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Some great tips and tricks for air travel?

Great travel tips and tricks for air travel

The following are a few great tips and tricks that I don’t want to fly without:

Airplane, Wing, Flying, Aircraft, Travel- Travel tips and tricks
Airplane, Wing, Flying, Aircraft, Travel

#traveltips and #tricks for #airtravel

  1. My phone – which is more of a phablet, I guess, as it’s a Smartphone and while smaller than a tablet it’s bigger than your standard phone. It’s my communications hub, my flight info, my newspaper, my eReader, my music. I can take pictures, watch videos, play games, make notes, check my planner. I even make sure I’ve got copies of my eTickets, my passport, my driver’s license – in short, even if I lose everything else, as long as I have my phone, I’m good.
  2. My Sony Premium Active Series Lightweight Water-resistant Extra Bass Noise-Cancelling Earbud Headphones With In-line Microphone and Remote for Apple/Android Smartphone (Orange). It was a major splurge, but I swear I don’t know how I got along without them. The first flight that I had them was the first time I could actually hear everything – my device and their back-of-the-seat console. They really are worth it, especially if you fly a lot.
  3. My portable charger Mi POWER BANK 10400 mAh for SAMSUNG, NOKIA, LENOVO, HTC, APPLE, and other smartphones. I stumbled across this thing a year ago, and now, it’s another must-have. You can see that 1, 2, and 3 play together well.
A short haul Euro Traveller cabin- great travel tips and tricks
A short-haul Euro Traveller cabin

Nearly all of my flights are either long-haul or short-hops added on to long-hauls, and almost all of my flights are international. That means when I travel I am flying virtually an entire day, and at least half my flights are red-eyes.

For years I didn’t sleep on planes: too noisy, too uncomfortable, to everything disruptive. I can’t afford first-class (more’s the pity) but on the overnight, I splurge on “economy plus” (or whatever the airline calls their slightly roomier than plain cabin class).

I get a window seat (I can’t worry about people on the aisle – if I need to get up, I ask them) because I need something to lean against when I sleep. Aisle seats don’t work for me. (Someday maybe I’ll try one of those weird neck pillows that supposedly really support your head.)

I also have downloaded several versions of “nature sounds” Sounds of Nature: Provence Natural Soundscapes
– you know, ocean waves, falling rain, night-time forest sounds. As soon as it’s bedtime (remember, on these kinds of flights there’s at least one and sometimes two meals served) I turn off my overhead light, turn off the seatback screen, pop in the ear buds, and start nature sounds on a continuous loop.

Does the trick. I have far less jet-lag than I used to and I can actually feel human when I land instead of like a grungy lump in some kind of fugue state.

So my one real piece of advice is – experiment. Find what works for you. I don’t know why it took me as long as it did, but sometimes the magic works. 😉

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Goa’s Top 5 Luxury Resorts to Stay

Top 5 Luxury resorts in Goa

High on Goa’s Luxury: Stunning Resorts to Stay

Goa is one enchanting world in whole. Along with the sun-kissed tropical beaches and Susegado, there are a lot of different activities to keep you on your toes. Couple it with the vivacious nightlife, an anomaly to investigate and some sumptuous lodgings, this little emerald is the spot to appreciate both in unhurried indulgence or business events and in addition to a stunning honeymoon trip. The bid of mammoth swimming pools and opulent–bedrooms charm one to stay in one of these Goa’s most stunning and engaging indulgence resorts. So, if your concept of a holiday in Goa resembles somewhat to the details above, then we prescribe that you experience our rundown.

After landing in one of those quick Mumbai to Goa flights, look for a cab and head to your divine destination. No, we aren’t talking about any temple or sanctuary here, but the resorts in Goa that are brimming with luxury and flamboyance.

Check out the list below–

Vivanta by Taj Fort Aguada

Goa's luxury resorts -Vivanta by Taj Fort Aguada
Vivanta by Taj Fort Aguada

The Vivanta by Taj Fort Aguada is a flawless blend of contemporary and its Portuguese affiliation. For yes, it used to be their sea stronghold. The X Factor is the clearing viewpoint of the Arabian Sea that lies over the tremendous guards and Jiva Spa for joyful generosity. Cooking at the Vivanta by Taj Fort Aguada is obviously from Taj friendliness gathering and doles out the best of Authentic Goan specialities, and specialities from around the world.

