9 Reasons Your UAE Visa May Be Rejected

Are you planning your visit to UAE this season? Though it sounds quite exciting but going through the legal procedures can be really exhausting. Things get even more difficult when people apply for the new visa or visa renewal for the regions like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In fact, there is a medical test for visa renewal in Abu Dhabi that one must undergo in order to get the visa renewed. That’s not primarily necessary that everyone, who applies for the UAE Visa, gets it very easily.

Furthermore, many people are still ambiguous that why their UAE visa application was rejected.

Major reasons as to why your UAE visa application gets rejected

So let’s check out some major reasons as to why your UAE visa application gets rejected;

  1. Females under 22 that are travelling without their parent or relatives would either get rejected or would be fenced with a delay in approval of the visa application.
  2. The profession you are intending to get along with in UAE is another significant factor. For instance; you will get the visa very easily if you have applied as the business person or some IT job. On the other hand, people who are willing to head on as laborers and farmers are more likely to get rejected.
  3. Applicants, who come up with the hand written passport copies by nationalities like Pakistan and Bangladesh, are automatically rejected by the UAE Immigration.
  4. In case the applicants have any sort of previous criminal record such as offense, fraud or even any type of conduct committed in the UAE region, will be rejected automatically.
  5. Visa rejection can also be because of the previously applied tourist visa, who didn’t enter the country. To get an approval, travel agency PRO or sponsor should go to the immigration in order to clear the previous Visa. The tourist visa often expires after 60 days.
  6. Those Applicants, who previously applied for employment visa through a company but didn’t enter the country are likely to face this rejection. For an approval, the PRO of travel agency or sponsor will go to the Immigration to clear the previous employment Visa. This process might take few days.
  7. Any sort of Typo Errors will lead straight to the rejection of Visa. Errors like Name, Passport Number and profession code are often the cause of delayed approval or most probably the rejection.
  8. The visa will possibly get rejected if the photo of the passport copies are either not clear or blurred when applied in the online UAE Immigration system. For the obvious reasons, any ambiguities with the applicants’ identities will cause issues for the applicants at some in this process.
  9. In case the applicant is diagnosed with the TB, or HIV AIDS through medical test for visa renewal in Abu Dhabi, this will lead to the straight rejection.


People get badly fenced with their professional decisions when they get their UAE visa rejected. What are actually the reasons behind the visa rejection?

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