Best Places of Interest in Singapore

Singapore is the place of romance and luxury. Believe it or not, the small-town state has more wealth than anywhere else in the world. Moreover, Singapore is not only about high-end shopping malls and luxury hotel rooms. You can also enjoy fine wine, some family and couple-friendly attractions to experience, diverse culture to soak yourself, and history to explore. The public places are also very serene and calm that you will enjoy spending your time here with your close ones.

Moreover, Singapore public transportation is getting more convenient and more comfortable day by day. If you understand their metro system, you can quickly move from the town to another town in a jiffy. Also, there would be no language problems as English is their common language and you can converse freely with the nation. Singapore is a fascinating Southeast Asian nation, and you can experience your stay here with your mates as long as you are not comparing it with its fellow countries Thailand or Vietnam, in terms of money.

Undoubtedly, the Merlion City is rich in heritage, so tons of places are there to visit and to do. Here we have shared our best picks. Have a look and just go for it.

A Beautiful Travel Attraction, Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the bay, best places in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay is indeed almost every traveller’s first choice to put it in the bucket list. Why not? The place is so beautiful that it feels like you are living in an imaginative world. The Marina Bay has the most amazing Supertree Grove and becomes even quieter at night. The Gardens by the Bay have so many attractions including Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, where visitors are ought to stop by. You can also opt for the promenade to enjoy a fine dine with your fellow travellers.

Don’t Forget to Visit Little India and Arab Street

Little India, best places in Singapore

In Singapore, Little India and Arab Street are also the two central displays that backpackers crave to experience. The place feels like a lost paradise with so many little shops, luxury cafes, and historical heritages. Also, when you visit the Arab Street, you get to experience some old-age structures, shopping malls, delicious Arabian cuisines, and more. When it comes to Little Indian, you enjoy a small community of Indian foods and culture that leave you wanting for more. In this place, you also get to visit several shopping malls and eateries that offer Indian cuisines. Also, don’t forget to visit the most famous Indian Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple here.

See the City from Singapore Flyer

Singapore flyer, best places in Singapore

If you catch the view of Singapore from the above, you will notice it is a heavenly pleasure. You get a view of the entire place from the high flyer, and the sunset looks fantastic in this sightseer point. The Singapore Flyer is an investigation dynamo, which is Asia’s one of the most massive giant wheels. The best thing about the ride is that kids love it!

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