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Colors of Joy on Holi

Holi Wish

A Time to Unwind, A time to de-stress, A time to bond with sweets, Thandai, Jalebi with rabadi, Gujjias, Ladoos, gulab jamuns, Immerse yourself in the colors of joy, Red for prosperity, Green for happiness, Blue for long life, Pink for friendship I Wish you all Happiness and laughter This Holi

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 A  small box for holding matches A match is a tool for starting a fire. Typically, modern matches are made of small wooden sticks or stiff paper. One end is coated with a material that can be ignited by frictional heat generated by striking the match against a suitable surface. Wooden matches are packaged in match

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Celebrate Diwali- Let your light shine

Celebrate Diwali – Let Your Light Shine.

Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival which is celebrated every year during autumn. This year Diwali falls on October 30. The celebrations include millions of lights shining on housetops, outside doors, and windows, around temples and other buildings in the communities and countries wherever it is observed. Diwali is a festival of lights- Diyas, lanterns,

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World Photography Day

World Photography Day

I came across a Facebook post from a dear friend and a blogger  who posted about it today. August 19 is celebrated as World Photography Day. History behind Photography day Quotes on photography– The following quotes describe the true essence of photography on World Photography Day. “When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their

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