Difference between Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina and Creek

If you want to choose between Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina and Creek, you must go through this detailed post. Dubai Creek and Marina are one of the favourite tourist spots and people love spending their time there.

Dhow cruise is a popular activity and is available in Dubai Creek and Marina both. A dhow cruise is a traditional Arabic boat with an upper deck and lower deck and serves as a floating restaurant in the Creek and Marina. However, before you choose a Dhow cruise Island you’ll have to choose between Creek and Marina as both are different locations.

What is Dubai Creek?

Dubai creek
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Dubai Creek is a prominent area of Dubai and it is the place where the Arabs settled in the earlier days when they relocated from the villages. The Dubai Creek actually divides the city into two portions; the new Dubai (Deira) and the old Dubai (Bur Dubai).

Dubai Creek is a natural saltwater that runs through the heart of the city and is one of the most important landmarks there. You can visit the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, Bastakiya, Al Fahidi Fort with a museum, and Sheikh Saeed’s House in Dubai Creek. Here you can relax and know about the culture and hospitability of the Arabs. So, if you want to experience the Arabic tradition and know about the mode of living of the people there, you must visit this place.

What is Dubai Marina?

Dubai Marina
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Dubai Marina is an artificially created canal and is located in the neighbourhood of the beach at JBR. The Dubai Marina is surrounded by skyscrapers, mind-blowing architecture, and luxurious hotels. This is actually the newer version of Dubai and has a series of high rises and a chain of fashion brands around it. There are unique cafes, 5-star hotels, quaint boutiques, and beautiful buildings which you get to see while you’re on the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. Many tourists opt for Dubai Marina just because it is an excellent choice for sightseeing. Dubai Marina also offers views of Palm Island, Burj al Arab, Sheraton, Palm Jumeirah and more. Overall, you’ll witness the architecture bedazzled with the glitters of modern and luxurious life.

How do you choose between Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek?

Dhow cruise, Dubai Marina

Whatever Dhow Cruise you choose, be it, Creek or Marina, you’ll get to have an experience of a lifetime. Both the spots are worth visiting and have their own charm. However, if you have specific interests, you must choose one of them. Have a look at the following factors and then decide:


Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina will offer you a modern version of Dubai. Here you’ll get to experience that image of Dubai which you always had in your mind. There are prominent buildings and worth-seeing architecture that all the visitors must see. There are buildings and architecture on the banks of the creek too, but they are not as attractive as those that are present around Dubai Marina.

Dubai Creek also has heavy commercial traffic because of the daily routine there. However, in Marina, you’ll experience more serenity and peace.


Dubai Creek is the older version of Dubai Island and it has limited sights. Dubai Creek has its own charm as it has some traditional souks and it pictures the heritage too, however, some tourists might not find it very interesting.

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Dubai Marina has all the modern construction and luxurious buildings and high rises surrounding it. Another good thing which Dubai Marina features is the promenade and footpaths on both sides of the banks. These promenades serve as spots for people who want to walk through or sit in the restaurants and outdoor cafes there. There are bridges that carry the cars and trams across the Marina and that give a beautiful experience too.


Dhow cruise, Dubai Marina
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The Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina is a wooden traditional boat which has a fine dining space, 360-degree glass walls, and units for recreation and entertainment. Dhow cruises are almost the same in Dubai Creek and Marina but the main difference is of ambience and sightseeing. There are high-quality dhow operators in Creek and Marina and they maintain the standard of Vessels, entertainment and dinner there.

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Dubai Marina has a limited number of Dhow operators because of the restriction there, and that is why the quality of services in Dhows is better. Dubai Creek, on the other hand, has a large number of dhow operators and because of the large number of dhows there, the quality is a little bit low as compared to the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina.


Dubai Dhow cruises at Dubai Creek and Marina offer different sightseeing experiences at different times of the day. So, it is imperative that you take care of the time too. If you are more into sightseeing at Dubai Creek or Marina, you must go in the morning or afternoon. If you want a peaceful or romantic dinner, you must choose dinner at Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina.

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