Best places of interest in the Philippines

The Philippines is an amazing country in Asia, where the main attraction is the clear and crystal bluish-green water of the ocean. The Philippines is all about islands, and in fact, it’s made up of more than 7000 islands. This beautiful place in this corner of the world is a treat to sore eyes. Travel to the Philippines to gain your inner calm, and your outer adventurer form.


Borcay, Philippines

This place is crazy! It’s a small island, with a number of beaches. The famous White Island runs along the West coast, backed up by a number of lush green palm trees. Bulabog Beach becomes a spot for water sports, because of the high winds from the East coast. The beautiful Mount Luho gives you a serene image of the spectacular panoramic view over the island.


Banue, Philippines

The most fascinating thing in Banaue is it’s rice terraces. The strikingly beautiful terraces, which are emerald green in colour, are the agricultural wonders of this country. During sunrise, when the fog and the cloud lifts over the place, it becomes the most beautiful spectacle to watch the intricate landscape of the terrace farms.


Vigan, Philippines

The most charming town of the country, Vigan is located in the Luzon region. The Spanish and the Chinese cultural influences is the beauty here. Colonial architecture, of Spanish origin, can be explored on the streets of Vigan, which are full of life. One of the top picks in this town, is the Bantay Bell Tower, which is also a landmark in the town. The most perfect and breath-taking place to be, in this city, is the St. Paul Central Cathedral, where people sit and observe as they absorb the local culture.


The capital city of the Philippines, Manila is located on Luzon, where the streets are full of life and activity. The colourful jeepneys, the main form of local transport there, gives a ride along with the taste of local culture. The kitschy jeep cum bus ride is a thing to remember about the whole Philippines trip. Rizal Park, St. Agustin Church, and Quiapo church are the places to spend your quality time.

Manila, Phillippines

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