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Eight Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Hotel Stay

8 hacks to get out of your hotel stay

Hotels are traveller’s temporary homes. They have different amenities, like elegant interiors, cozy bedrooms, gorgeous bathrooms, relaxing balcony views, state-of-the-art public facilities, and warm customer service, which make their guests feel at home. Hotels make you feel nothing but bliss – until it’s time to see the bill.

Hacks for best hotel stay

Let’s admit it. Hotel accommodations are quite expensive. And we’re not just talking about the five-star hotels but all hotels in general. The only way to relieve yourself after spending a couple of dollars for a three-night stay is the fact that you got the best of what you have paid for.

From the tricks in receiving exceptional hotel experience at a lower cost to the list of goods and services you can get for free, here are eight hacks in making the most out of your hotel stay.

8 hacks for making the most of your #hotelstay

Don’t book on discount sites

Thinking of booking on discount sites? Then expect a discounted experience as well. According to Jacob Tomsky, a prominent personality in the hotel industry and author of Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, And So-Called Hospitality, reservations made through Internet discount sites are often reserved for the worst hotel rooms.

Hotels usually set aside a certain block of rooms for third-party platforms and save the best rooms and more variety for direct bookings. Additionally, you can negotiate if you call the hotel directly.

Use the time to your advantage

Great timing is key if you want to get the best out of the hotel’s service. If you don’t want to get upset that your room isn’t ready yet, don’t show up at 11 a.m. when your check-in time is 2 pm. For sure, you don’t want the housekeepers to rush in preparing your room. If you have a special request, don’t call between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. for these are rush hours. Chances are receptionists are serving a long line of guests and they may not be able to process your request effectively.

Still hoping to score an upgrade? Checking in near the end of the day might work. Hotels have a greater sense of occupancy during this time and are more likely to offer available upgrades.

Ask for a corner room

“All rooms are the basically the same”- this is probably one of the top lies of a front desk agent. If you want to have a better room for the same price, always opt for a corner room. These rooms, no matter what floor you’re on, tend to have a square footage.

 Corner rooms also allow you to witness more scenic views from your balcony or windowpane. Just be discreet when asking for an upgrade, especially when other guests are waiting to be assisted.

Request a fresh bed as soon as you arrive

Most hotels wash the sheets everyday but blankets only get washed once a week. Bedspreads, on the other hand, are usually washed once a month, unless there’s a visible stain.

 Never pay for the minibar

Minibar fees are outrageous, and most guests choose not to touch the cabinet to avoid fees. However, you don’t have to pay for the items you consume (or steal) from the minibar. Why? Minibars are known as the most disputed charges on a hotel bill. Delays in checking and restocking, double stocking, keystroke errors, moving rooms and other mistakes make the charges of the minibar the most voided item.

Even if you claimed to never have touched those items even if you did, the hotel management will never accuse you of lying. They won’t go through your trash bin, searching for an empty bag of Lay’s you consumed yesterday.

Steal the toiletries

Or should we say, “take advantage” of the free toiletries? In contrary to what you think, hotels love it when you take home their soap, shampoo, lotion, sanitizer, and other stuff. That is why they put their business name or logo on them. If you want other free hotel stuff, all you must do is pick up the phone and ask.

However, you’re still not entitled to everything. Stealing the bathrobe, bedspreads, pillows, towels, coat hangers, and even toilet seat covers is a different story.

Be a smart complainer

Have complaints? Instead of hysterically talking to the front desk agent, respond in a calm manner, briefly outline your problem and ask whom you should speak with to have the concern addressed. It would also be great to offer a solution if you have one.

Another way to make sure the attendant won’t just nod and forget to solve your problem is by getting his or her name. Just casually say, “I’ll drop by at your desk later to make sure everything has been taken care of, James” and expect the identified employee to be as attentive to your concern as possible.

Tip wisely

The bellman, valet, doorman, and housekeepers can either be friends or foes. Take care of them and you’ll get a higher reward of service; treat them badly and you’ll get, well, nothing special. And since most of them are paid minimum wage, there’s only one word to make them happy – tip.

A decent tip may get a long way. Jacob Tomsky recalled, “when I feel that $20 (£12) you slipped me burning in my pocket, I will find that upgrade for you, as well as other options like late checkout, free movies, free minibar, room service amenities, and more. I’ll do whatever it takes to deserve the tip and then a little bit more in the hope that you’ll hit me again.”


