Top 10 Destinations on the Rise — World

Top 10 destinations on the rise around the world

  1. Ishigaki, Japan

The water around Ishigaki is pure blue, with white sandy beaches to soothe your senses.

Okinawa is often overlooked by tourists although it is only a two and a half hour flight from Tokyo. The islands maintain the image of a world apart, different from the main islands of Japan, with their own dialect, history, and that little something else that is reminiscent of the South Sea Islands.

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2     Kapaa, Hawaii

Kapaa, also spelled Kapa’a, means “solid” in Hawaiian.

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3   Nairobi, Kenya

Known as the safari capital of Africa, Nairobi is an energetic and modern city.

Nairobi National Park is located less than 10 kilometres from the centre of Kenya’s capital – Nairobi, and you can see animals, with the city tall buildings in the background. Many species inhabit the park: rhinos, gazelles, zebras, buffaloes, hippos, lions, elands, impala, giraffes, ostriches, vultures, wildebeests, cheetahs, leopards, various bird species. The wildlife is more abundant in the dry season. The David Sheldrick Trust runs Elephant Nursery (Orphanage) in the park.

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Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Museum

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