Best Adventure Activities and Destinations in Uttarakhand

Best Adventure Activities & Destinations in Uttarakhand

At a Glance :

  • Region: Himalaya’s northwestern region
  • Regional Language: Kumaoni, Garhwali
  • Capital City : Dehradun
  • Perfect Visiting Time: Month of October till June

Along with natural beauty, Uttarakhand state has been blessed by adventure structure. More than just a holiday spot, it is majorly renowned as the best place in India to practice adventure sports along with the company of adorable and refreshing nature. The majority of tourists of Uttarakhand visit this thrilling place to refresh their minds, and bodies and add some spicy thrill to their exhausting life. At the green mountain, you can see extensive wildlife which is hidden, deep gorges, the meadows all these factors are enough to attract adventure and nature freaks to explore this exotic place. Glaciers, covered peaks, rich flora and fauna, and valleys all these elements have made this state a perfect place to try adventurous sports. The popular adventure activities are such as safari, trekking, rafting, and skiing and there are some more fishing, angling, mountaineering, rock climbing, nature camps, canoeing, etc. Apart from these, trekking in Uttarakhand has a massive following among young adults and is also popularly called the Trekking Paradise of India. Following are some popular adventure spots, where you can enjoy your holiday thoroughly.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal trek, Uttarakhand

Second in the list is Dayara Bugyal Trek with its originating point in Uttarakhand. Counted amongst the most beautiful regions in India, it takes you to an elevation of around 10,000 ft. above sea level. Offering breathtakingly beautiful views of some of the high mighty Himalayan peaks; the trek is considered easy and interesting for trekking in India. The best season to enjoy trekking here is May to November. In winter, the region enjoys heavy snowfall that gives travelers another reason to explore the white natural beauty.

Adi Kailash Trek

Adi Kailash trek, Uttarakhand

This is a nice place to enjoy trekking for about twenty-three days. it is also famous as Chotta Kailash. The entire area is adorned with serenity, natural beauty, and peace. During Adi Kailash trekking, you will get a chance to get a sight of the snowy peak, huge forests, Annapurna, and wildflowers. You will really feel that it is an imitation of Mount Kailash, due to a number of features, it is also very near to the border of Indo -Tibetan. At each foot of Mount Kailash, you will find Gauri Kund, here you can see the reflection image of Mt. Kailash. From this location, you can easily reach Parvati Sarovar, which is also popular as Mansarovar, but the size of this sarovar is not as broad as the real one. This place also has religious beliefs, due to the presence of Lord Shiva’s temple, over Sarvovar’s bank, local people have built this temple. Once you put your foot inside this Temple, you will get an idea of why God has chosen this place to stay.

High Trekking Altitude

If you are in the mood to experience extremely thrilling and adventurous trekking then suppose that this place is only made for you. It is located on Nandanvan’s eastern side, which goes towards Ghastoli. The height of this place is about 5967 meters. You can get an interesting trekking experience in Arwa Tal.

Kedarnath & Vasuki Tal

Kedarnath and Vasuki tal

The altitude of this location is around 3584 kilometers. This place is very beneficial because at this one place, you will not only enjoy the breathtaking trekking but you will also get a chance to worship God. It is renowned due to both features. The temple has been built at the base of Kedarnath’s peak; it has been constructed by the Pandavas. The point from where you have to start your journey is Gauri Kund.



This is a very holy place that is famous due to its spiritual epics and huge interest in devout pilgrimage. It is a sacred spot for the Hindus, people come to this place to put their prayers in front of the Yamuna Goddess. After reaching here, pilgrims first take a divine dip in the holy river water, here you will also get to see the natural hot water springs.

Gangotri Kedarnath

After reaching here, you will fall in love with this place’s beauty, because the entire trekking route of Gangotri Kedarnath is surrounded by picturesque beauty, which attracts a huge number of adventurous people and tourists from many years. It is hugely connected to spiritual Hindu pilgrimages; Kedarnath and Gangotri are the two prime attractive spots for devotees.

Kempty  Fall Trekking

Kempty fall trekking

The capital city Dehradun is a very large place, which has been spread over 1880 sq. kilometers. Dehradun’s farmers are attracted to this part of the Himalayas, due to suitable alluvial soil and climate, at present this place has been developed as educational institutions and research like Public Schools, Military academy, Forest Research Institute, and many more educational organizations.



It is located on the foothills of the Garhwal ranges; at this place, Nag Tibba is located, and on the northeastern side Mussoorie is placed. The place where Mussoorie is located is about three thousand eighty-four meters. This is a favorite place of mountaineers, trekkers, photographers, and nature lovers, Mussoorie city is itself a very renowned hill station. It is situated over the saddle and, the best moment which you will spend here would be sunrise, the whole look of Mussoorie city is unbelievable, it is no less than any shining diamond.



Getting a chance to trek over Kedarnath would be definitely one of the dreams of trekking freaks because it is amazing and breathtaking. The adventurous structure and beauty of this place are attracting a number of trekkers. If you are in search of trekking spots then you won’t get a perfect spot than Kedarnath.

Hemkund Trekking:

Hemkund trekking

Hemkund is a very spiritual place because it includes the holy Sikh religion’s shrine, it is situated on the foot part of Hemkund Lake; its height is about 4320 meters. It is very popular due to the presence of holiness; the Sikh religion’s tenth Guru Gobind Singh divine shrine is located at this place. After a long time of meditation, he was joined to God, which he had done in his previous birth. The mention of Hemkund can be found in Guru Gobind Singh’s autobiography; this autobiography has inspired 2 spiritual Sikhs.

White Water Rafting:

Uttarakhand state’s Garhwal and Kumaon Rivers are the perfect Rivers to try River rafting. If you love water sports and wish to add some thrill to your life, then visit this place. Himalaya’s altitude is a center of origin; a number of Indian Rivers have been born here along with icy winds. All these Rivers are coursed through a number of streams. The whole view of rivers when they run from the mountain’s top over rocks by cutting gorges is just marvelous. There are big and strange rocks that increase the breathtaking beauty of this place.

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