Carmina Natividad is a writer who has always been passionate about giving in to her wanderlust and collecting mementoes from different places. She also enjoys writing for Holiday Inn, a modern hotel in Western Sydney known for their exceptional accommodation, service, and location, which appeals to travellers in Australia.

8 hacks to get out of your hotel stay


All you need to know about citizenship, residency & golden visa

Citizenship,residency, Golden Visa,travel tips

The terminology of immigration and citizenship may be confusing as phrases such as second passport, economic citizenship, residency, citizenship by investment and golden visa is often used in conjunction. It would only make us believe as if they’re all the same thing but careful look at the investment programs to be a legal citizen or resident reveals all are different so it’s important to clear the concepts and remove elements of ambiguity.

Visa requirements for Dominica Residents, citizenship, residency & golden visa, travel, travel tips
Visa requirements for Dominica Residents

Citizenship & passport

“Citizenship” as per Oxford dictionary refers to the “status or position of being a citizen of a particular state” whereby a citizen is “legally recognised subject or national of a state or commonwealth, be it naturalised or native”.

Applying for citizenship means that you wish to be a legal citizen or national of the specific country. But being a citizen also means you must be entitled owning a passport (not obligatory and rules may change from one country to another). Contrary to a flawed data, an individual can’t have a passport of a country unless a legal citizen, though, you may find some exceptions for Panama.

Dual or multiple citizenships is term entitled to those holding more than one citizenship. It applies to individuals who’ve parents of different nationalities and thus inherits the citizenship status while immigrating to a new country and thus become naturalised. Here, it’s important noting that people who get naturalised are generally those willing to invest a substantial amount in country’s investment, especially in a government-owned project.

There isn’t any limit on the number of citizenships and passports one can own but they’re those having more than three passports. Some countries ask applicants to renounce their existing citizenship as eligibility criteria. In such case, holding two (dual) nationalities simultaneously is impossible depending on laws.


Citizenship by investment and residency are totally the opposite thing. When a candidate qualifies to be a resident of a country, he’s permitted to reside within the state as per visa terms. As a resident and not a citizen, a person isn’t entitled to a passport as he isn’t a citizen of the country.

Residency isn’t permanent (unlike citizenship) and when the first residency is bestowed, usually on the residency visa, it requires time to time renewal so that a person may continue working and residing in a country legally

Still, residency can be permanent which is usually referred to as ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) or PR (Permanent Resident). Some states award the title following a substantial investment from the applicant’s end while others ask staying in the country for a number of years that can be anywhere from three to five and even eight!

Golden visa

While not an official visa genre, Golden Visa generally represents residency permit issued by mutual coordination of countries in the European Union basically to non-EU citizens who qualify the investment programme requisites. Most of these programmes ask to invest a substantial amount in the government-owned real estate project while the very term “Gold” is meant to attract wealthy investors from around the world.


Before settling down on a citizenship or residency investment programme, understand the three concepts and choose the best available option.

Citizenship,residency, Golden Visa,travel tips


How to find the quality chauffeur hire services in Yorkshire

Chauffeur services for hire in #Yorkshire #travel

Traveling is an important part of everyone’s life. In the current environment, it has become more necessary. People have many reasons to travel whether it’s internationally or locally, which means that the need of transportation is an essential part of our daily lifestyle.

Usually, the use of cars for transportation is common around the world and it’s also one of the most affordable choices for everybody. Although most of the people own a car but sometimes a need of another car takes place while traveling. A rise in demand of hiring Chauffeur in Harrogate is seen nowadays. There are many companies that are providing these services and are offering very affordable rates. If you decide to travel by road whether for a trip or any business journey, hiring a chauffeur can become your best decision. Your travel becomes comfortable by choosing the best service providers. Hiring a car service for travel is totally different from driving on your own. It’s more safe and reliable on highways to hire a professional driver with a luxury car.