Taj Exotica

Taj Exotica- Goa's luxury resort stay
Taj Exotica

The Mediterranean-themed Taj Exotica has a drawing in laid back south Goa background, on flawless Varca shoreline. Guests rave about the model altered organization. The cabin furthermore has an incredible breadth of offices including the green, a spa, swimming pool, and night diversion. On the off-chance that you genuinely need to appreciate, book the Sunset Villa with its own specific private jump pool.

Zuri White Sands

Zuri White Sands- Goa's luxury resort stay
Zuri White Sands

This is the way in which you should spend extravagantly in lavishness! At Zuri White Sands, you will be pleased to have choices available to you for entertainment and might acknowledge world-class cheerfulness. This lavish resort, which is situated in Varca, offers quick and private access to the shoreline. Guests are happy to find the perfect spot to slacken up, where they can pick how they should be ruined.

Goa Marriott Resort and Spa

Goa Marriott Resort and Spa- Goa's luxury resort stay
Goa Marriott Resort and Spa

The unmatched style of Goa Marriott and Spa is the thing that you may recall for a long time. Found near the Miramar Beach, this indulgence resort in Goa has a wonderful quality. The resort has 180 cutting edge rooms that offer an agreeable stay here.

The Leela

The Leela- Goa's luxury resort stay
The Leela

At Leela Goa, the standard Indian extravagance meets the refinement of craftsmanship, deco es Que Portuguese bequests. It’s not just the bewildering welcome by the staff as you are garlanded with blossoms and offered coconut squeeze, it’s the air itself that says a lot of this sumptuous resort in Goa from the rest. This über sumptuous inn and resort are squeezed between River Sal and the Arabian Sea with a perfect white sand shoreline and perspective of the rich lagoon.

On the off-chance that you pick one of these rich resorts in Goa, then trust us, you require not consider digging into alternate things to do in Goa, for these resorts are a wholesome bundle of delight. Although, these aren’t in close proximity to the nearest airport in Goa, but a stay at these will give you a life-long experience to cherish. Have fun!

*/Anjali Gupta is a travel blogger with three years of experience. She also writes for travel websites as a guest author and recommends best travel tips and destinations. /*

6 Essential Gadgets for Backpackers

Essentials for backpackers

Travelling from one place to another is never complete if you do not have the right things in your backpack. Backpackers generally prefer to travel light. This does not necessarily mean that one has to carry nothing except the travel documents. Travelling light basically means to carry all the essentials and leaving behind the things that take up much space.

Essentials for backpackers

Apart from the travel documents, which are definitely a must, there are a few other essential items that need to be packed into the bag when you decide to travel either alone or along with the family. There are some electronic gadgets and add-ons that need to be necessarily  carried during the travel in order to stay in touch with technology. This does not mean that one has to dump all the gadgets into their bags. Only the essentials like the power bank need to be carried, leaving the rest behind.

Here is a list of electronic essentials backpackers must never forget to pack when they travel.

  1. Power bank:
Essential gadgets needed for backpackers- powerbank
Power bank

This particular gadget is really important if you plan to carry your laptop or smartphone. Mobile phones can be charged using regular chargers when you stop for rest or after you have checked into the hotel. Until then, if you are on the move and need to charge immediately, plug the gadget to the power bank for charging. Make sure to carry a multi-port charger if you plan to carry more than one device; say a tablet or the laptop.

  1. Power cables:

Carrying extra power cables would come handy since if one goes bad, the other can be used. The spare one can replace the malfunctioning cable instead of running everywhere looking for an alternate cable. These power cables can also be used to connect the mobile phone to the laptop or for using as an extension cable in case the charger socket is at a distance or height.

  1. 3G or 4G hotspot:

3G or 4G hotspot is required if you plan to work while you are travelling. This can be connected to the mobile phone as well as the laptop. This helps to look up hotels and restaurants where one can rest or stop to eat. Travel bloggers find this handy when they need to update their blog every day while on their adventure.

