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Reckoned as the largest districts of India, Kutch is encircled by panoramic landscapes and is pretty popular among domestic as well as international tourists for the celebration of Rann Utsav. The great Rann of Kutch is a hugely sprawled marshy salt land and is renowned as one of the star attractions of the region. Every year in the month of November or December the destination organizes the grand celebration of Rann Utsav. During the monsoon season in India, the destination looks more gorgeous and astonishing when this vibrant land of sand gets submerged underwater and gives is a pictorial background. Let’s talk about some of the most popular and astonishing places to explore nearby Kutch and also the activities to enthral your mood and make it one of your most memorable travel experiences.


This vibrant and magical marshy land of Gujarat is nestled at the northern end of tropic of Cancer and is conveniently approached via Bhuj. Dhordo is considered to be the gateway of Kutch and this site is located at an hour and a half north of Bhuj.

Best Time to visit

After the monsoon months conclude, the marshy land of Great Rann of Kutch starts getting dried up. AS stated above that in the month of November or December Rann Utsav is celebrated which continues for more than a month and this makes it one of the most recommended time to explore great Rann of Kutch. If you are also thinking of visiting Kutch then do the advance bookings so that you don’t find an obstacle and also if you don’t want to experience huge crowd then plan your visit during the last few weeks of March. However, if you want you can also cover this site in the months of April and May but yes you will not be getting any basic facilities like food, accommodation, and even toilets.

Also, if you want to avoid the blinding sight then either move to the destination early morning or evening.

How to Reach Kutch?

As mentioned in the above paragraph that accessing this place via Bhuj is the most convenient way so one needs to reach Bhuj first and then take the transport for your further journey. The below-mentioned guideline is surely going to relieve you from this accessibility issue.

By Train

If you are coming by train then board the train to Bhuj railway station from your city and once you reach the railhead you can find taxis and autos that will take you to your desired destination.

By Air

Bhuj also houses its domestic airport so if you are coming by flight then take Air India flights. Getting transport from the airport is very easy so need to worry about that.

By Road

The roads in Gujarat are well-maintained and the cities of this state are well-connected with each other by road transport.

If this is your first trip to Kutch then engaging a reputed travel agency is a good idea if you want to make it a hassle-free journey. You can also browse the well-curated Kutch tour packages that offer you some of the best facilities required to make it a lifelong memorable journey.

Note: being located on the border of India and Pakistan one needs to seek permission before entering the region. There is a proper permit centre established near the region where you can pay some bucks to take the permit.

How Rann Utsav makes this place an iconic attraction of your Gujarat tour?

The Great White Rann of Kutch

Commencing in the month of November, Rann Utsav continues till February. Every year thousands of tourists participate in this grand occasion. Tent stay at Rann of Kutch is the key element to make it an amazing journey as accommodating yourself in a tent lets you interact with new people and to learn new cultures. You also get to witness the charm of this festive season at any point in time if you stay near the site and participating in different group games is the additional charm. During this festival, you can learn the vivid cultures of Gujarat people and tribes through the folk dances, folk songs, and other folk performances shown by the groups.

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