Chauffeur services in Yorkshire

Furthermore, whether you are traveling in a city or to another city, country you must hire a car so you can enjoy the comfort and you can enjoy the journey by viewing various scenes. You can choose a vehicle that you like, a variety of cars available in these companies. After choosing a comfortable vehicle you will be assured about the enjoyment and relax journey throughout your way. You won’t get tired if you are not driving for a long day without taking rest. It’s an affordable service and drivers are professionally trained from recognized institutes of driving. Moreover, all the vehicles are totally secured. The passengers and drivers are fully secured because these companies have insured their cars completely.

#Chaufferservices in #Yorkshire

Chauffeur Hire in Yorkshire is convenient for every individual nowadays. However, contrary to many people’s opinions, hiring a chauffeur is not a preserve of the rich. In the old age, these services were only available for the rich people but now everybody can avail this service. It’s becoming cheap today. Their budgets are affordable and attractive. Now you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the leisure. Due to competition in this field, every company is offering very suitable rates. However, it’s important to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable service provider. One more benefit of hiring this service is that you will travel with a qualified driver. It’s especially beneficial when you are traveling to a new location or city. When you have a professional skilled driver who has experience then surely you will feel fresh and free after reaching your desired place.

If you going to attend a meeting or any function to another city then you don’t need to get worried about reaching there on time. These drivers will be at your door before time, they are just one call ahead. There are many ways to get a chauffeur for your journey. You can either hire a vehicle that comes with a chauffeur or you can also hire a vehicle and then get someone to drive. There are several packages available you can select that one suits you. Hiring a chauffeur is quite preferable because you are guaranteed to getting a driver who is well qualified and experienced.

Luxury vehicles and professional drivers make your travel comfortable and enjoyable. A Chauffeur is a person who is well oriented with both experiences of driving and satisfied service. For a special occasion like wedding, you must need a well-decorated car with all luxuries in it. These service providers also have special wedding packages. You can make your wedding entry memorable by hiring a luxury decorated vehicle with a trained and well-mannered driver.

*/ Author Bio : Jennifer Williams is a digital marketer and Content Writer. A computer engineer by education, Content writer, and also likes to read and write about latest Viral, traveling, health and fitness, other services and development technologies. /*


Top Business Travel Problems

problems of a business traveller-business travel problems
business travel problems

Whether you are traveling for business reasons or vacations, there are certain things that are risky and may cause issues for you. Let’s take a look at some of the most common business travel problems that a traveler is most likely to deal with.

#Businesstravel problems #traveller”

Purchasing last-minute business class tickets

Buying last-minute business class tickets is more frequent than one would think. Not all travelers are efficient and so appropriately prepared for their trips so yes getting bad deals at the last-minute is one of the biggest and most common travel problems. This mostly occurs due to lack of awareness among travelers. Many travelers assume that there won’t be much difference in prices whether they buy now or later. This could not be more untrue. Yes, there is always a chance that an airline may bring the prices down if they are flying with too many empty seats. But this chance is very low and it is a bad idea to put your entire trip at risk just for the sake of bagging cheap tickets. There is no guarantee that you will find a ticket at the last moment and that too at a cheap price.

Travel Insurance woes

If you are not careful in your selection of travel insurance or fail to read the policies properly, there is a high chance that when the time comes to actually make use of the insurance, you will realize that things are not what they seemed to be. Travel insurance companies are clever and have a reputation of exploiting travelers who are not aware of the terms and conditions.


Many business travelers have been known to complain about being overcharged for baggage. Baggage fees and policies vary airline to airline. Make sure you are aware of your own airline’s policies and fee structure so as to avoid the possibility of a confused agent overcharging you. Travel is already so expensive, surely you don’t want to add this extra expense to it.

Booking errors

Exercise extra care and caution before you actually book a flight. Booking errors have been known to ruin entire trips. If you don’t make your queries beforehand, later when you realize the errors, you will be charged with a cancellation penalty.

Losing Bills

Usually, business trips involve full or at least partial reimbursement from the company, depending on the type of trip. Business travelers are often not careful in compiling the bills of expenses they incur when abroad. This results in these expenses not being reimbursed. Many companies have a strict policy regarding reimbursements. These companies don’t reimburse unless there is a supporting document that gives evidence for the expense.

Car rental damages

Car rental companies will bill you an extra fine for any dents and damages they find on the rented car. Travelers often complain that they were charged for damages they did not cause. The simple solution is to carefully inspect the car and point out damages to the company beforehand.

problems of a business traveller-business travel problems

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