Best Places In October

What are the best places to travel in Europe in October?

October is, in general, a great month to travel, because it’s low season, and even though it is getting colder in some European countries, it’s still mild enough to enjoy sightseeing. Also, in northern and central Europe, Autumn is beginning which paints the trees in beautiful autumn colours!

Personally, I think the following are the best European destinations in October:


Alhambra Granada Spain fortress palace building
Alhambra Granada Spain fortress palace building

The tourists have gone, the summer heat has lessened considerably, but it’s still a beautiful temperature of around 24C and the sun is shining. So, perfect weather to explore the old Spanish cities, and still warm enough to enjoy a nice beach day. Sevilla, Granada, and Valencia are among the top cities to visit in Spain.


Algrave Sea, Portugal
Portugal Algarve Sea

Portugal is a beautiful country, and places such as Lisbon, Porto, and Algarve and slowly but surely becoming top vacation destinations in Europe. Just like Spain, Portugal is still pleasantly warm in October, which enables you to see all the sights without breaking into constant sweat.


Image result for Calabria
Praia A Mare Calabria Italy, Pixabay

Praia A Mare Calabria Italy

The southern part of Italy is a great place to visit in October as it is also low season, so flights are cheap, but it’s still beautiful weather, meaning that you could still go to the beach and soak up some sun! Calabria has stunning beaches with crystal clear water and Puglia has beautiful landscapes and rich history. I think these two regions are very underrated, but they are such great places to visit. And did I mention the amazing Italian food?!


Amsterdam channel Netherlands, Europe,
Amsterdam channel Netherlands

And let’s not forget Northern Europe. Yes, it can be rainy and windy and dreary. But if you catch Amsterdam on a stunning and crisp Autumn day, it will blow your mind away. Seeing the canal waters reflecting the colorful autumn trees is definitely a sight to behold.

So, what are your best places to visit in October?

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