  1. GPS navigation system:

The GPS device helps in tracking places. If you are travelling to a new destination and are not sure about the route then this is the perfect gadget for you.

  1. Headphones:
essential gadgets for backpackers- headphones
Girl, Music, Headphones, Hipster, Scene, Young, Happy

For all the music lovers out there, headphones are one of the most important things that one must carry. The headphones that are now available connect with the tablet, laptop, phone and also the mp3 players.

  1. Small USB cables:

These can be used if you need to transfer pictures from the phone or camera to the laptop. This also saves the time that is spent on separating the long cables from each other. Purchase the USB cables that are compatible with the device that you plan to carry.

These essentials can prevent you from hassles that can result while travelling. Carrying these would invariably reduce the inconveniences in travelling and also makes sure that you do not get lost on the way!

Be  Happy Backpackers!

5 Apps and Services For Cheap Travel

5 Apps and services for cheap travel - image credit-

Who doesn’t like vacations? People who don’t like to spend a lot of money, that’s who. Good thing there’s no need to spend all your savings on a weekend getaway. These days, it’s fairly easy to stretch your dollar by using specialized apps and services that deliver quite the bang for your buck, and tell you how to spend less while getting more out of your traveling experience.

  1. Airbnb or iTunes
Travel apps and services that will help you travel cheap

The one and only. Airbnb will help you find accommodations in the city of your choice, with very flexible pricing. You can get any kind of housing you like: apartments, entire houses, or shared rooms — nearly always the cheapest option. Depending on where you’re staying you can get hotel-like service or more of a hostel feel. Get whatever you feel comfortable with, but staying with locals is probably the best. Remember, if you’re not meeting locals, you’re not traveling.

2. Hipmunk or iTunes

Travel apps and services that will help you travel cheap

Before you go somewhere, you need to book a flight! And Hipmunk is the app to use. It does what other apps don’t, which is a sorting algorithm called ‘Agony’. If you’re just searching for the cheapest flight, you might find yourself sifting through flights with two or three 10-hour layovers. Hipmunks eliminates that, since they recognize it’s not a boon to pay $20 more for a more comfortable arrangement.
Notable mention: the price graph. Input what city you’re traveling from and your destination, and Hipmunk will show you what the cheapest dates are to travel to that location. The difference could sometimes be hundreds of dollars, so make sure you plan accordingly.

3.  LoungeBuddy or iTunes

Travel apps and services that will help u travel cheap

If you do find yourself in a lengthy layover or a delay of some sort, LoungeBuddy can help you spend your time like a VIP. You don’t need a high-priced club membership of some sort to get you into the nice area, you just need this app.
The way it works is this: when you find yourself in an airport, LB takes your location information and gives you a list of available lounges. You can sort them by price, filter by amenities and browse photos of the lounge to choose what fits you best. Pay through the app, and you’re in! The best part is, figuring at the exorbitant prices of everything airport-related, this service practically pays for itself — you get tons of free perks like drinks, nice seats, and service personnel that doesn’t treat you like cattle.

4.  XE Currency or iTunes

Travel apps and services that help you travel cheap

Did you know that there’s a segment of every local economy that’s specifically dedicated to ripping off tourists? Sorry to tell you, but they’re really out to get you, and one of the major ways they try to do that is by using unfair currency exchange rates.
With XE Currency, you can monitor the exchange rates from your phone and make sure you’re getting the best deal possible, wherever you are. Check out the Pro version for even more features and monitoring options!

5.  iTranslate or iTunes

Travel apps and services that help you travel cheap

Ever been in a situation when you have to communicate with a local, but don’t know the language? It’s an awkward nightmare. With iTranslate, communication can be a pleasure.
The app’s most impressive feature is its voice-to-voice translation capabilities. Just start talking into the mic, wait a second, and you’ll get a translation of what you’re saying. It works in over 90 languages! The app also works offline, so you don’t have to pay exorbitant data roaming charges to use it.

*/Ernest is a writer and blogger trying to find a balance between productiveness and bingeing Netflix at 3 a.m. He writes about innovations in tech and social media. His best friend is his dog, Milo. /*

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