts and empirical evidence.

They’d much rather rely on their feelings (and other subjective criteria) to form their opinions; something for which direct & in-person communication with the alleged outsider proves to be a perfect fit or remedy.

I personally see this as the most commendable aspect of travelling.

  1. Travelling is a great way to experience the beauty of nature, and the people who tend to make it more vibrant through their lived contributions. It makes one automatically appreciate (and romanticize) over the grand order of the Creator, or Intelligent Design – depending on their personal convictions.

This mode of sojourning not only opens up ones mindset in an expansive manner, it also tends to endow one with the feeling of actually having ‘lived’ and experienced what the world has to offer.

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  1. When considered from a different angle, travelling also comprises one of the most powerful ways of seeking some creative inspiration. Since time immemorial, nature has been man’s greatest muse; with most artists trying to encapsulate its reflected glory on their respective canvases.

By witnessing the great and variable topographical features that are widespread everywhere one chances to gaze on this beautiful planet that we all call home, it becomes only a matter of projecting our received perceptions through the artsy medium of our choice into something concrete.

And creating a stellar masterpiece, thereafter.

  1. For some people recovering from an illness, or the downright exhaustion that comes with living a mundane existence day after day, travelling to exotic and faraway locations can serve as a great panacea for the soul.

Not only does it usually succeed in soothing tired nerves, it also acts as a potent force for begetting some much-needed rejuvenation for the beleaguered individual – making him/her ready to face the onslaught of life’s inevitable challenges once again.

  1. Lastly, travelling often comes about as a necessary endeavor for some people in search of gaining more lucrative employment opportunities elsewhere.

Nowadays, it is very common to find the local marketplace (and job sphere) saturated by a large number of professional workers looking to occupy some coveted position in a particular working place. In such cases, many qualified individuals choose to travel abroad, where they often end up attaining better employment opportunities than the ones made available in their home countries.

Checking Out Some Travelling Sites

Before setting out to travel, it is often a good idea to conduct some local research on travel-related online platforms like TripAdvisor and Travelocity (among many others) – in order to become cognizant of precisely what you may be in for in your travel chosen travel destinations.

Through the Centurylink Internet Customer Service, and the resulting signing-up of one of the said vendor’s acclaimed Internet plans, this task can be accomplished with considerable ease.

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