Do You Need Travel Insurance in India?

You have decided on a holiday and are excited about the prospect of seeing new shores and meeting new people. Chances are you would pack your suitcase to the fullest, and then start taking things out once you realise that the suitcase won’t close. However, there is one thing that you absolutely must pack –your travel insurance policy.

In India, the situation is no different. Crisscrossing this country can be quite challenging owing to the sheer diversity. You can never know exactly what could go wrong over the course of your travel. You might end up under the weather or worse, sustain an injury that needs immediate medical intervention. This is also why travel insurance in India is an absolute necessity, something that cannot be compromised.

Stated below are a few important reasons you should buy travel insurance in India right now:

  • Injuries While Travelling

An injury can be as simple as spraining your ankle or as severe as breaking a bone. Should you go vacationing to hilly terrains, there could be the off chance that you fall and sustain a severe injury. The condition of roads in India can also be hazardous in some places, something that only adds to the woes.

That being said, when you buy travel insurance like a holiday cover, it provides you with a safety net against any adversity, so that you stay insulated from any untoward eventuality over the course of your trip.

  • Falling Sick Due to Change in Weather

Water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera are some of the most common ailments among travellers in India. While these can be controlled most of the times, they may also lead to serious problems, including dehydration and gastrointestinal infections.

These diseases, once contracted, would warrant immediate hospitalization. It follows that your travel budget is likely to be stretched as you would have to get these conditions treated as soon as they get diagnosed. Waterborne diseases cover from Bajaj Finserv will be all that you need now, considering it would cover you from expenses incurred towards treatment of such conditions.

  • Loss of Baggage

The fear of having misplaced all or a part of the baggage, or other important documents for that matter, is no alien to one. While you might not have to worry much should you be travelling by your own vehicle, a guided tour, on the other hand, can throw up this challenge. Having lost your belongings and other valuables is not the ideal spot you can find yourself in, particularly in a place you have visited the first time.

A domestic travel insurance or baggage insurance can help you by reimbursing the amount you would have spent on procuring the necessary items all over again, after having lost your luggage.

  • You might require emergency evacuation

Considering you have backpacked to the Himalayas to quench the avid adventurer in you, you’d ideally want to be prepared for any adverse eventuality, should you get stuck at a remote spot there. More importantly, you might end up at the local hospital to get adequate nursing for an injury that you sustained.

Hospitalization expenses for medical evacuation can mount quickly and wreck your travel budget. That being said, a travel insurance policy like a trek cover procured at the right time can insure your trip, providing you with the adequate coverage to sail through such crises in an unknown territory.

  • You might have to cancel/curtail the trip

God forbid, but trip interruptions and cancellations can happen anytime, spoiling some of your best-laid plans. While you would not be able to help the dampening mood that cancellations bring, the associated monetary losses can be kept in check to a large degree.

The best travel insurance plans in India can reimburse the expenses you incur – in the form of losses related to pre-booked flights, accommodation and other financial penalties — towards a particular trip cancellation or curtailment, for that matter.

Before you buy a travel insurance policy, it is advisable to carry out a thorough comparison across policies, in keeping with their coverage and the premiums you’d have to shell out.

Bajaj Finserv Pocket Insurance offers cost-effective insurance solutions for an array of travel related needs, ranging from personal trip insurance to home protection cover. With adequate coverage and affordable premiums, you can now rest assured about your trip and enjoy your day in the sun.

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